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…But the soul still burns!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2001

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and I spent the majority of it camping out at Christy’s family’s property out in Central Oregon. I went with Christy, Aaron, and Molly and Christy drove us all up in her little white Ford Escort. We all brought basically every CD we own, so we had plenty of tunes, and since Christy was driving, I got to be the DJ riding shotgun. I enjoyed yelling animal noises out the window at the passing livestock as we drove through the more rural parts of the state. If you’re wondering about the animal noises, ask someone else who was in the car. Boggles the mind. At any rate, we had a lotta fun, especially the hike at Smith Rock. We started hiking the rock at 10:00 on Saturday, planning on taking 3 hours or so, and then heading to Lake Billy Chinook to splash around and cool off a bit during the hottest point in the day. We were out in the high desert after all. At any rate we decided to hike up the hill going to the right at the trail head. This was fine and dandy, if a bit steep. At about 11:15 or so, we reached the top of Smith Rock, or at least the top of the trail we were hiking on. There were a lot of rocks, and we weren’t quite clear on which one was named “Smith.” We stopped for lunch up there and took in the view, which I must say was incredible. I have photos up if you would like to see what I and my digital camera saw. Whilst we were up there, some joggers came up from the other side (the trail continued down the other side of the rock.) We asked how far it was to make the loop as opposed to going back the way we came, and the one lady said it wasn’t too bad going on, as it was all downhill and not hard to get lost. We said “great!” and decided to go on down the other side and make the loop rather than come back the way we had just came, not knowing that “not hard to get lost” is a relative term. We finished up lunch, packed up and resumed hiking down. After a bit we came to an old gate, which the lady jogger had told us about. On the other side of this gate, the trail forked. We thought nothing of it and continued on straight on what appeared to be the more trodden trail. This was our first mistake. After hiking for probably an hour and a half or so, I became worried we weren’t going the right way. I thought this because we’d been following the river for a time, however we were going downstream, and I figured we should have reached the trail head by then. Also, we came across another gate, this on with No Trespassing sign on it. Not a good sign that were still in a state park. At this point, Christy and I remained in the shade and rested while Molly and Aaron volunteered to go on ahead and see if they could see the parking lot from higher ground. When they returned a few minutes later, they said they had reached another gate, this one harder to breach and clearly marked as not for us. We decided to go back, and I kept a lookout for a fork I saw earlier hoping the it would branch back to the area of our error earlier. This wouldn’t have been so bad had we not been running dangerously low on water at this point. This was our second mistake. We brought five bottles of water with us ranging from 20 oz. to 1 litre, however this was insufficient it would seem. Luckily, we were near the river, so after some discussion we decided that risking beaver fever was better than dehydration, so we refilled our water bottles with river water and cooled ourselves down in the water. It was quite hot. Did I mention we were in the desert? After our river stop, we moved on and I finally located the branch I was remembering from earlier. We took that fork, and hiked some more, only to be alarmed when we came across another fork in the road! However, this one contained some clues. First, there was a bike track going from the left for to the right. Secondly, there were footprints going from the right fork to the left. These was a good clues since we had encountered the joggers earlier and also some daring individuals on bikes, both directions checking out. We went up the left fork a short distance, and sure enough we came to that same first gate with that same fork we had missed earlier. We turned around and followed the bike trail down what we were now fairly certain was the correct path. As it turns out, we were right in the end, and eventually found other hikers coming the other direction who said that yes, we were going for the trail head. Thank God! After hiking for anther hour or so, we made it back to the trailhead which had a spigot of running water, which we all drank quite a lot from whilst replenishing our salt supply from the trail mix Pringles we had brought with us. From the spigot we hiked back up the hill to the car, and we all bought a PowerAide from the vending machine there and felt quite refreshed after drinking them down. I drove us back and after dinner we all slept quite soundly. Sunday was much less noteable as all we did was sleep, lounge around, play cards, and eat. We felt justified in our laziness however, as we had hiked over 12 miles the day before from 10:00 to 17:00. We put on lots of sun screen, so we were (mostly) unscathed, however the girls got a little toasty despite their best efforts to stay screened. I got burned on the back of my neck and on the backs of my legs. We made it back to Eugene Sunday night around 23:00.

Today, wasn’t nearly as exciting as the rest of my weekend, however something more amazing than us surviving the desert occurred at my house; THE GARAGE IS CLEAN!! Or at least, mostly so. It’s amazing! Mom spent the weekend cleaning and organizing the garage, and it looks fantastic! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen it look this good. I’ll try to take some pictures and put them up here. Seeing is believing! We had a nice BBQ dinner and I’m sad to see the weekend over already. Less than three weeks until summer!!! Yea!

Shorter news

Saturday, May 19th, 2001

Or should I say a news brief? Well, no matter. Not much to report. For a good time, read yesterday’s news! I consider it really funny, especially the part where I link to my watch on the Casio web page! Man, what was I thinking? Oh, I slay me…

Anyways, once again it’s late, but this time I’m actually tired! Who’dathunkit? Today was pretty good–I went to class, I interviewed a woman who could become my boss next year, I went to the International Spring Awards Ceremony, and then I went home. That was nice seeing Kim and Mom for the evening/night. We took some stuff over to the church garage sale and ended up buying more stuff. It’s for a good cause; Kim and the rest of the high school youth group are planning a trip to Mexico this June, and the garage sale is a fundraiser. Anyways, Kim got a nifty Japanese bicycle and I got an HP LaserJet III printer. For those who know printers, this was/is a good solid office-quality printer. It’s also my first laser printer (rather than inkjet) so that’s pretty cool, too. I already tested it, and it prints very well! It’s great! The LaserJet III was/is one of HP’s best all-around good quality solid printers. I believe that HP still supports this printer. Anyways, it’s cool, trust me. After the garage sale, Kim and I went for a bike ride to test out the bike, which she loves. She says it’s just like her bike in Japan. She says that all the bikes in Japan are just like this bike and she’s very pleased to have one. After the bike ride we went hot tubbing and then watched The Emperor’s New Groove, which is a really silly, funny, and hillarious movie, and I recommend seeing it. After the movie I came home and called Chirsty. We gossiped/talked for a while and now I am updating my web page! Yippie! Tomorrow we’re gonna hang out and do some stuff like hit the church garage sale, get some lunch, do some homework, play some Final Fantasy III, and maybe make Christy a web page. If we succeed in that last venture, then this will be the premier place to link to it! We’ll see what AOL has to offer in the way of web hosting, since AOL is Christy’s family’s ISP. I hate AOL. I’ll try not to let personal feelings cloud my judgement. =)

OK, now it’s bed time. I can feel the burn! Goodnight all you wonderful people! I hope you enjoyed the utter lack of links in this one. Hey, if you care one way or the other (links/no links), then email me, and let me know what you think. Woaaaa! ‘link’ and ‘think’ rhyme! Duuuuuuuuuude!

That’s it. Bed. Now.

Oh, like wow, man

Friday, May 18th, 2001

What a day. I got, like, 4.5 hours of sleep last night, had an early class this morning, worked all day, did homework whenever I could, and I’m on duty!!! Oy! Had two IR’s tonight too! IR stands for Incident Report for all of you mundanes out there. =) At any rate, I’m beat, but of course, I’m not sleepy now. Heavens! That would make SENSE!!! I was damn tired earlier, like around the 22 hundred hour when I was trying to do math before rounds. I finished the first assignment around 22:30 and I had one more math assignment to do. I was so tired, however, that I simply set a 25 minute timer on my watch and crashed on the bed. At 22:55, I woke up (yes, I totally fell ASLEEP in 20 minutes!) and went downstairs to go do rounds, WHICH TOOK AN HOUR!! Geesh! What a night! Anyways, after rounds, back to math, and then I got started on CIS, which after a half-assed job, I’m now done with. So, why the hell am I updating my news instead of sleeping, I’m sure you must all be asking. Well, it’s because I’m not freaking tired now for some sick reason! Oy! Shouldn’t have had that granola bar, but I needed the energy at the time to study. =(

Tonight wasn’t all ‘woe is me’ and dispair. No! I went out to the Olive Garden with Shelby and Carl, my valued team mates from the contest mentioned in the news below this one. This was our victory party and we had a very nice time. Carl got the spaghetti and meatballs, Shelby got the chicken parmesan and I got the stuffed chicken parmesian. Molto Bene! Very nice! After I returned home, I went to go get the pager from Megs, who graciously volunteered to hold it for me while I went to dinner. (We who are on duty carry what is called a Duty Pager so residents can contact help if they need it. We’re not to leave the complex with the pager, so we’re to have a fellow staff member take over ‘being on duty’ for us while we leave.) Anyways, Megs was running a program tonight called Cold War Paranoia where she had a professor from the Poly Sci department come in and talk about the Cold War before watching Dr. Strangelove. I came in about half an hour from the end, so I stayed to watch the rest of it. After the movie, Megs needed to return to the pizza place (she served pizza at her program) to get a receipt, which had failed to arrive with the pizza. We need receipts for bookkeeping around here. Anyways, since Megs has no car and no driver license, I helped out and drove her to Papa John’s Pizza to get the necessary paperwork. After all this was done, then I started math. Busy day, eh?

I know it’s weird how I’ve been going backwards through my day in stages here, but bare with me; it’s late and this is how my mind is functioning right now. Be glad it’s functioning at all. Just goes to show that web page maintenance is so easy, a trained weasle could do it. Anyways, to continue with this backwards weirdness, let’s discuss work. Today, I went to work. Oh boy. I had a lotta fun at the FITT Center forcing myself to not fall asleep during the staff meeting first up. That was entertainment, let me tell you! Oy! What else did I do at work today? Oh yeah! I gotta show of my mad UNIX sk1llz and teach my coworkers how to navigate the command prompt and create a .procmailrc file. If you don’t know what that is (dad, I think you’re probably my only reader who does), then write me an email if you wanna know. I’ve discussed it enough today, and I’m not going to repeat it now. Anyways, I felt cool and needed at work today. My UNIX/DOS background is my unique skill I bring to the table there–it’s one of the reasons why I was hired. It was fun to get back into that stuff. I don’t get much chance to do UNIX stuff much these days. *Sigh* What next? Oh yes. After working at the FITT Center, I went to work at the Office of International Education and Exchange. Got all my work done there and again, I contemplated sleep. I do that a lot these days. At least, I do when it’s not bed time. Then I contemplate all the stuff I could still do now that I have time at the end of the day (I really don’t have time, but late at night is ‘free time’ that’s otherwise unscheduled. Most people use this time for sleep, but I have bigger plans…) Where was I? Right. After work, I went to staff meeting for the RA Housing bit. We went over checkout procedures (yes, kids, it’s that time again!) Seeing as it’s now week 7, almost week 8, the 11-week term is drawing near to an end, and it’s up to us, the RA’s, to make sure everyone GETS THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!! One bonus is that as an RA, I can stay until Saturday in stead of Friday. Woo hoo. Enjoy the breaks while you can, kids. OY!

All right, all right. I can hear you all now: “GO TO SLEEP, CHRIS!!!” (Christy, I’m think you’re yelling the loudest now) so I think that’s what I shall try to do. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and fall asleep right away. This is by far one of my longest news post yet. I hope you enjoy all the links. I went a little nuts with that. =) At least I plan to. I haven’t yet, but when you read this, I should have gone back through this article and added links to everything I can think of. That’s my plan anyways.

Sleep tightly, gentle readers. I hope you’re all asleep by now. I shall be awake for you all, so that you may all sleep in peace. ‘night!

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14th, 2001

HOLY SHIT, DUDE, WE WON!!!! Oh my God, I can’t believe it, but it’s the truth! Our team was a clear first in the UO Computer Science Programming Contest. It was all Carl’s doing, but we were a team, and Shelby and I contributed our efforts to the goal of the team, and I think we all had a part to play. We get our names on a plaque in the CIS department, we get a gift certificates at the UO Bookstore, and most importantly, Shelby and I get 4% added to our total grades in CIS 315 and we get an automatic A’s on our next midterm without taking it!!! Carl isn’t in CIS 315, but he gets his own good news in his classes, too. The way the contest works is you submit your solution to the judges who then run your program against a set of undisclosed test data. If it passes, you get 10 points and move on to another problem of your choosing. There were five problems and about 3 hours to do them. If your problem doesn’t pass, then then next time you submit it, you only get 9, and so on. In theory, it was possible to get 50 points. We got 20. Yes, that’s right, we only got 2 problems right out of 5 (we were SO close on the third one!), but that was enough to win because while other people got two problems as well, but we got ours on our first try. We were also first to do so. Both those things were factors. The contest was actually kinda fun in the end. A lot of hardcore people participated and you could feel the energy. We had full roam of the first two floors of Deschutes Hall, and people were crouched in doorways working on problems all over. Dinner was provided (lasagna and stuff) at 6:30 upstairs, and we had all of Room 100 (the lab) to work on actually coding up the problems on the Sun workstations. It took a little bit to get used to working in an X-Windows environment, but I kinda liked it after a while. We used xemacs to write the code, which now does context color hilighting and indenting, which was helpful.

At any rate, you can tell I’m pretty happy about the whole thing. I’m so glad I did it, and I’d just like to say that Shelby and Carl are totally hardcore wonderful people who both rock! You guys are the greatest! That’s about it from me for now. More news to come, I’m sure. Life goes on.

Pre-prom pictures are here!

Monday, May 14th, 2001

Due to a request from Californian lobbyists, I have posted the pictures taken of Kimi and company before they all left for the South Eugene HS 2001 Prom. These were all taken by my father using the digital camera, so blame any strange pictures of people not going to Prom on him, OK? 😉 Kimi looked so pretty and all grown up, I was shocked! I can’t believe that my brother and sister are growing up. They’ve always been little, to me, but now Kim’s dressed up for Prom, and Matt’s going away to California for school. *sniff* I’ll be OK…

Anyways, life is good. It’s raining out, but it’s not raining hard and it’s fairly warm out. In just a few minutes I’ve got to go run my paper up to P.L.C. to drop it off. And then I get to go to math! Joy! I think I have a one-on-one scheduled with my boss today as well. Today’s a busy day, especially since we have the Computer Science Programming Contest tonight!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Not that I’m worried, oh no… *GULP!* Wish me luck, guys! I’ll report on how I did in a later message, K?

All right, that’s enough for today. I’ll write more later.

No news is good news…

Friday, May 11th, 2001

Not that I don’t have anything to say, but it sounded cool. =) As you can tell, my news page has been majorly redone. This took several hours to do, but I think the end result is quite attractive to the eye and very contemporary. I added many new items to my style sheet in the process, and I plan on revamping the pics pages soon. Those will take a while because there are so many pages to deal with, so I might do up the links page and the bio page first. We’ll see. Obviously I’ve become more involved with my web page these days, so it’s all good. I find it a theraputic way to relax and I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m finished. This page is designed using my equipment, of course, but that has the side effect that the page looks the best on my computer. I have a 17" monitor running at 1280×1024 resolution with 32-bit color. On an older or smaller monitor, it probably won’t look as sharp. I don’t even wanna know what it looks like on a pre-CSS browser. When was that introduced? Netscape/IE 3? 4? I don’t know. At any rate, it might look hideous on anything other than the latest version of IE on a larger monitor. But you know what? I DON’T CARE! This page is for ME, and it serves MY purposes just fine. =)

So, what’s been goin’ on with me? Just gettin’ by I guess. I had a really busy week with regard to classwork these past few days. I’ve had to work on homework every night quite a bit, and last night I had the added bonuses of putting on a hall program and being on duty. Both went very well, luckily. I did a half-assed job on my CIS homework, but I think I did well on my calculus. We’ll see when the grades come back. I’m really worried about the upcoming CIS programming competition. I hope I can do something useful for my team. That’s my biggest worry. I’m not worried about doing badly, hell, we might even win, but I don’t want to be the useless member. Carl’s going to be carrying this team, both Shelby and I know this, but I think I know the least about this kinda stuff. *sigh* Oh well. I like this font. =) I hope you can see it on your end. It’s "Gerogia".

Otherwise things are goin’ well. I’m not on duty this weekend, but it’ll be a busy one nonetheless. Tomorrow I’m going shopping with dad, mowing the lawn, and practicing for the CIS competition. It’ll probably be in that order, too. I hope I can sleep late, but I think dad’s coming by about noon-ish. I guess that’s late enough. 😉 Sunday is Mother’s Day, and since I’m fairly certain that mom will not be reading this before then, I’ll give some details. The plan is that mom, Matt, Kim, and I go over to Christy’s house where all of us non-mothers will cook and prepare for those who are. =) I believe this begins at 4:30 or so. I also plan on getting mom some Rhodies. She has been hinting that she would enjoy some.

Oh shit! I just remembered, I need to do my Tech Writing assignment, too. Perhaps I should do that now. At least I should get started or something. I’ve gotta write a memo for Monday regarding a proposal for a Tech Writing report. I’m going to do my report on PC graphics adapters. That’s a subject that there is much being written about and that I am also interested in. I know that I have a Riva TNT2 16MB AGP M64 in my computer, and that’s not quite hot shit. It may have been a couple years ago, but no longer. Anyways, it hopefully will be interesting.

Well, that’s enough for now. You’ll note that I have archived my older news articles. You can still reach them by following the archives links at the bottom of this page. Please email me with any comments you may havbe about this page. Thank you and take care!

I did it!

Sunday, May 6th, 2001

I DID IT! I finally updated my webpage!!! I’ve been saying I’m going to do this for months now, and I finally did it! Are you not proud of me? I know, it looks reasonably similar to how it used to, but trust me, this is way different! For one, I’ve gotten rid of frames. Instead, I am now using a feature of my web page editor called Libraries. This lets me easily modify content that remains constant across all the pages like that nav bar to the left. I also made nifty roll-overs! Move your mouse over the buttons to the left. AIN’T THAT COOL!?!? What else? Oh yes! I now employ Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. This also lets me maintain a consistant style across all my pages. I just define my style sheet, tell what part of the web page to use what style and there ya go! If I change the style sheet, the rest of the page changes with it. For instance, if I change my body text to be green in the bodytext section of my style sheet, all this text here and across the whole site will become green! Nifty, huh? What else have I done? I think I’ve developed a pretty consistant style throughout the entire site, so that’s good. The heading is bigger for the news page, because it acts as the front door. The rest all match and all have a 20% horizontal rule beneath them. I don’t have any new content except for this news update, so everything you’ve come to know and love is still here. =) I’ll add more stuff if I feel like it later. This new system allows for much simpler and more efficient updates and changes. It’s very cool. Oh, and lastly, I’ve decided to change the name of my web page to ChrisWeb instead of the Official Chris Brunner Homepage. Remember that for all your watercooler conversations!

Feel free to browse around, of course. It’s 5:20am, and I’ve been at this for a significant portion of the day. Takes a lot of time, this does! And I’m trying to recover from a cold, no less! Oy! I should go to bed. I hope you all appreciate that I sacrifice my health to create a magnificent web page just for your enjoyment! Just kiddin’! I love ya all! Take care, friends!

I have a headache

Thursday, May 3rd, 2001

And I don’t usually get headaches either. I think it’s from a lack of sleep and overstressing, but I’m not sure. I may just be coming down with something. I’ve been running on full-throttle for some time now with limited sleep and little unscheduled free-time. Not that I’ve been unhappy, it’s just that it can get to be a bit much sometimes. Things just keep comin’ up, and I just keep doin’ them. I’ve got a tech writing paper rewrite due on Friday, a calculus assignment due on Friday, and a CIS assignment due on Friday. Thursday (later today) is going to be a busy day for me. I’m also going to be on duty tonight. Fun, fun, fun! I hope it’s a quiet night. I’m going to be on duty this weekend, too, but that’s actually kinda relaxing in it’s own way, in that I have an excuse to simply hang around campus and just be here. I like that. People can come to me!!! MWA HAA HAA HAA!!! *ahem* But I digress… Where was I? Well, if I can make it through tomorrow all right, I think I’ll be good. I’m past Round 1 of midterms, so that much is behind me. School is OK.

I applied for a Q&A job at Dynamix for the summer and I really hope I get it. I’d be working 40+ hours a week making $10/hour, so that’d help my financial situation quite a bit. I can pay down some of my debt and have some for school next year. Also, as an RA next year, I won’t have quite as much in the way of bills, which is also nice. I hope all this works out for the best.

So much going on, but most of it’s just little details of things. I finally peeled the masking tape off my floor the other day. If you have to ask, nevermind, but those who know, now know more. Figure that one out! I’ve also been playing a lot of Final Fantasy III (yes, on the SNES) with Christy, and that has brought back a lot of memories. I’d forgotten how long it’s been since I played that game, but for a time I was really into it. It’s all coming back to me… I’ve also been watching an anime show on DVD called Trigun lately, when I have time, that is. It’s pretty cool, but I’m nearing the end, so that’s sad. Good show, though. Uhh… I guess that’s it for now. I’m hangin’ in there! I WILL SURVIVE!!!