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Not so bad now

Tuesday, February 27th, 2001

Thank you all who seemed to think I was in some sort of downward spiral last week, but really I’m not that depressed. I was just having an off day, I think. I should know better than to write web pages when I’m feeling down. Of course, this entire web page exists due to a depressing afternoon a couple years ago. Nothing like some mindless web design to take your mind off your problems, right?

I’ve just installed Dreamweaver, which is a new HTML editor for me. I really like it; it’s much more fully-featured and modern than Netscape Composer 4.75. This one is a 30-day trial version. We’ll see about that…

Now that I have a real web page editor, I’m thinking of a total redesign of my web site. Now, don’t worry, I’ll still have all the same content, just a different layout and design feel. Frames are old school, and I’m thinking of getting away from that. I’m going to go surf around the web for a while and see what styles are popular now and see what I like, and I’ll go from there. I’m also thinking about archiving my older news articles. Something like each month will have its own link for older news items. We’ll see how it goes.

At any rate, I’m doin’ fine, but feel free to send money. I’m in debt to VISA over $200, the school $1600, to my mom God-knows-how-much for insurance, and to my dad $350. I get paid on Wednesday, but I don’t think my $230 paycheck will cover all this. Sigh. Oh well. I’m sure it’ll all get worked out someday.

Take care, my faithful readers!

Life…Don’t talk to me about life…

Tuesday, February 20th, 2001

What’s going on with me?  I don’t know.  I had a birthday, and I thank you all for the nice things I received and for the nice party for those of you who surprised me with that.  I’m now officially 20 years old.  Woo hoo.  What happens now?  I can’t drink yet, I can’t rent a car, and I can’t see jazz shows at DAC.  Sigh  I guess I get to wait another year.  Another year, another set of privileges and responsibilities.  I should be doing my math homework right now, but instead I’m updating my web page.  I just took a 2.5 hour nap, so I’m not really feeling all that energized to do homework right now.  I’m leaving for dinner in about an hour, too, and then I have Complex Government to preside over.  After that, at about 8:00, then I’ll do my math.  After that, maybe I’ll just call it a day and go to bed.  I feel so tired.  Life is hard sometimes.

Kim’s back!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2001

What else can I say?  Kim came home today!  Yea!  Her flight into Eugene was actually early, how about that?  I think some other stuff happened today like classes and stuff–I did a total last-minute job on my psych paper, but it turned out good I think.  But anyways, that’s not important.  KIM’S HOME NOW!  YEA!!  We had a bunch of people at the airport to meet her and mom there as they got in from LA.  It was dad, me, Matt, Christy, Molly, Angela, and Devin.  Lots of hugs were given, and there was much chatter.  I showed Kim my car–we need to go driving now.  =]  We all went home and after a while dad left and took Molly, Angela, and Devin home.  The remainder of us hung out and played Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition for a while.  At 10:00 mom sent Kim to bed, me and Christy home, and Matt to the showers.  But, not before Kim gave us treats and talked to all of us about her adventures and all.  Some much to tell, but when I write it all out here, it seems so little.  I guess it’s just a lot to me.  KIMI’S HOME!!!

Kimi kountdown: 2 days 2 go!!!

Saturday, February 3rd, 2001

Man, can you tell I’m excited?  I mean, Kim’s one of the reasons this page has the readers that it does, what with all the Kim Pics and all.  So I can thank her for that when she gets home, which, of course, is this Monday at 17:35 on Horizon flight 2542 from LA into Eugene.  I’m not sure who will be there, but I think most of her available friends and family will be meeting her at the airport.  I know that dad, Matt and myself will be there at least.  Probably more.  I believe the plan is to have lots of people meet her at the airport, but only family follow her home because she’ll be wiped out and tired from traveling all day.  I may even stay the night at the big yellow house Monday, depends on how late everyone stays up.  I don’t have class until 10:00 the next morning, and I can miss that.  If I skip Calculus (my 10:00), then I don’t have class until noon.  Now, that’s a schedule!

Speaking of schedules, I’m glad to be done with the THREE MIDTERMS I took this week.  Oy!  The only class I didn’t have a midterm in was CIS, and guess what?  I’ve got one on MONDAY MORNING!  AT NINE O’CLOCK!!!  OY OY OY!!!  Oh well.  I’ll try to get some studying in on Sunday.  Today, Saturday, is going to be busy with Christy’s birthday party.  It’s an overnight, so I’ll be unavailable for study until probably around lunchtime Sunday.  Monday, I’ve got a psych paper due at 14:00, and of course the midterm in the morning.  Wednesday I’ve got my most recent CIS assignment due AND another math assignment.  WILL IT NEVER END?!?  I guess not…  After that, I should be cool for a bit.  I hope. sigh

Guess, that’s enough for today.  As usual any feedback, or at least an acknowledgment that you read this via e-mail would be appreciated.  Thanks, loyal readers of my life!