“God’s in his heaven. All’s right with the world.”

“GOD’S IN HIS HEAVEN. ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD” Good quote. Felt like having something in capitals at the beginning of each section of my News page to sort of set the theme, as it were. On with the show.

Well, more news time. Not really much to add in the way of “news”, but I felt like writing so here I am. I’m listening to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” right now on mp3. What world we live in, eh?

I’m in a pretty good mood right now. I’ve really got no major worries right now, and that’s good. I was a bit worried in previous days, but those worries have cleared up today, so now it’s all good! I’m goin’ out to lunch with Christy tomorrow after her last final as a bit of a celebration. Speaking of worries, after that, I’m gonna go to the library to read some Consumer Reports on used cars. I wanna find out what a reliable car I can get would be, theoretically. I bought the Camaro as a result of a long winding road and ending with nearly impulse. My next car will be much more thought-out. The Camaro, while fun, is quite worrisome. I want a car I don’t have to worry about so much, even if it costs more in monthly payments. It’s all the same. I believe car cost to be a conserved quantity in the universe like mass/energy or momentum, i.e. if I buy a cheap car, I won’t spend as much on monthly payments, but I will spend more on repairs and maintenance. If I buy an expensive car, ideally it won’t break as much and thus the other costs will be less, but the monthly payments will be higher. Either way, I figure it works out to cost about the same for either, but one has less headaches and worries. But enough about that.

I’m thinking of starting a philosophy section of this website for the sake of my ranting. I feel a need for a creative outlet for writing, but I think my News section would get pretty big and random if I did that. I dunno. I think I’ll keep my writing here for now. I mean, who cares if my News page gets huge. Who reads this page anyways? It’s my page, and I’ll do what I want with it. That’s what it’s for.

Have a great day!

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