Car news!!!

Well, as I said in my last update, I’ve been car questing.  I’ve found a wonderful little car!  I have yet to buy, but it’s a 1991 Dodge Daytona.  Don’t laugh.  It’s Turbo Shelby series.  2.5L 4cyl, and boy does it HAUL!  I love it!  5-speed manual.  I wanna buy it.  I’m going to look into it tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll buy it, who knows?  If they give me a good deal on my trade-in, I think I may.  If not, I’ll have to sell my car myself, which is a major pain in the ass, and I’d rather not have to.  My goal with this project was to find a car which was more reliable, which means newer.  This car is a 1991, where my current car is a 1987.  This car’s also a stick and has fuel injection, which I also enjoy.  The fact that it’s a Turbo is more of an added bonus.  =)  I’m very excited about this, so unless you have a REALLY good reason to, don’t go bursting my bubble, K?

What else?  Well, today I did some shopping, hung out with Christy, played some video games, and watched a movie with my friend Sara.  Gone In 60 Seconds.  Fun flick.  I also updated my web page some more.  Notice that this news entry also has a time stamp as well as a date stamp.  Nifty eh?  I plan to continue this way from now on.  For more updates, try actually looking at the page, moron!  Just kidding!  Chris loves you!  Tomorrow I plan on hanging out with my totally awesome friends from school.  We’re going to have a ton of fun as always, I’m sure!

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