At work, once again

Well, as always, I’m at work and bored. It’s Saturday afternoon and here I am sitting behind the desk at the Knight Library ITC on the 2nd floor. At least I can update my webpage while I sit here, so that gives me something to do. However, even if I write a rather lengthy rant, it still only takes about half an hour, and I’m here for three. Well, make that 2 and a half now. I’ve managed to kill a half an hour already, but it’s slow going. I’ve already filled out my paysheet for the rest of the month, assuming that I work the hours I am scheduled to work. Looks like I’ll be making about $350 from this job, so at least all this boredom isn’t for naught.

I was up far too late last night. I was just dinkin’ around on the computer, and then I just watched TV for a while. I watched Conan, I watched Friday Night (show after Conan on Fridays), and then I watched a couple of Babylon 5 eps I had on tape. After I finished with those shows, I flipped up through the channels and I came across the beginning of the pilot episode of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Well, I had never seen the beginning of this episode before, so I watched it and ended up watching the entire 2 hour show. It finished up at 6:00. By this time the sun is almost up and birds are chirping outside. I hate it when I stay up all night without meaning to. *Sigh* Luckily, I didn’t have to be at work today until 3pm, so I could still get a respectable amount of sleep. It just means I haven’t done anything else today.

Dad just stopped by to say hi to me at work. He’s going to bring me food in a little bit. Yea! I haven’t had time or money to get food yet today, so that would be good. Oh, and speaking of money, I’m pissed because yesterday I got a parking ticket, and for once I didn’t deserve it! I was parked in the lot over on the south side of the School of Education and when I get to my car there’s a ticket on the windshield for $25 saying I was parked in a restricted area. Now, I look around and the only parking-related signs I see are signs denoting the area as a parking lot for faculty, staff, and students by permit only. Now, the last time I looked I had a current student UO parking sticker stuck to my back bumper, so I’m going to fight this one. Unfortunately it was Friday at 18:15 and DPS closes at 17:00, so I have to wait until Monday before I can vent and demand justice! I also want an itemized list of all the parking tickets that were just charged to my account the other day. There seems to be more than I remember ignoring. Don’t get me wrong, I only ignore the tickets because I know that they’ll just bill me for them later, so I figure I’ll pay for it later anyways. No big deal, they still get their measly $15. I feel like I know two DPS’s, the one I work with for Housing that helps me out on rounds with difficult situations, and the one that always leaves these damn yellow envelopes on my windshield wherever I leave my car!!! Y’know, if they didn’t make it so hard to park around here, I wouldn’t have to keep doing that. *Sigh* Interesting how I started off talking about dad and now I end up with this big huge rant about parking situation here on campus and the Department of Public Safety. But back to dad, did I mention he’s getting married on the 7th of July?

Well, it’s now 15:50. I’ve killed 25 minutes. Woohoo. I brought a book with me in case I need something to do, which it’s looking like I will. I brought The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, which is a book that Megan recomended to me a long time ago and I simply have not got around to reading yet. Luckily, I have managed to land another job that allows for time to catch up on novels just like my last two (Airport Parking, and FITT Center), so perhaps I can get into this series as well. Last summer at the airport, I read all of the Foundation series by Issac Asimov as well as most of the Harry Potter series and a great book called Ender’s Game. Perhaps this summer I will read the Wheel of Time series here. We’ll see. It’s a bit thick to get into, but I hear it’s good, and I trust my friends’ recomendations; they have served me well so far. =)

At any rate, this rant has gotten quite long, so I’m going to call it a day for now and get back to y’all later. Ciao!

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