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I’ve got sand in my shoe!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2001

Oy! It’s not as bad as you might at first suspect; let me tell you why I’ve got sand in my shoe. I went to the beach today! Yea! It was fun. I abducted Christy, and we took a day trip to Florence. We had a lot of fun going to Mo’s for lunch, walking on the beach, window shopping in old town Florence, battling the wind on the jetty, and finally watching a picture- perfect beautiful sunset. The only downside is that I now have sand in various places where there was no sand before. I’ll either get over it or get used to it. Either way, don’t send flowers, I’ll be fine.

Let’s talk about finals. Three down, one to go. I’ve completed CIS, psychology, jazz, so all that remains in calculus on Friday. I’m not too worried about that one, but I will require some studying. I’ll do it later. It’s still Wednesday after all. I think I did all right on the first few–I’m pretty sure I’m getting at least B’s in all my classes. Not bad, considering how busy my life is these years. Speaking of busy…

I have an informal interview tomorrow afternoon with the Complex Director and others regarding immediate placement as an RA next term. That would be great, as my financial problems are really beginning to become more serious. Also, I think it’ll be a lotta fun. Why not? Everyone loves spring term! Should be a blast and a half. What could possibly go wrong? Really!

Friday, I’m going to let off all this steam and kill many, many computer-generated creatures at Jacques’ "geek party." That should be fun, and I’m looking forward to it. Be a nice healthy way to get over the end of finals. Saturday, assuming I’m still alert and awake after the party, I’m going to spend time with Christy when I can, and get ready for our trip to California when I have to. We leave Sunday morning. BWAA HAA HAA HAAA!!! I’m looking forward to it. I’ve gotta rememeber to find the DC > AC adapter for my laptop so I can use my AC > DC adapter in the car. Horribly inefficient, I know, but it’s the only way I can think to power my computer on the road. The battery will only last about 2 hours, and that’s only right after I unplug it. Unattended, it seems to leak power, so if I were to unplug my laptop now, by Sunday, it would have very little power left, even though it’s off. Weird.

Last little bit of news, my friend Sean has gone off the deep end and redesigned his web page to match the style and layout of MS-NBC’s. He did a very good job at it, so go check it out.

That’s all from me. Take care, and send money! 😉

Why the hell am I still up?

Friday, March 16th, 2001

That’s a very good question I’m asking myself right now. I’ve been asking myself that for almost two hours now. No, I’m not feeling insomnia, I’ve just been doin’ stuff. Not that I had a lot to do; all I really needed to do was write a paper, and I just finished that. I started "writing" it around 10:30, but it only took me about 30 minutes and look what time it is now. I’ve been doin’ stuff. I called Christy, I hung out with people, I watched TV, I watched taped TV (Whose Line), chatted online, dinked around with stuff on the computer, yadda, yadda, yadda. At any rate, I’m really going to regret these decisions come tomorrow, but I don’t care. Today was a good day, and do you know why? My letter from UO Housing came early, so guess what? I’ve been accepted as a Resident Assistant for next year!!! Total coolness! I’ve only been going for this since fall term of my freshman year! And I’m not even an alternate, I’m the real deal! For sure! It’s alllllllllll good! Everyone on staff has been totally supporting me on this. I have no idea how many recomendations I got, but I hear quite a few. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! And regarding the immediate opening (i.e. I won’t have to wait until the fall, I’d start next term), I’ve heard that I am slated to be interviewed by the Complex Director soon about this. Nifty!

What else is going down? I’m still planning on a major rework of my web page. Maybe I can get it done during spring break. I’m taking my laptop, so maybe I can do it in the car. That could be fun. Might be tricky with the server side includes–no server! I’d have to upload them to check that. It’d be easier to do from here at my desk, but I’ll have a lot of time on the trip to California we’re taking… Oh yeah! BTW, I’m going to sunny California for spring break. Should be a blast and a half as my friend Sara says. We’re checking out colleges for Matt as well as visiting relatives and checking out the newest Disney attraction. And for the first time ever, all four of us (me, mom, Matt, and Kim) will be able to drive! Should make things easier. We can make it back all in one go if we want! I CAN DO IT!!! We’ll be taking the MINIVAN OF POWER,so we’ll at least be traveling in more comfort than the LAST TIME we drove to Cali. Last time we took the FORD TAURUS STATION WAGON OF DEATH, which sucked because a) it was the hottest point in the nation that day at 115 degrees, b) we had the windows up so we could hear the book on tape we were listening to, and c) WE HAD NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! It was broken before we left! MAN! I’ve only been that hot once before, and that was in FLORIDA in AUGUST!!! We had a system of keeping cool, though. One of us would yell out "A/C!!" and then the Matt and Kim, who were in the back seat, would spray the interior of the car with little spray misters of water, like the kind used for ironing. I’ve never seen water evaporate so fast. It worked a little bit. At any rate, this trip should be much cooler in a literal sense, if nothing else. The van also has a CD player and a place I can plug my laptop in, and since on this trip I’m not the only one legally able to drive the car, I can actually relax and do stuff this time. Driving the I-5 corridor is incredibly boring. I was constantly wishing I could listen to my Discman and sleep last time.

I don’t think this news is going anywhere, and it’s now 4:15am, so I’m going to bed now to sleep four a couple hours. Dad, when you read this, I’m sorry, but it’s the life of a college student. Try not to roll your eyes too much; this is the only point in my life that I’ll be able to do this and live to tell about it. I love you!

The finals attack at dawn!

Thursday, March 15th, 2001

Well, all my finals are in the morning this term. Three at 10:15am and one at 8:15am! I can’t even go back to bed after that one because I’ve got another final right after it! Oy! I’ve got CIS Monday at 10, jazz on Tuesday at 8 followed by psychology at 10, and then I have to wait all the way until Friday for my calculus final at 10. Oh well. At least I get a nice break before calculus on Friday. I’ve got sinister plans for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday…mwaa haa haa haaa!!!

Besides finals, what have I been up to? Hmm… well surviving Dead Week, mostly. This being Thursday, I’m almost done. In fact, I am at work right now at my new job at the FITT Center. I just helped a nice faculty member set up a class page for her first class she’s teaching next term. She just got tenure, so she’s pretty psyched. Another happy customer at the FITT Center. I also went to jazz class today, but other than that, that’s it for today. The rest of this week has been mostly just surviving. Last weekend, however was the RA interviews…

You can tell the RA interview stuff is important to me because it gets it’s own paragraph, so how about that! I thought the interviews went well, personally, especially the group interview, and this has been confirmed beyond my expectations by my friends on the inside. I shall not reveal any names to protect their identity, but suffice it to say that I appreciate their feedback. Seems I did pretty well, so well in fact that I hear rumors that I’m being considered for the RA position opening next term on the 3rd floor of Carson, the building I already live in. I think I’d accept if they offered me the job. I already know people on 3rd floor, and I wouldn’t have to move far. I’d still be with all my people here in Carson. At any rate, the other applicants and I should be receiving our letters tomorrow to see who got hired and who didn’t..

Can he handle two jobs at once? News at eleven.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2001

Well, well, well… In an effort to alleviate my financial hardship, I have taken a second job at the FITT Center at the UO Library. I like this job a lot because I get to help the faculty, and play with decent computers in the down time. I can also get my homework done, so in theory I’ll have more free time in the evening. I love jobs where I can get paid to surf the web and learn new stuff from it. But seriously, with this job I help faculty use computer hardware and software in a one-on-one situation. This job also pays better than my first job, so it’s all good!

So, how about that weather?! This is great! It’s, like, 70 degrees outside right now! Blue skies, sunny weather, light breeze… sigh. Here I am in a somewhat inadequately climate-controlled office building in a low-walled cubicle without a window. It feels stuffy in here. I just snuck outside to run next door to take care of some CIS business, and it was FANTASTIC outside! I wanna go play Frisbee! Today and yesterday were my first anti- long-sleeved days in a long time. Ahhh!!! Life is good!

I’ve received commentary that I don’t talk about my girlfriend, Christy, enough on this page, so let’s do that now. Christy is coming over tonight and I think we’re going to go out for dinner someplace. It was undecided where when last we spoke, but the fallback is Burger King, so we’re not thinking too fancy. She’s buying. =) After dinner, we’ll probably go back to my place to either watch some TV or play Final Fantasy II, which is one of my all-time favorite video games. I’d say we’re more than halfway through. This is, I think, one of the only Final Fantasy games I’ve beaten more than once (three times, I think?) and I even bought it after I’d already beaten it once. I had borrowed it from Steve for a long while, beat it, returned it, and then purchased it for my birthday back in… what grade was that? Middle school sometime. Hmmm…. Memory fading… Anyways, I digress. Christy is a wonderful person, have I mentioned that? =) We’re going to have a fabulous time tonight, and I hope she has as much fun as I plan to. Too bad the sun sets at 6:00, or I’d drive out to the beach to see the sun set. She’s planning on coming at 6:00, so I don’t think I could make Florence in 30 seconds, so I guess it’s a nice idea, but some other time I suppose. Hmmm…. (thinking)….

What else is going on? Oh yes! MY CAR! I haven’t talked about Spunky (my car’s name) yet. She’s doing well, and I recently tracked down her previous owner (I got it from a user car lot) and asked him some questions. Turns out that most of the after market modifications I was thinking of doing he’s already done!!! Let’s see if I can remember the list: Performance spark plug wires, performance fuel computer, 2 1/2″ straight exhaust pipe with no muffler, and she’s been lowered an inch or so with performance shocks and springs. In addition to performance mods, other good news is that the guy who had her before me was only the 2nd owner and, get this, he works for Dodge!! He’s got access to all the right parts and he took great care of her. The tranny was rebuilt just before he sold the car and regular maintenance has been done. The original clutch lasted over 100k miles before he had it replaced a couple years ago. It’s mostly original paint except for the hood (rock chips) and it is indeed real leather interior. He’s also got a listing of EVERY SINGLE OPTION the car was originally shipped with from some sort of Dodge master database (the car came with 9 gallons of gas in the tank!) Bottom line: I got a sweet deal! Everything I wanted in a car and more. I couldn’t think of how it could possibly be better.

Well, this is very long and I probably should get back to work soon. =) Please write me if you read this, as I am ever-curious as to who my mysterious readership is.

Love ya!