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Wow, it’s been a week already?

Friday, June 29th, 2001

Time flies when you’re bored out of your mind, eh? Well, not really. I’ve been here at work at the FITT Center for what seems like days, but it’s only been about two hours. I’ve been reading a lot of web comics to pass the time, some of which I will list here: Megatokyo, Penny Arcade, Strange Candy, Neobaka, and a newer one called NoRTH. There are also some that I don’t read as often, or that I simply don’t want to admit to reading ^_^;; Anyways, it’s a great way to kill time at work, provided you have (a) nothing better to do and (b) a lot of free time. At all four of my jobs, I have Internet access, and two of them provide me with item (b). At any rate, check these comics out sometime. The web comic community is really something. Most of these artists seem to know each other at least on a professional level, and there are frequent cross-overs and guest artist days. It’s really cool. I got started with Megatokyo, and moved on from there. They all have a different style and they vary in good taste and creativity. Some have an ongoing storyline and some are episodic. I recomend reading through the archives of old strips at all of these sites. All of them have links to other web comics, so this can go on for weeks and months. It’s great!

Some other cool developments have been going on in the Internet, namely my web page! I have added a new section my pics page containing shots of my stellarly clean room. I have also uploaded a new self portrait of yours truly with a beard of some sort. It’s in the "Me" pics section. Check it out if you dare! ^_^ Also, I hope to soon have some pics up of Spiku the Infant Kitten. Let me explain…

Last week, Christy’s mom, Barb, found a kitten in her backyard that was only a few days old. A search turned up no other family for this poor bloke, so Molly adopted him and named him Spiku. Christy and Molly were there at the time, and they have been taking dilligent care of this cute little white kitten for the past week. A trip to the vet shows the kitten in good health and Molly has the instructions and equipment to take good care of Lil’ Spiku. =) He can be a demanding brat when it comes to just about most things, but HE’S SO CUTE!!! I’ll try to get the pics up here soon. Feel free to check up on the pics page from time to time in case I don’t get a new rant up to match the update.

That’s all for now! Those of you in my area, enjoy the nice weather!

At work, once again

Saturday, June 23rd, 2001

Well, as always, I’m at work and bored. It’s Saturday afternoon and here I am sitting behind the desk at the Knight Library ITC on the 2nd floor. At least I can update my webpage while I sit here, so that gives me something to do. However, even if I write a rather lengthy rant, it still only takes about half an hour, and I’m here for three. Well, make that 2 and a half now. I’ve managed to kill a half an hour already, but it’s slow going. I’ve already filled out my paysheet for the rest of the month, assuming that I work the hours I am scheduled to work. Looks like I’ll be making about $350 from this job, so at least all this boredom isn’t for naught.

I was up far too late last night. I was just dinkin’ around on the computer, and then I just watched TV for a while. I watched Conan, I watched Friday Night (show after Conan on Fridays), and then I watched a couple of Babylon 5 eps I had on tape. After I finished with those shows, I flipped up through the channels and I came across the beginning of the pilot episode of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Well, I had never seen the beginning of this episode before, so I watched it and ended up watching the entire 2 hour show. It finished up at 6:00. By this time the sun is almost up and birds are chirping outside. I hate it when I stay up all night without meaning to. *Sigh* Luckily, I didn’t have to be at work today until 3pm, so I could still get a respectable amount of sleep. It just means I haven’t done anything else today.

Dad just stopped by to say hi to me at work. He’s going to bring me food in a little bit. Yea! I haven’t had time or money to get food yet today, so that would be good. Oh, and speaking of money, I’m pissed because yesterday I got a parking ticket, and for once I didn’t deserve it! I was parked in the lot over on the south side of the School of Education and when I get to my car there’s a ticket on the windshield for $25 saying I was parked in a restricted area. Now, I look around and the only parking-related signs I see are signs denoting the area as a parking lot for faculty, staff, and students by permit only. Now, the last time I looked I had a current student UO parking sticker stuck to my back bumper, so I’m going to fight this one. Unfortunately it was Friday at 18:15 and DPS closes at 17:00, so I have to wait until Monday before I can vent and demand justice! I also want an itemized list of all the parking tickets that were just charged to my account the other day. There seems to be more than I remember ignoring. Don’t get me wrong, I only ignore the tickets because I know that they’ll just bill me for them later, so I figure I’ll pay for it later anyways. No big deal, they still get their measly $15. I feel like I know two DPS’s, the one I work with for Housing that helps me out on rounds with difficult situations, and the one that always leaves these damn yellow envelopes on my windshield wherever I leave my car!!! Y’know, if they didn’t make it so hard to park around here, I wouldn’t have to keep doing that. *Sigh* Interesting how I started off talking about dad and now I end up with this big huge rant about parking situation here on campus and the Department of Public Safety. But back to dad, did I mention he’s getting married on the 7th of July?

Well, it’s now 15:50. I’ve killed 25 minutes. Woohoo. I brought a book with me in case I need something to do, which it’s looking like I will. I brought The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, which is a book that Megan recomended to me a long time ago and I simply have not got around to reading yet. Luckily, I have managed to land another job that allows for time to catch up on novels just like my last two (Airport Parking, and FITT Center), so perhaps I can get into this series as well. Last summer at the airport, I read all of the Foundation series by Issac Asimov as well as most of the Harry Potter series and a great book called Ender’s Game. Perhaps this summer I will read the Wheel of Time series here. We’ll see. It’s a bit thick to get into, but I hear it’s good, and I trust my friends’ recomendations; they have served me well so far. =)

At any rate, this rant has gotten quite long, so I’m going to call it a day for now and get back to y’all later. Ciao!

Mission accomplished!

Thursday, June 21st, 2001

I have succeeded in my mission; I have cleaned my room! For those of you who have seen my bedroom at my mom’s house, you know why this is such a big deal. For many, many years, my bedroom has slowly been degenerating. Certain areas of my room were simply null space–nothing went in, and nothing came out. Places like my closet and many of my shelves. These areas were simply used to store stuff, and were in all otherwise useless. The process of me cleaning my room went like this; I came home from the Residence Hall at the U of O, and I had to unpack. I went to put things away, but there was nowhere to put them. So I moved things. I started with my closet because I needed to hang up some clothes. I got rid of almost all that was in my closet already so I could put my current clothes in. I figured if I could last 9 months without it, I didn’t need it. I kept this mentality throughout most of my cleansing project. I then moved on to the rest of my closet. I would take a shelf, empty it, sort it by either saying "keep", "garage sale", or " trash", and the put stuff where it would go. I did this for all of the closet shelves. I then couldn’t get to anything else to clean because all my stuff from the dorms was in the way, so I put some of it into the vacancies left on my closet shelves.

This was the way it went all around the perimeter of my room. I next moved onto my desk, my table, my bookshelves, my stereo cabinet, the drawers on my bed, the other bookshelf, and the floor. In the end, I found NINE COMPUTERS I wasn’t using. NINE!! Can you believe that?!?! Only if you know me, and know me and my past well would you believe this. Honestly, most of these computers were not complete systems, mind you, and one was an old laptop, but there are now 8 main computer cases, 1 old laptop, 4 monitors, 3 keyboards, and 2 printers in the staging area for the Master Garage Sale. I also came across TEN PC mice I am not currently using. Oy! Where did all this come from? Not to mention all the old PC cards I found in the closet. Don’t get me started on that! I filled over a cubic foot with them alone! *Sigh* So many memories…

Now, my room looks great! I can actually have people over and feel proud to show it off! I plan on taking some pictures with the digital camera and putting them up here just as soon as I get some more batteries for that thing. It goes through AA’s like you wouldn’t believe! Gees!

That’s the most exciting thing that’s been going on for me lately. I know it sounds boring, but I really am happy about this whole room-cleaning biz. I mean, my room has NEVER been this clean and organized from the very beginning. I just feel so much more at home and at ease here now. I feel like I’ve let my room stagnate in my absence at college, and it has grown more distant in the past two years. It was the room of my youth, and the things in it reflected my interests of that time. When I came back, it didn’t feel like me anymore. Not like my room in Carson. But now that it’s been reborn, I feel at home again. The old things have been replaced with the things of my current life. All the old toys, old hobbies, and old books are gone. I have kept some things, but only those I still feel strongly connected with. It has been an invigorating yet nostalgic time for me the past few days, going through, basically, my entire childhood summed up in a bedroom.

Still, on the whole, I’m upbeat now. I may have stayed up until 6:30am last night working on cleaning my room, but I recovered the sleep, and I’m good now. I also succeeded in getting my Internet connection operational over the LAN here at home again. Once again I am dialed in with my laptop and using the ‘net from my desktop over the network. All this because I am too cheap to buy a new PCI modem for my desktop. Modern technology, folks!”

ITC is soooo boring!!!

Saturday, June 16th, 2001

Well, here I am at my newest of jobs, working at the Knight Information Technology Center (Knight ITC), which is basically just a computer lab in the Knight Library. I am here with Brandon, and we both agree that this is really boring. There are only 7 people here in a lab equipped to handle over 70. I’ve been here since 15:00, and I still have 50 minutes to go. Oy! Tomorrow I come back to work from 12:00 to 14:00; only two hours tomorrow. Not too hard, but kinda boring. Oh well…

Contrary to the boredom here, the last two days have been hella busy and even frantic at times. Let me run through events since the other night’s rant. Let’s see, first of all, I got up at 07:00 to do a checkout at 07:15. As many of you who know me know, I am not a morning person, so this is not a good way to start my day, especially since I got to sleep after 03:30 the night (morning?) before. So, working of 3.5 hours of sleep or so, I start my busy day, which lasted until 03:30 Saturday, but I’ll get to that. Friday morning started off fairly slow, and I even had time for breakfast at one point. My last meal in Carson until fall, it turns out. I did a few checkouts and in the free moments in between I worked on the Carson/Earl staff CD. This CD turned out really nice and had songs contributed from all of the staff on it. I chose " 21st Century Digital Boy" by Bad Religion and "My Way" by Frank Sinatra for my contribution to the project. Go figure. At any rate putting it all together was a lot of work for me and Shelby (my coconspirator) because I had to gather all the songs from the staff, which was difficult because everyone was insanely busy these last couple weeks. Then I had to get all the mp3s of the songs selected by my staff. Then Shelby and I went to work on ordering/editing the songs into a single CD. Then we went to work on designing the cover, inside, and back of the CD cases. That was kinda fun too. I should put up some images of what we came up with for that. Check back here for that. All of this we were doing in whatever free time we could find, which was few and far between. At one point on Friday, I drove home really quick to get a bunch of old jewel cases for the CDs. Made it back just in time for more checkouts. =)

After we finished the design phase, I went into production. This wouldn’t have been so bad if my CD Recorder didn’t decide to crap out on me in the middle of it. It’s been acting weird, and finally it decided to stop making discs. Crap! So, there I was running over to the Knight Library to use the burner in the FITT Center to make the last two discs right in the middle of afternoon checkouts. Shelby covered for me while I was gone. What a team! I had to download the CD image from my hard drive to the FITT Center first, so that took some time, but eventually I got the last discs made. I took them back and slapped labels on them. Sean designed the label for the disc and let me used his CD label making thingy. It took forever to print out the labels in color. I’ll see if I can put that up on the web page too. Anyways, it took a long time print out and set everything up, but I think it came out well in the end.

The rest of my checkouts went all right, and I had most everyone out by 18:00, however one of Dylan’s residents didn’t seem to get the hint that by his contract, he had to be out by 19:00. We briskly helped him out of his room at 20:15. Real fun. At 21:00 dinner finally showed up, and that was really good stuff. After dinner, most all of our staff went to Shelby and Carmen’s party at their apartment. Some Walton staff and others showed up as well. We had an awesome time, even though some people left early.

This morning, I went to the CIS graduation at 10:00 where the members of our programming team were presented with a certificate for our work in the programming competition. If you missed that, see my older news from May. That was cool, ‘cept I had to be there at 10:00! Anyways, it only lasted an hour, so after that I checked my last resident who had remained due to graduation, and then proceeded to take a nap. I napped until it was time to come here. I could have napped longer. Did I mention it’s boring here?

Sleep is for the weak!

Friday, June 15th, 2001

Wow. I am amazed at how I can still manage to function on so little sleep. Last night, I managed to get about seven hours or so, but that really isn’t much since I got 2 and a half the night before! I’m amazed I was up until 12:40 last night! I shouldn’t have made it that long. The only reason I was able to pull this off is that I have simply not stopped moving long enough to fall asleep. Wheeee!!! I was pretty loopy last night. I apologize to anyone I may have offended in my twisted state the other day.

I am on duty tonight. The last night of the year. All the residents should be moved out by 19:00 tomorrow night. Kinda sad–people are already gone. I checked out 18 people today myself. Still, there’s always next year. I’ll try not to get too sad here. =(

Anyways, more soon. Ta TA!

News flash

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

I just found out where I will be placed next year as an RA: CARSON 2!!! My old home!!! This is very exciting for me; I couldn’t be more happy with my placement. It’ll be good to be home again. =)

Hello, world

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

Hey there, hi there! Not really sure what to write, but as usual, I’m sure I’ll think of something. I was just, like, "hey, I think I’ll update my news page," so here I am. I’ve got family visiting for Matt’s graduation, so that’s been fun seeing all of them again. The graduation ceremony was nice, even if long. I did manage to crash the SEHS after graduation senior all-night party, however. Since it was at the UO Rec Center, it wasn’t hard; I live less than 3 minutes from there. Anyways, while I was on rounds I could see that the fire alarm was going off in the Rec, so after we finished with rounds, I went to investigate. Seems some smoke from the smoke machine in the dance hall leaked out into the hall and set off the smoke detector. At any rate, they had to evacuate, so I managed to find Matt and some other friends milling about on the playing fields next to the center. After chatting for a bit, I took off and eventually went to bed. Aside from rounds and generally being on duty, it was a good weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, last Friday was cool cuz I got to go to a party at Shelby and Carmen’s new apartment with a buncha people. We all had a grand ol’ time and when the pictures are developed, I’ll see if I can get some of the decent ones scanned in. 😉 But seriously, we all had a good time and no one was seriously injured. =)

Something interesting that has me curious is my future right now. For starters, I’d like to know where I’m going to live and work next year. I know I’m going to be somewhere in this complex, but Carson/Earl spans two buildings and many floors, so some details would be good. I know my boss is working on this now, and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to remain in Carson–Carson is home. I hope I get the Cyber Hall because I can relate to those people. =) Another future thing I’m concerned over is my summer employment. I think I have it somewhat figured out, but it’s very confusing. I’ll have my summer schedule up here when I get it all nailed down and after the term is over, but since I’m working three different jobs, it’s gonna be weird scheduling them all. We’ll see how it works out. Looks like my life will be an ever-mutating lifeform this summer, at least schedule-wise. Stay tuned! My last future concern is what to do tonight? I have a math final tomorrow, but I don’t really feel like studying right now, and by the time most of y’all read this, it’ll be a moot point. My plan for tomorrow is to go to the CIS review at noon (I like a schedule that begins at noon!) and then study for calculus after that. My calc final is at 15:15 and runs two hours. My CIS final is on Wednesday (AKA Judgment Day) at 10:15 and runs until 12:15. After that, I get to work on my paper for the RA class which is due sometime on Wednesday. Oy! BUT AFTER THAT, I’m all done! All I’ll have left this week is work on Thursday and checking residents out of the dorms. Yea! I LOVE MY JOB!!! (Jobs?)

I’m alive! I’m alive!!!

Thursday, June 7th, 2001

Dude, check out the timestamp on this rant! I’ve never started on precisely at midnight before. I’m early tonight… 😉

Anyways, I know you were all worried, but it’s OK, I’m still here. I’ve managed to make it through Wednesday, so now it’s officially Thursday and I feel much better. I got all my stuff done that I need to by today. Let me run through a list of what remains in the way of stuff I need to do in my "free time": peer review Shelby’s paper (I’ll do that right after this), write my final draft of my paper by Monday at high noon, do Math lesson 11.12 by Friday at 15:00, write my six-page RA paper by the 13th, study for my Calculus final on Tuesday, study for my CIS final on Wednesday, and lastly performs lots of RA duties regarding close-down. And that’s just school! Tomorrow, I have to clean my room at home, on Friday I’m going to go get family photos taken, Saturday I have Matthew’s graduation to attend (and I will attend, no matter what! Ticket or no ticket!), and Sunday I think Matt’s having a party at dad’s new place. Busy, busy, busy! I think I’ll manage somehow.

For tonight, I think I’ll see if I can’t get a hold of Shelby and get her paper back to her and reclaim mine, and then I’ll try to get a hold of Karen again to discuss tomorrow’s program. Then I think I might blow some steam by playing Unreal Tournament (bang! bang!) and perhaps watch The West Wing before calling it a night. I have to be at work at 10:00 tomorrow for a staff meeting. Oh boy! I love staff meetings! Especially when they’re an hour and a half and relatively early in the morning. There is no RA staff meeting tomorrow, even though they usually are on Thursdays. In stead, we are going to the staff appreciate banquet. That should be cool. After that I go home to clean my room. =) And I’m on duty to top it all off. When can I do my math, I wonder? Oh well.

That’s it from me. Enjoy the sun!

Dead week stands for death!

Monday, June 4th, 2001

Death… I hate Dead Week. For all you mundanes out there, Dead Week is Week 10 here on campus. This is the week directly before finals when all my homework is due, especially all my long-term projects I can always seem to do later. Well, now that it’s later, I’m in trouble. For this week I have the following to take care of: three math assignments, paper to write for the RA class, paper to write for Tech Writing, and a hall meeting to run in about two hours. I need to get rolling on the closedown procedures. Oy! And now I’ve received reports that my web page is not very viewable in Netscape. WELL TOO BAD!! Deal! Get the latest version of Netscape, or better yet, just break down and use Internet Explorer. I know, it’s Microsoft, and Microsoft is evil, but hey, I’m lazy and it’s easiest to write pages for IE. Actually, I’ve adjusted this site some so that it should be at least viewable in Netscape 4.77 or newer. If you have an older version than that, I really can’t see a good reason for you not to upgrade. Too many pages out there require you to have at least Netscape/IE 4.0 or better, and if you’re going to use Netscape version 4.x, you may as well use the most recent version of it, even if you don’t want to go to Netscape 6.0. Whatever happened to Netscape 5.0? Had to one-up IE, I guess. I don’t really care. Can you tell I’m stressed and bitter?

At least I now have a clean page for the month of June to write on. The last one was getting long. I wrote a lot in May, so if you missed it, go check out the archives. Some articles are quite funny, I think. I should know–I wrote them after all! *Sigh* I should be working on math now, but I think I’m gonna go get some dinner and then work on it. Food is good. I must remember to eat this week.

Next week, I’ll be really busy with my finals and making sure everyone checks out of the dorms properly. I’ll try to update it when I can. I tried to break up the paragraphs more this time due to popular request. I hope this looks better. =)

Time for dinner, gotta go! Ciao!