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Dude, it’s been a while

Thursday, April 19th, 2001

Not too much has been goin’ on really. Goin’ to class and goin’ to work has been the way of life for me lately. Once again, I’m at work at the FITT Center working on my web page. Right now, having cleaned the office, we’re hanging out waiting for the "FITT Faire" to start. FITT Faire is sort of an open house for us when we show off to the faculty and staff what we do and stuff. We’re also raffling off a digital camera and some other nifty stuff. Woo hoo!

Last weekend was Easter weekend, and after church and an early Easter dinner, Mom, Matt, Kim, and I drove up to Portland to see U2 perform in concert at the Rose Garden. That was an impressive show and thank you mom for taking us to go see it! I took some shots there with the new digicam, but they’re kinda blurry because I was up in the third tier taking them. Still it was a really cool show, and they did all of their cool songs. The only downside is getting home really late at night with school the next day. I survived.

Finances are going better now; in fact, I think I have a refund check waiting for me at Financial Aid Office. I still owe the bank about 38 hundred dollars on my car and I owe VISA $215, not to mention what I owe my parents, but at least I don’t owe the University of Oregon anything for the time being. I’ve got $11 in my pocket, but that was just a cash advance from VISA I got from the ATM about half an hour ago.

Oh, and guess what? It looks like Matthew is going to be going to the University of California at Berkely. That’s really great for him–I’d love to live in the bay area, and I think the only way to be able to afford to live there is to be going to school there. Not that school is cheap, but at least when you’re done you get a degree. Berkely has a really impressive library as well as a lot of other cool features like free parking for Nobeloriates on faculty. At any rate, I wish him the best and I’ll try to find lots of reasons to drive down for a visit. More on this as things develop.

Well, I’d better get back to work, but thanks for reading! I’ll try to keep more up-to-date, but if you’ve seen my schedule, you know how my time gets filled up. Ciao!

Oh, the beach…

Monday, April 9th, 2001

Last weekend I went with a bunch of folks from the dorms up to Lincoln Beach for a Complex Government retreat/beach cleanup. We had a lot of fun, and the house we stayed at was beautiful! It was right on the beach–you walk out the backyard and you’re in sand. Very cool. Did I mention the house had a cable TV and a big hot tub? =) We spent Saturday morning cleaning up a beach a few miles north of our house, and then some of us hung out in old Newport for a while where we watched the bay for a while and went for lunch at Mo’s. I enjoy long moonlit walks on the beach…

What else is up with me? Well, I’m still getting used to the new schedule for the term, but it’s going all right. I’ve dropped my Econ class because I think working 15 hours a week at two jobs in addition to being an RA is going to be much better with 13 credits than 17. I feel much more relaxed now, although I’m still apprehensive of some of my classes, namely all that I still have except the RA class, that one’s fun. Calculus is, well, calculus. Those who have taken it know how difficult it can get. Technical writing is going to be a lot of writing (of course) and I tend to put those things off until the last minute, so that’s no good either. Computer Science 315: Intro to Algorithms is the class that worries me the most. I always have trouble understanding that stuff. It’s a bit too abstract for me to grasp well, but I suppose that’s why I’m still in school, eh?

Anyways, life is pretty good now that my financial situation has improved some. Busy as hell, but not too bad yet. I’ll be sure to keep my loyal readers informed of my situation. Until then, ta ta!

Where did he go?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2001

Yes, it’s true, I’ve moved. I am no longer in my old room of 206-C on the 2nd floor of Carson Hall. The reason for this is that I am now the RESIDENT ASSISTANT FOR THIRD FLOOR!!! YEA!!! I’m an RA for spring term, and I’m really happy about this. As I have mentioned in earlier articles, this was a possibility and now it seems to have come true. So far, nothing really bad has happened with this new job. Quite the contrary, it’s been a lot of fun meeting new people and enjoying the actual direct sunlight I receive in the morning and early afternoon now that I have a south-facing window. I also have an actual view out my window. Unlike before where I could only see the roof of the dining hall, now I can see the tenis courts, Walton Complex, a big tree, and the south hills in the distance. MUCH BETTER! I’ve settled in nicely, and all of my friends have helped me feel welcome in my new room and in my new position on staff. I’d like to especilly thank Christy, Megan, and Carl for helping me move all of my stuff upstairs late Saturday night. I would have been up all night with that if I had to do it all by myself. I owe you guys! You’re the best!

Well, these new events have certainly been exciting, but let’s not forget that last week was Spring Break! As planned, mom, Matt, Kim and I all drove down to Southern California to visit schools and relatives. We stopped by San Francisco on the way down to visit Berkely and Stanford and see some sights in the bay, and then we proceeded down to Long Beach and the LA area to see relatives, CalTech, and Harvey Mudd College. It was great to see the grandparents and Uncle John again and the schools we visited were really cool too. On Thursday we went to see the new Disney attraction, "Disney’s California Adventure", which was a lot of fun as well. They had a roller coaster there that was a real kick in the pants. I wanna do it again!

So, here I am, back in school, and actually back at work at the FITT Center again. The term is going pretty well so far, but it’s only Day 2, so we’ll see. I’m taking Calculus, Computer Science, Economics, and Tech Writing. Please feel free to see my complete schedule for more details on what I’m up to these days. Economics is a web-based class, so there is no lecture and it’s up to me to keep up with reading, assignments, midterms, and the final. We’ll see how that goes too.

Tonight, I plan on going on rounds with Megs and Dylan so I can learn the ropes, so to speak, because tomorrow I have to go on rounds without guidance. Talk about a trial-by-fire job! The term-long RA class starts tomorrow night and the first session gets out one hour before I go on duty. The class is set up for people who become RA’s in the fall like I was slated to be, but I started early, so now it’s going to be a little weird learning as I go. The intensive two-week staff training doesn’t happen until early September. Oh, this is going to be FUN!