Hello, world

Hey there, hi there! Not really sure what to write, but as usual, I’m sure I’ll think of something. I was just, like, "hey, I think I’ll update my news page," so here I am. I’ve got family visiting for Matt’s graduation, so that’s been fun seeing all of them again. The graduation ceremony was nice, even if long. I did manage to crash the SEHS after graduation senior all-night party, however. Since it was at the UO Rec Center, it wasn’t hard; I live less than 3 minutes from there. Anyways, while I was on rounds I could see that the fire alarm was going off in the Rec, so after we finished with rounds, I went to investigate. Seems some smoke from the smoke machine in the dance hall leaked out into the hall and set off the smoke detector. At any rate, they had to evacuate, so I managed to find Matt and some other friends milling about on the playing fields next to the center. After chatting for a bit, I took off and eventually went to bed. Aside from rounds and generally being on duty, it was a good weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, last Friday was cool cuz I got to go to a party at Shelby and Carmen’s new apartment with a buncha people. We all had a grand ol’ time and when the pictures are developed, I’ll see if I can get some of the decent ones scanned in. 😉 But seriously, we all had a good time and no one was seriously injured. =)

Something interesting that has me curious is my future right now. For starters, I’d like to know where I’m going to live and work next year. I know I’m going to be somewhere in this complex, but Carson/Earl spans two buildings and many floors, so some details would be good. I know my boss is working on this now, and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to remain in Carson–Carson is home. I hope I get the Cyber Hall because I can relate to those people. =) Another future thing I’m concerned over is my summer employment. I think I have it somewhat figured out, but it’s very confusing. I’ll have my summer schedule up here when I get it all nailed down and after the term is over, but since I’m working three different jobs, it’s gonna be weird scheduling them all. We’ll see how it works out. Looks like my life will be an ever-mutating lifeform this summer, at least schedule-wise. Stay tuned! My last future concern is what to do tonight? I have a math final tomorrow, but I don’t really feel like studying right now, and by the time most of y’all read this, it’ll be a moot point. My plan for tomorrow is to go to the CIS review at noon (I like a schedule that begins at noon!) and then study for calculus after that. My calc final is at 15:15 and runs two hours. My CIS final is on Wednesday (AKA Judgment Day) at 10:15 and runs until 12:15. After that, I get to work on my paper for the RA class which is due sometime on Wednesday. Oy! BUT AFTER THAT, I’m all done! All I’ll have left this week is work on Thursday and checking residents out of the dorms. Yea! I LOVE MY JOB!!! (Jobs?)

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