Moving day

Today, I move out of the dorms and back home with mom and my brother.  It’ll be a nice vacation, but I know I’m going to miss my friends here.  I’m planning on visiting them sometime during the break, so that’s all good.  Right now, I should be packing, but instead I’m working on my web page.  Go figure.  As you can tell, I’ve added a news and info page as my main frame now.  Hopefully this will get updated fairly frequently.  I plan to just add new stuff to the top, so this page may get rather long.  I may start removing entries from the bottom if that happens.  But hey, that’s in the future, so why worry about it now?  It’s been a decent day–I got my paper finished and turned in, and then I went out for Chinese.  I’m all about sweet & sour chicken!  The leftovers are in my little fridge.  Gotta remember to unplug that before I leave.  I’m planning on defrosting it over the break.  It needs it.  Gotta pack.  I may write more later.

2 Responses to “Moving day”

  1. Chris Brunner says:

    Look! A comment way back here!

  2. Gus says:

    Nice comment. Ye gods, this is back quite a ways.

    Ah, well. Back to the Future, as they say.


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