It was good while it lasted

July 31, 2001

Yesterday was my day off, and man was it great to sleep in until 13:30 or so. =D Haven’t done that in some time. I’m back at work now, but it was good while it lasted. I had a productive day of hanging around, runnin’ some errands, and watching some movies. I saw a movie […]


Wow, more news! So soon?

July 29, 2001

Hey there kiddies, it’s that time again! I’m back at work, and you know what that means! Yes! Time for more news from Chris! I know I just wrote an entry slightly more than 24-hours ago, but man, a lot’s happened. We had our big family garage sale yesterday. I’ve mentioned that before, right? Well, […]


Another new feature!

July 28, 2001

In an effort to add even more excessive functionality to this page, I have installed a message board. Now, don’t confuse this with the guestbook, which is a much simpler place to leave notes. The message board is set up to handle threaded discussions and actual user logins and stuff. It’s a sweet little program […]


More pics to share!

July 27, 2001

As the title suggests, I have added more pics to the site once again. There are three more kitty pics and nine pictures from Marshal and Morgan’s birthday party. I have also redone the pics index page to look a bit nicer and added little sample thumbnail images to make it easier to see what […]


Page update

July 25, 2001

I’ve replaced my old news entry "MAD SKILLZ" from an archived copy. To see why this is news, read the rant before this one. =)


Too late for web design

July 25, 2001

Been workin’ on the ol’ page here, and I’ve got some news for you! Firstly, it looks like I’ve lost my last rant; that was a bit of a mistake on my part. What happened was that I got working on stuff locally here, forgetting that there was a more current version of the news […]


Mad skillz

July 21, 2001

Couldn’t really think of a good title for this rant, so there you have it. I like the phrase "mad skillz" because it sounds funny, especially when I say it. As you might guess from the date (one week from the last entry), I am once again at work at the ITC working on my […]


Page moved: Big Brother is watching you!

July 14, 2001

Oh my, so many things to discuss! First off, you’ve probably noticed that my page has moved! Dear God, no! But not to worry! Everything should still feel the same, but please point your browsers and bookmarks to from now on, K? My old pages at EFN and gladstone still get you here, but […]


The day after

July 8, 2001

Well, yesterday was the big day; dad got married. I’ll have some pictures I took up shortly, but they will be on a different page than this one. The page is incomplete right now, but I should have the pictures up soon. At any rate, the event went well and it was good to see […]


At work again

July 1, 2001

Well, well, well… another month, another rant page. You’ll find the old June stuff in the June rant archive at the bottom of this page. I last posted June 29, so if you haven’t read it yet and seem to have missed it, it’s still around in the archives for you to enjoy, so please […]