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It’s only money

Monday, January 22nd, 2001

So says my father anyways. He’s right, and all, but still, it is only money. Something I seem to be rapidly running out of. I’ve got four major expenses I’ve got to consider and very little income. My expenses are 1) school 2) car payments 3) insurance payments 4) pay back dad, and my only income is a 8 hr/wk job at $7.25/hr. Now, this doesn’t add up, when I owe $800/mo to the school this term. I owe the bank $103/MO for my car, I owe mom about the same for insurance. I also owe dad about $750 and I know he’d also like some kind of regular payments on that too. He’s also been kindly covering my costs for my cell phone and sometimes gas, but I’ve been trying to cut back on both of those. I’m very grateful to dad for this, and also to mom for covering my insurance thus far. Sigh I can’t ask them for more money because I’m already draining so much, so it’s up to me. I’ve decided to pursue a second job at the Knight Library as a faculty instructor in technology. It pays more than $8/hr and hopefully it will fit with my current schedule. I’ve got some gaps on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays when I can fit this in, I think. I dropped off the application today. If I can get this job and if it pays what I expect and I get the hours I want, then that should add another $340/MO to my current income of $230/MO bringing me up to $570/mo. That might be enough for something. I’ve got all my debts cleared up on my credit cards now, so there’s always that.  I’ve got about $2000 spending power there, so I do have some breathing room when the school gets ancy about money. I also hope to find a FULL-TIME job this summer, unlike last summer when I only got a part time one. I’ve filled out an application for Radio Shack again, and I plan on dropping it off next time I go out. I’ve listed that I can start the first Monday after school gets out for the summer. I’m also planning on applying to be an RA here on campus next year. That should offset my housing costs, which is most of my budget here at school. I think as an RA I’m still allowed to work an additional 10 hours, so I can probably keep one of my other jobs too.

I guess the bottom line is that I don’t like being so financially destitute, it doesn’t seem to be going away on it’s own, and by my calculations I’m going to be in big trouble if I don’t do something about this soon. So, I am.