Oh man!

What’s been happening with me? I’ve been busy with lots of things; some major events have passed since my last big news item, namely New Year’s Day and Christmas. I know, I did write one news item on the 3rd of January, but that hardly counts–it’s so short!  No commentary on either holiday. I’ll do that now beginning with a quick rundown of the events of my life starting where the Dec 21st item leaves off. It’ll be a bit sketchy, since it’s been a couple weeks now, but I’ll try to remember accurately.

After I got back from Portland, I started working at the Eugene Airport. I worked some odd hours, including some shifts ending at 2am and some shifts starting at 4:45am. Not back-to-back, thank God. That would not be good. It felt like I worked a lot, but when I finally got paid, it wasn’t. I needed to get more hours of work in during this break. I’m thinking I’m going to try to find a better paying job or at least one with more hours for this summer. I doubt I’ll get a chance to work much off campus during the school year, and Spring Break is only a week long, so there’s really no time to work then either. Oh well. As dad would say, “It’s only money!” So it is, so it is….

Aside from work, I also slept a lot. I was rarely up before noon, and I caught a lotta crap from people about this. All I can say is “Ahhhh! Electric blankets are so warm!” So there! =P

Christmas was very nice. I got some nice things including a black leather jacket, a nice new watch, an electronic organizer, a CD case, new speakers for my car, and Final Fantasy IX for the Playstation. Speaking of Final Fantasy, I beat Final Fantasy VIII a little over a week ago. Not that I’m remembering the day or anything… OK, it was on January 2nd close to midnight. =D Very cool ending sequence. Christy and Matt were there to witness it. I’ve begun my new task of defeating Final Fantasy IX now. Not so “final”, are they?

New Year’s Eve was cool; I hosted an 18-hour party at my house. Christy and Molly did most of the planning and gathering of people, so kudos to them. We had 16 people at one time, but a few left during the night. I slept under the pool table. That was difficult, at least until people stopped playing pool. Then I slept fine, or at least as fine as one can on the floor under a gaming table. For activities, we played pool, we had food, we listened to tunes, we played video games like Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (AKA “Bubble Crack”) and Final Fantasy VIII, we went in the hot tub, we watched the ball drop, made a lot of noise, we set of fireworks illegally imported from Washington last 4th, and we stayed up really late. It was fun times.

New Year’s Day, after everyone left at noon, mom, Matt and I went to see Remember the Titans at the cheap theater. Good movie! I recommend it. After the movie I bought Final Fantasy IX, BTW. Are we sensing a theme here? =D

All right, skipping a bit, I’ve relocated myself back into Carson Hall here on campus. I moved some of my stuff in a day early (don’t tell anyone!) and then I moved myself on Sunday the 7th. It’s been great seeing everyone again and readapting to the lifestyle I enjoy here. And of course, it’s GREAT to have my network speeds back again! That modem was killing me! Oy!

Classes are good, and I’ve had all of them except one discussion class, which it turns out I will not have until a WEEK from Monday, because Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and there’s no school. Ah well. My classes are good, as I said, and it looks like I’ll do all right this term. CIS 314 looks like it may be tricky, but at least I’m interested in the subject: architectures and hardware stuff. MATH 252: Calculus II shouldn’t be difficult because I already know how to do this stuff from AP Calculus in high school. PSY202 looks like it shouldn’t be hard because our prof is seeming to be a slacker. Again “Ah well.” MUJ350: Jazz History should be cool. I’ve got a groovy teacher, and I like music. I’ll be listening to a lot of it, it seems. Nice! Oh, and my schedule has been updated and posted here now.

Lastly, I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on hand. It seems that UO Housing is hiring new RAs right now to fill some vacancies. I’ve been trying to be an RA since this time last year, so my immediate response was to try for it, but I’ve got some doubts. Sure, I’d love the job, and I could really use the financial benefits (no housing payments!), but it can be quite a time-commitment, and more-importantly, I’d have to move out of Carson away from my room and my friends there. I plan to talk to Katie Bryant, assistant director of residence life, about it tomorrow when I’ll actually have time. Wednesdays are busy for me.

OK, that covers the past up to the present (I’m at work right now!), so lets briefly discuss the future, for those of you who are still with me. Tonight, I get to see Christy, so that’s cool. Not sure what we’ll do, but it’ll probably involve Final Fantasy somehow.. BWAA HAA HAA HAAA!!! =P Tomorrow I get to SLEEP! I don’t have class until NOON and it’s my only one! Nice! Friday, I’m taking Christy out to dinner at Mazzi’s Italian Restaurant, so that should be really nice too. Saturday, a whole lot of us from the halls are going to Sunriver for two nights! That’ll be really cool! We’re going to hang out, make some mayhem, and try to keep a low profile. The place we’re getting only sleeps 12, but we’re bringing “less than 30” last I heard. It’s gonna be great! I’m driving mom’s van, so therefore mom’ll be driving my car this weekend. Watch out for the blue Daytona, Eugene!

OK, now that this is probably longer than the rest of the news combined, I think I’m gonna stop. If you’ve read this far, good work! You’re far more patient than I am! I doubt I’ll even read all the way down this far proofreading this thing before I post it. That is, if I proofread it at all.. =D That reminds me, please e-mail me with an errors you may see here so that I may correct them. Thanks! Also, I’d be interested to see who reads this, so if you could please e-mail me with who you are, that’d be great, even if you don’t see any typos. 😉

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