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Cough, cough

Thursday, January 25th, 2001

COUGH, COUGH!  Ugh!  I’ve got a cold.  I’m sitting here in my room, coughing and updating my webpage.  Conan O’Brien is on in the background, and I think I’m gonna watch Ed and The West Wing in a few minutes.  I taped them earlier tonight.  My first class is at noon, so I can afford to stay up late.  Tomorrow I’ve gotta get my CIS assignment done and my math.  They’re both due on Friday.  Tuesday I’ve got my first Jazz listening report due, and Wednesday I’ve got my first midterm in math and psychology.  My first CIS midterm isn’t until the following Monday, the 5th.  Speaking of the 5th, that’s what KIM COMES HOME!!!  YEA!!!  Everyone who knows me knows that I’m very excited about this event.  I hope the trip goes well.  I don’t want to be at the airport all night.  I’m actually in the middle of writing Kim a letter right now.  An e- mail actually.  Probably the last one to Japan.  It’ll be good to have her back.  I’ve got to show her off to all my friends who haven’t met her yet.  I figure it’s the least I can do for them since I’ve been talking about Kim coming home, like, all the time these past couple weeks.  At any rate, it’s late, so that’s all for this entry.  As I said before, please write to let me know who’s reading this stuff.  I’m just curious.