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ITC is soooo boring!!!

Saturday, June 16th, 2001

Well, here I am at my newest of jobs, working at the Knight Information Technology Center (Knight ITC), which is basically just a computer lab in the Knight Library. I am here with Brandon, and we both agree that this is really boring. There are only 7 people here in a lab equipped to handle over 70. I’ve been here since 15:00, and I still have 50 minutes to go. Oy! Tomorrow I come back to work from 12:00 to 14:00; only two hours tomorrow. Not too hard, but kinda boring. Oh well…

Contrary to the boredom here, the last two days have been hella busy and even frantic at times. Let me run through events since the other night’s rant. Let’s see, first of all, I got up at 07:00 to do a checkout at 07:15. As many of you who know me know, I am not a morning person, so this is not a good way to start my day, especially since I got to sleep after 03:30 the night (morning?) before. So, working of 3.5 hours of sleep or so, I start my busy day, which lasted until 03:30 Saturday, but I’ll get to that. Friday morning started off fairly slow, and I even had time for breakfast at one point. My last meal in Carson until fall, it turns out. I did a few checkouts and in the free moments in between I worked on the Carson/Earl staff CD. This CD turned out really nice and had songs contributed from all of the staff on it. I chose " 21st Century Digital Boy" by Bad Religion and "My Way" by Frank Sinatra for my contribution to the project. Go figure. At any rate putting it all together was a lot of work for me and Shelby (my coconspirator) because I had to gather all the songs from the staff, which was difficult because everyone was insanely busy these last couple weeks. Then I had to get all the mp3s of the songs selected by my staff. Then Shelby and I went to work on ordering/editing the songs into a single CD. Then we went to work on designing the cover, inside, and back of the CD cases. That was kinda fun too. I should put up some images of what we came up with for that. Check back here for that. All of this we were doing in whatever free time we could find, which was few and far between. At one point on Friday, I drove home really quick to get a bunch of old jewel cases for the CDs. Made it back just in time for more checkouts. =)

After we finished the design phase, I went into production. This wouldn’t have been so bad if my CD Recorder didn’t decide to crap out on me in the middle of it. It’s been acting weird, and finally it decided to stop making discs. Crap! So, there I was running over to the Knight Library to use the burner in the FITT Center to make the last two discs right in the middle of afternoon checkouts. Shelby covered for me while I was gone. What a team! I had to download the CD image from my hard drive to the FITT Center first, so that took some time, but eventually I got the last discs made. I took them back and slapped labels on them. Sean designed the label for the disc and let me used his CD label making thingy. It took forever to print out the labels in color. I’ll see if I can put that up on the web page too. Anyways, it took a long time print out and set everything up, but I think it came out well in the end.

The rest of my checkouts went all right, and I had most everyone out by 18:00, however one of Dylan’s residents didn’t seem to get the hint that by his contract, he had to be out by 19:00. We briskly helped him out of his room at 20:15. Real fun. At 21:00 dinner finally showed up, and that was really good stuff. After dinner, most all of our staff went to Shelby and Carmen’s party at their apartment. Some Walton staff and others showed up as well. We had an awesome time, even though some people left early.

This morning, I went to the CIS graduation at 10:00 where the members of our programming team were presented with a certificate for our work in the programming competition. If you missed that, see my older news from May. That was cool, ‘cept I had to be there at 10:00! Anyways, it only lasted an hour, so after that I checked my last resident who had remained due to graduation, and then proceeded to take a nap. I napped until it was time to come here. I could have napped longer. Did I mention it’s boring here?