I love my new car

All I’ve got to say is I LOVE MY NEW CAR!!!  That Daytona I was talkin’ about?  Well, I up and bought it this afternoon.  I got $2000 in trade for my Camaro, which went towards the new Dodge Daytona Shelby and paying off the rest of the Camaro loan.  This new car is great, and I’ll get some pics up as soon as I take some pictures and get them scanned (I need a digital camera!)  Naturally I’ll write more about this as news develops.  It’s hella fun, and unlike the Camaro, IT’S FULLY FUNCTIONAL!  Just like the Death Star.  No planet-destroying weaponry, thought.  At least, not that I’ve found.  This car has more buttons, switches, rockers, levers, and knobs than that Taurus did!  It’s decked out!  Really soft leather seats!  Cruise!  The heater and A/C work!  Everything does and it’s got it all!  I love it!!!

Let’s see, what else did I do today… 😉

Oh yeah!  I hung out with my totally awesome friends from school.  We had a great time and saw both of the Bill and Ted movies.  We had pasta for dinner and everyone liked my car.  Wonderful times with wonderful people all.  Since I know these people will be most-likely to read this page, I’ll just take this time to tell you all that you’re the best!  Keep up the good work.  =)

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