Cough, cough

January 25, 2001

COUGH, COUGH!  Ugh!  I’ve got a cold.  I’m sitting here in my room, coughing and updating my webpage.  Conan O’Brien is on in the background, and I think I’m gonna watch Ed and The West Wing in a few minutes.  I taped them earlier tonight.  My first class is at noon, so I can afford […]


It’s only money

January 22, 2001

So says my father anyways. He’s right, and all, but still, it is only money. Something I seem to be rapidly running out of. I’ve got four major expenses I’ve got to consider and very little income. My expenses are 1) school 2) car payments 3) insurance payments 4) pay back dad, and my only […]


News of Chris

January 21, 2001

I need to keep up with these news articles more often, or I’ll lose my readership!  We can’t have that, now can we?  I’m not going to do a day-by-day, blow-by-blow breakdown of my life, but I’ll try to sum up the last week or so. The biggest thing to happen was my trip to […]


Oh man!

January 10, 2001

What’s been happening with me? I’ve been busy with lots of things; some major events have passed since my last big news item, namely New Year’s Day and Christmas. I know, I did write one news item on the 3rd of January, but that hardly counts–it’s so short!  No commentary on either holiday. I’ll do […]


Car pics online!

January 3, 2001

CAR PICS ONLINE! You’ve heard so much about it here, and now there are pictures to prove it! I’ve made a monumental achievement and made my scanner work with Windows2000, so I scanned in 13 pictures of my car for your enjoyment. There’s other news in my life, but it’s late and I’m tired, so […]