Wow, it’s been a week already?

Time flies when you’re bored out of your mind, eh? Well, not really. I’ve been here at work at the FITT Center for what seems like days, but it’s only been about two hours. I’ve been reading a lot of web comics to pass the time, some of which I will list here: Megatokyo, Penny Arcade, Strange Candy, Neobaka, and a newer one called NoRTH. There are also some that I don’t read as often, or that I simply don’t want to admit to reading ^_^;; Anyways, it’s a great way to kill time at work, provided you have (a) nothing better to do and (b) a lot of free time. At all four of my jobs, I have Internet access, and two of them provide me with item (b). At any rate, check these comics out sometime. The web comic community is really something. Most of these artists seem to know each other at least on a professional level, and there are frequent cross-overs and guest artist days. It’s really cool. I got started with Megatokyo, and moved on from there. They all have a different style and they vary in good taste and creativity. Some have an ongoing storyline and some are episodic. I recomend reading through the archives of old strips at all of these sites. All of them have links to other web comics, so this can go on for weeks and months. It’s great!

Some other cool developments have been going on in the Internet, namely my web page! I have added a new section my pics page containing shots of my stellarly clean room. I have also uploaded a new self portrait of yours truly with a beard of some sort. It’s in the "Me" pics section. Check it out if you dare! ^_^ Also, I hope to soon have some pics up of Spiku the Infant Kitten. Let me explain…

Last week, Christy’s mom, Barb, found a kitten in her backyard that was only a few days old. A search turned up no other family for this poor bloke, so Molly adopted him and named him Spiku. Christy and Molly were there at the time, and they have been taking dilligent care of this cute little white kitten for the past week. A trip to the vet shows the kitten in good health and Molly has the instructions and equipment to take good care of Lil’ Spiku. =) He can be a demanding brat when it comes to just about most things, but HE’S SO CUTE!!! I’ll try to get the pics up here soon. Feel free to check up on the pics page from time to time in case I don’t get a new rant up to match the update.

That’s all for now! Those of you in my area, enjoy the nice weather!

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