I’ve got sand in my shoe!

March 21, 2001

Oy! It’s not as bad as you might at first suspect; let me tell you why I’ve got sand in my shoe. I went to the beach today! Yea! It was fun. I abducted Christy, and we took a day trip to Florence. We had a lot of fun going to Mo’s for lunch, walking […]


Why the hell am I still up?

March 16, 2001

That’s a very good question I’m asking myself right now. I’ve been asking myself that for almost two hours now. No, I’m not feeling insomnia, I’ve just been doin’ stuff. Not that I had a lot to do; all I really needed to do was write a paper, and I just finished that. I started […]


The finals attack at dawn!

March 15, 2001

Well, all my finals are in the morning this term. Three at 10:15am and one at 8:15am! I can’t even go back to bed after that one because I’ve got another final right after it! Oy! I’ve got CIS Monday at 10, jazz on Tuesday at 8 followed by psychology at 10, and then I […]


Can he handle two jobs at once? News at eleven.

March 7, 2001

Well, well, well… In an effort to alleviate my financial hardship, I have taken a second job at the FITT Center at the UO Library. I like this job a lot because I get to help the faculty, and play with decent computers in the down time. I can also get my homework done, so […]