More Kim pics!!!

Well, I’m home now. It’s hard to update a website over a modem but I manage…

Kim finally sent me some more pics yesterday! I’m so excited–she hasn’t sent any since May. I’ve spent the last hour or so updating the Kim Pics section of this web page for your enjoyment. If anything doesn’t work, be sure to e-mail me so I can fix it. I’ve also taken the liberty to add a miscellaneous pics section for some pics I found laying about my directories on the server. I figure as long as they’re there, I may as well make them accessible.

As for me personally, I’m doin’ great. Not really sure what I’m doin’ today, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’m not scheduled to work this week, and that’s both good and bad for obvious reasons. It’s good in that I can sleep and lounge about, but it’s bad in that I’m not earning much-needed cash. Oh well. Nothing I can really do about that. I told them I’d be available to work until the 6th of January. At least I can spend lots of time updating silly web pages like this one. =)

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