Not so bad now

February 27, 2001

Thank you all who seemed to think I was in some sort of downward spiral last week, but really I’m not that depressed. I was just having an off day, I think. I should know better than to write web pages when I’m feeling down. Of course, this entire web page exists due to a […]


Life…Don’t talk to me about life…

February 20, 2001

What’s going on with me?  I don’t know.  I had a birthday, and I thank you all for the nice things I received and for the nice party for those of you who surprised me with that.  I’m now officially 20 years old.  Woo hoo.  What happens now?  I can’t drink yet, I can’t rent […]


Kim’s back!

February 6, 2001

What else can I say?  Kim came home today!  Yea!  Her flight into Eugene was actually early, how about that?  I think some other stuff happened today like classes and stuff–I did a total last-minute job on my psych paper, but it turned out good I think.  But anyways, that’s not important.  KIM’S HOME NOW!  […]


Kimi kountdown: 2 days 2 go!!!

February 3, 2001

Man, can you tell I’m excited?  I mean, Kim’s one of the reasons this page has the readers that it does, what with all the Kim Pics and all.  So I can thank her for that when she gets home, which, of course, is this Monday at 17:35 on Horizon flight 2542 from LA into […]