My car survives Portland and more!

What can I say?  I love my car, and so does everyone else I show it to.  I drove Carl and Megan up to Portland, and the car handled admirably.  It’s also VERY fast.  I won’t say how fast, because my parents read this page occasionally and I don’t want to worry them (sorry mom and dad!)  At any rate, it’s a great car, and everything on it works.  I just can’t get over that. All the buttons and gizmos do what they were designed to.  The only things I can find wrong are that the turn signals don’t cancel automatically, and the unlock button on the driver’s side doesn’t work.  It does if I push it a lot and wiggle it, which leads me to believe that I can clean it out and it’ll work again.  Nice.  I also convinced the nice guys at The Car Stereo Store to install my old CD playin’ deck from the Camaro into this puppy.  I made sure to swipe that out of the Camaro when I sold it, don’t worry.  Anyways, the guys at The Stereo Store are cool.  They let me watch Gladiator on the DVD player while they were working on my car.  Did you know that they make DVD players for cars?!?  Six-disc changer, too!  That’s a long trip!  They finished faster than they estimated, too.

Anyways, Portland was fun.  I took Carl and Megan up with me, as I said, and we met up with Hilary and Sean at Lloyd Center where we had lunch.  We went to the Portland Saturday Market, rode the MAX, looked at Christmas lights on Peacock Lane, ate Chinese food, and went bowling.  It was a ton of fun, and I think we all had a great time.  The drive home was fun.  Dodging fog, ice, and state police, Carl and I made it home safely.  We left Megan in Portland.  Megan, if you’re reading this I’M SO SORRY!!!  No!  Just kidding!  We gave Megs a lift home to Portland, and I’m sure she appreciated us leaving her at her house with her nice cat, huge dog, and her folks.  Everyone I saw that day loved the car.  =D

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