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Mission accomplished!

Thursday, June 21st, 2001

I have succeeded in my mission; I have cleaned my room! For those of you who have seen my bedroom at my mom’s house, you know why this is such a big deal. For many, many years, my bedroom has slowly been degenerating. Certain areas of my room were simply null space–nothing went in, and nothing came out. Places like my closet and many of my shelves. These areas were simply used to store stuff, and were in all otherwise useless. The process of me cleaning my room went like this; I came home from the Residence Hall at the U of O, and I had to unpack. I went to put things away, but there was nowhere to put them. So I moved things. I started with my closet because I needed to hang up some clothes. I got rid of almost all that was in my closet already so I could put my current clothes in. I figured if I could last 9 months without it, I didn’t need it. I kept this mentality throughout most of my cleansing project. I then moved on to the rest of my closet. I would take a shelf, empty it, sort it by either saying "keep", "garage sale", or " trash", and the put stuff where it would go. I did this for all of the closet shelves. I then couldn’t get to anything else to clean because all my stuff from the dorms was in the way, so I put some of it into the vacancies left on my closet shelves.

This was the way it went all around the perimeter of my room. I next moved onto my desk, my table, my bookshelves, my stereo cabinet, the drawers on my bed, the other bookshelf, and the floor. In the end, I found NINE COMPUTERS I wasn’t using. NINE!! Can you believe that?!?! Only if you know me, and know me and my past well would you believe this. Honestly, most of these computers were not complete systems, mind you, and one was an old laptop, but there are now 8 main computer cases, 1 old laptop, 4 monitors, 3 keyboards, and 2 printers in the staging area for the Master Garage Sale. I also came across TEN PC mice I am not currently using. Oy! Where did all this come from? Not to mention all the old PC cards I found in the closet. Don’t get me started on that! I filled over a cubic foot with them alone! *Sigh* So many memories…

Now, my room looks great! I can actually have people over and feel proud to show it off! I plan on taking some pictures with the digital camera and putting them up here just as soon as I get some more batteries for that thing. It goes through AA’s like you wouldn’t believe! Gees!

That’s the most exciting thing that’s been going on for me lately. I know it sounds boring, but I really am happy about this whole room-cleaning biz. I mean, my room has NEVER been this clean and organized from the very beginning. I just feel so much more at home and at ease here now. I feel like I’ve let my room stagnate in my absence at college, and it has grown more distant in the past two years. It was the room of my youth, and the things in it reflected my interests of that time. When I came back, it didn’t feel like me anymore. Not like my room in Carson. But now that it’s been reborn, I feel at home again. The old things have been replaced with the things of my current life. All the old toys, old hobbies, and old books are gone. I have kept some things, but only those I still feel strongly connected with. It has been an invigorating yet nostalgic time for me the past few days, going through, basically, my entire childhood summed up in a bedroom.

Still, on the whole, I’m upbeat now. I may have stayed up until 6:30am last night working on cleaning my room, but I recovered the sleep, and I’m good now. I also succeeded in getting my Internet connection operational over the LAN here at home again. Once again I am dialed in with my laptop and using the ‘net from my desktop over the network. All this because I am too cheap to buy a new PCI modem for my desktop. Modern technology, folks!”