Dead week stands for death!

Death… I hate Dead Week. For all you mundanes out there, Dead Week is Week 10 here on campus. This is the week directly before finals when all my homework is due, especially all my long-term projects I can always seem to do later. Well, now that it’s later, I’m in trouble. For this week I have the following to take care of: three math assignments, paper to write for the RA class, paper to write for Tech Writing, and a hall meeting to run in about two hours. I need to get rolling on the closedown procedures. Oy! And now I’ve received reports that my web page is not very viewable in Netscape. WELL TOO BAD!! Deal! Get the latest version of Netscape, or better yet, just break down and use Internet Explorer. I know, it’s Microsoft, and Microsoft is evil, but hey, I’m lazy and it’s easiest to write pages for IE. Actually, I’ve adjusted this site some so that it should be at least viewable in Netscape 4.77 or newer. If you have an older version than that, I really can’t see a good reason for you not to upgrade. Too many pages out there require you to have at least Netscape/IE 4.0 or better, and if you’re going to use Netscape version 4.x, you may as well use the most recent version of it, even if you don’t want to go to Netscape 6.0. Whatever happened to Netscape 5.0? Had to one-up IE, I guess. I don’t really care. Can you tell I’m stressed and bitter?

At least I now have a clean page for the month of June to write on. The last one was getting long. I wrote a lot in May, so if you missed it, go check out the archives. Some articles are quite funny, I think. I should know–I wrote them after all! *Sigh* I should be working on math now, but I think I’m gonna go get some dinner and then work on it. Food is good. I must remember to eat this week.

Next week, I’ll be really busy with my finals and making sure everyone checks out of the dorms properly. I’ll try to update it when I can. I tried to break up the paragraphs more this time due to popular request. I hope this looks better. =)

Time for dinner, gotta go! Ciao!

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