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It was good while it lasted

Tuesday, July 31st, 2001

Yesterday was my day off, and man was it great to sleep in until 13:30 or so. =D Haven’t done that in some time. I’m back at work now, but it was good while it lasted. I had a productive day of hanging around, runnin’ some errands, and watching some movies. I saw a movie called Sabotage that Kimi had just purchased. Amusing action flick, I’d say. That evening, however, I saw The Fast and the Furious at Gateway Mall, and that in my opinion was a much better movie. I thuroughly enjoyed all of the incredible, modified little turbo cars in that movie! *drool,drool* When I get $10,000, I’m going to modify my car to do that stuff, like shoot fire out my tailpipe! Very cool movie! And I think the plot, characters, and storyline were cool too, but I don’t really remember that as well. 😉

Today’s been good so far, but the day is not over yet. I’m working over eight hours today, but not in one stretch. Today I work from 9:00-14:00, and then from 18:00-21:15. Ho hum. Another day another dollar. Oh! And guess what? Today’s payday! Yea! After I paid back my VISA card, the UofO, and my car payment, I’m left with about ten bucks. Hey, at least I’m positive now, eh? ^_^

Next week I’ll be in the San Juan Islands camping and biking, so from the 4th to the 11th of August, there will be no updates to this page. I’ll be sure to make sure everything here is working before I leave, but don’t expect me to update the news or anything. And please, please, please, write a note in the guestbook, even if you have already done so, or better yet, write a message in the new web forum! It’s really simple to use, and I think it’s at least worth a look.

That’s it from me for now. This page will be archived after the first August rant gets posted, so if you want to go back and read through July later, it’ll be in the archives listed at the bottom of all the rant pages, including the main one.


Wow, more news! So soon?

Sunday, July 29th, 2001

Hey there kiddies, it’s that time again! I’m back at work, and you know what that means! Yes! Time for more news from Chris! I know I just wrote an entry slightly more than 24-hours ago, but man, a lot’s happened.

We had our big family garage sale yesterday. I’ve mentioned that before, right? Well, dude! I guess I haven’t! At least, not here, although I think I told most of the people who read this site about it in person or otherwise. At any rate, we had a big garage sale yesterday! It went really well, I’d say. I’d say that because I took in the most cash. $75 of that was from an old computer I put together from some parts I had. It was basically my entire primary system from, like, 3-4 years ago. Systems made from leftover parts tend to be like that. Anywho, it sold and now I think I can actually pay all my bills at the beginning of August. Mom, I’m really sorry, but auto insurance will have to wait until next month. I should, however, have many months worth of back-payments for you come August 31 as well as fewer other bills to deal with. I can’t believe my old Algorithms textbook is worth nothing on the used book market! DAMN NEW EDITIONS!!! I HATE YOU!!!

Also yesterday I went and visited dad and friends over at his place. Unfortunately, getting 5 hours of sleep, waking up early, working at the garage sale and working a five-hour shift here at the ITC had used up all of my reserve power, so I just couldn’t stay awake. I did, however, have a nice nap on the futon in the living room where I could aborb the chatter behind me and still feel like a part of the goings on. Well, OK, not entirely, but I still had a nice relaxing evening and it was good to see everyone.

Later on, I went and grabbed Carl and Megs and headed over to Shelby and Carmen’s place for another shindig over there. At it’s peak there were twenty-seven people crowded into that little two-bedroom apartment. Still we all had a good time and I beat Super Mario Brothers again! Yea! That still makes me happy, even if few people were impressed at the party. We all had fun hangin’ out, tryin’ to play Twister? without a board, and listening to tunes. People slowly drifted home as the night wore on and eventually the party came to a close. Good times as always!

Oh, and there have been some new pictues added as well. A few new ones of me in the ” me” section in the pics. And speaking of pics, email me or Shelby if you were at the party.

That’s it for now, but be sure to stop by and leave a note in the guestbook, even if you already have, and please try out the message forum, to which I have added a button on the left!

Another new feature!

Saturday, July 28th, 2001

In an effort to add even more excessive functionality to this page, I have installed a message board. Now, don’t confuse this with the guestbook, which is a much simpler place to leave notes. The message board is set up to handle threaded discussions and actual user logins and stuff. It’s a sweet little program and I hope to be able to customize it more in the future. As it stands right now, I don’t have a button to it yet, but I’ll hopefully get that done soon. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to adjust things, but we’ll see. Let me know what you all think.

More pics to share!

Friday, July 27th, 2001

As the title suggests, I have added more pics to the site once again. There are three more kitty pics and nine pictures from Marshal and Morgan’s birthday party. I have also redone the pics index page to look a bit nicer and added little sample thumbnail images to make it easier to see what kind of pics are held within. ALSO, be sure to sign my guestbook! I worked really hard on getting this thing working and fine-tuned. I expect everyone who visits this page to sign in and leave a note. It doesn’t take long! The page has no graphics on it, loads really fast and it really simple! You just type it in, hit the button and that’s it! No wandering through menus and stuff. VERY SIMPLE AND EASY!!! =)

Page update

Wednesday, July 25th, 2001

I’ve replaced my old news entry "MAD SKILLZ" from an archived copy. To see why this is news, read the rant before this one. =)

Too late for web design

Wednesday, July 25th, 2001

Been workin’ on the ol’ page here, and I’ve got some news for you! Firstly, it looks like I’ve lost my last rant; that was a bit of a mistake on my part. What happened was that I got working on stuff locally here, forgetting that there was a more current version of the news page on the web, and I forgot to bring the new version down first before working on it. At any rate, there should be a clean copy at work at the ITC, so I’ll grab it from there and re-insert the news from the other day (the 21st, I think).

Also, you may have noticed a new button in the button bar on the left. What?! New button, you say? Check it out! I have a GUESTBOOK! It’s all glorious! This thing is totally independant and not reliant on some "free" service out there that puts ad banners on your page when you insert their code. It’s all written by me! Well, not entirely. I snarfed the code from a PHP code bank, but I had to modify it to work for me. I also had to learn some basic MySQL because this thing records all the guest book entires into a freakin’ DATABASE! Whoa! This web page is getting out of control! At any rate, after hours of tweaking and adjusting, it seems to be working, so by all means, LEAVE A NOTE!! I may be able to review the logs, but that doesn’t give your name and comments! Please leave me a note and tell me how much you love me! ;-P

At any rate, it’s late and I’ve got a staff meeting tomorrow morning. I hate morning staff meetings. Girrr… If you notice any problems with the pages, please LET ME KNOW! Keep in mind that I finished this thing at 2 in the morning and I’ve still got some bugs to work out and some adjustments to make. I plan on adding all sorts of bells and whistles to the guestbook, so STAY TUNED!!

Mad skillz

Saturday, July 21st, 2001

Couldn’t really think of a good title for this rant, so there you have it. I like the phrase "mad skillz" because it sounds funny, especially when I say it.

As you might guess from the date (one week from the last entry), I am once again at work at the ITC working on my webpage. It’s been fairly busy here today, actully; I’ve helped a few people with various problems here in the lab. Still, I look at the clock and I see that it’s only 16:40, and that means I still have 2 and a half hours to go. Oy! I’m not even halfway done yet!

Let’s talk about last week. As you know from the previous rant, I went horseback riding on the coast last Sunday for Kimi’s birthday. That was a lot of fun, but I must say that trotting is hard on the rear end, and my ass was sore for days afterwards. Despite my horse-related injuries on that front (back?), we all had a great time at the coast, and the weather was totally fabulous! I napped on the beach and got a little sunburned. Nice, warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. This is what summers are for, people!!

On Monday evening, Carl, Rebecca and I drove up to Sean’s place in Oregon City where we stayed the night and watched Princess Mononoke on DVD. That was a cool anime flick I’d been meaning to watch for sometime, and I’m glad I did. It’s kinda strange, but well made, nonetheless. At any rate, the next morning the four of us went and picked up Megan from her place in Portland and headed for the Portland Airport (PDX) where we met up with Bill, Todd, and of course Hilary. The whole reason for this trek was to see Hilary off at the airport because she’s moving to Hawaii. It was a sad occasion, but we were all glad we could be there to say goodbye. Hilary was one of the first people I met at the UofO when I moved into Housing there, so I’ve known her for almost two whole years. It’s always sad to say goodbye to good friends.

After we watched Hilary’s plane take off, we went into downtown Portland to hit the malls. We went to Lloyd Center, Powell’s Bookstore, Pioneer Plaza, and Clakamas (sp?) Mall. Didn’t buy all that much, but we had a good time hanging out together. I bought some new speakers for the dash in my car from Car Toys. They sound much better than the blown out paper ones that came stock with the car in 1991. =)

After hanging out in Portland, I returned to Eugene to attend Matthew’s geek party over at dad’s place. I broght over my computer and we played some mad networked Diablo 2 for a few hours. After I got ancy, I put in the first Cowboy Bebop DVD and we watched the first 4 episodes. I’ve seen the entire series before, but it’s really good so I wanted to show the guys and gals. People attending the party were, me, Christy, Matt, Matt, Devin, Kelly, and Molly. Kelly and Molly had to leave around 23:00, but the rest of us stayed the duration. I had to be at work at 9:00 the next day, so I didn’t get that much sleep that night. Oh well. Live and learn.

On Thursday I finally got around to washing my car! I’ve been trying to do this for some time, and she looks much better now. I put gas in her as well as some more oil today, so she’s feeling happy. Thursday evening/night was Marshal and Morgan’s birthday party, and since it was a "dress-up" occassion, I wore my good suit and tie. We were all looking sharp as we ate pizza and watched anime. What a party! If I didn’t have work at 08:30 the next morning, I would have stayed later than 02:00! 😉 Lemme see if I can remember who came… me, Christy, Morgan, Marshal, Kimi, Molly, Kelly, Mirm, Angie, Laura, Chappa, and Dexter. Some folks stayed longer than others, but I think we all had fun. I took lots of pictures with the digicam, so I’ll try to get those up here real soon. I’ve been slackin’ with the pics lately, and I promise I’ll have a big new batch for y’all real soon, K? I haven’t even reached half of my total quota yet, so I’ve got plenty of space. =)

That’s it for today, folks! Stay tuned, and I’ll have more pics for ya!

Page moved: Big Brother is watching you!

Saturday, July 14th, 2001

Oh my, so many things to discuss! First off, you’ve probably noticed that my page has moved! Dear God, no! But not to worry! Everything should still feel the same, but please point your browsers and bookmarks to from now on, K? My old pages at EFN and gladstone still get you here, but you have to bounce first. If this is all too confusing for you, don’t worry about it. I did my best to make the move transparent.

By now you may be wondering the reason for this move. If you’re really sharp, you may wonder why all my pages now end in .php instead of .html. Well, PHP scripting is useful for many things and I had to move to the Computer Science server to use it because it is not installed on gladstone. Currently I am using PHP to see who visits my site, what pages are visited, and with what browser. This should give me a better feel for my audience as well as set things up for some nifty database stuff later. =) Now, before anyone gets all up in arms about this, let me make it clear that I can NOT see the name of anyone connecting to my webpage. The system can only record the internet address (IP address) of the remote system. A sample log entry looks like this:

2001/07/14 18:31:31
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0)

At any rate, I think this will be really nifty in the future. Just remember, Big Brother is watching you! 😉

On a totally different subject, today is Kimi’s birthday! Yea! Happy Birthday Kimi!!! We had a party at Christy’s house to celebrate and a lot of Kim’s friends made it. We played a lot of video games, and watched movies. Mom made this really good chocolate ice cream cake and Kimi got lots of presents from her friends. Good times! Tomorrow we are planning on going to the coast to ride horses for Kim’s birthday, so that should be a lotta fun! I’ve already cleared out my schedule so I don’t have to be here at the ITC tomorrow! Double-plus yea! I’ll write more about that after experiencing it, obviously. =)

That’s it for me now. Enjoy the summer weather, everyone!

The day after

Sunday, July 8th, 2001

Well, yesterday was the big day; dad got married. I’ll have some pictures I took up shortly, but they will be on a different page than this one. The page is incomplete right now, but I should have the pictures up soon. At any rate, the event went well and it was good to see a lot of relatives and friends of dad’s I hadn’t seen in a while. Dad’s gone now for two weeks, so we get to trash his house while he’s away. Matt’s gonna have a party, I think.

I’m bored at work. For more information about this, please feel free to read my past couple rants, as they cover the process in great detail. Suffice it to say, I have more than enough time to update my news here.

Not really sure what’s goin’ on this week. I know I’m working quite a bit, but I have Thursday off, so I am looking forward to that. Next Tuesday (that’s the 17th, kids) I am going up to Portland for the day with some friends to see my friend Hilary off. She is moving to Hawaii and it might be a while before we see her again, so this is going to be a happy, yet sad occasion. It’ll be good to see people again at least. We’re trying to figure out times and transport for this event; we might be going up Monday night instead of early Tuesday because her flight leaves early in the morning.

Later this week is Kimi’s birthday! That’s the 14th, so if you ask her, I’m sure she’ll tell you what she would like as far as presents. Mom’s going to be out of town that day, so we’re going to celebrate Kimi’s birthday on the 15th with a day trip to the coast to go horseback riding. That should be fun, but I’m going to have to get out of work. I just sent off an email to ask for a substitute. Ooh! That reminds me! I’d better fill out my time sheet soon. It’s due… sometime this week, I think. Tuesday. Good. I work Tuesday, so I can take care of it then. Musn’t forget! Money good!!

Not really a whole lot else to say. I’m tired as usual. Ho hum. Such is life. Later!

At work again

Sunday, July 1st, 2001

Well, well, well… another month, another rant page. You’ll find the old June stuff in the June rant archive at the bottom of this page. I last posted June 29, so if you haven’t read it yet and seem to have missed it, it’s still around in the archives for you to enjoy, so please do.

I could go into how boring it is here at the ITC and how I am slowly going stir crazy here, but I seem to do that a lot in these rants, especially when I’m writing them at work. I am working a five-hour shift now after all. The longest yet! Every Sunday, baby! The most common questions I get here are "How do I print?", "How late are you open?", "Where is a [Mac/PC/Zip Drive/etc] I can use?", and "Can I check out some headphones?" Oh, and of course, " Where’s the stapler?", to which I point at the stapler sitting directly between myself and the patron. I must admit, it doesn’t really look like a stapler as it’s a fancy power one, but it does have a sign on it saying "Yes, I am a stapler!" with a picture of a "normal" stapler on it. Oh well, I’ll survive.

Last Friday I went to another fun little get-together at Shelby and Carmen’s apartment. A lot of people came; I was impressed. I wasn’t sure of the turnout due to it being summer and a lot of the college folks are gone until fall. We had prolly 15 people or so, I’d guess. Good times. We played cards, listened to tunes, watched TV, and generally hung out as only a bunch of college kids in our early 20’s can do. =) I’d like to extend my appreciation to Shelby and Carmen for letting us visit their humble abode once again!

This week promises to be like the last with lots of working hours scattered about. Feel free to check my schedule for details on that. I’m actually looking forward to Independence Day more than usual this year, because for once I value it as a federal holiday. Do you realize that I have had no days off since school got out? Not one! And that’s including weekends! You’ll note that it’s Sunday and I’m working 5 hours in a mind-numbingly boring job at a desk. *Sigh* At least not all my jobs are this boring; the ITC is probably my least favorite of the four. At the FITT Center we have more powerful computers and we’re free to eat, drink, and watch movies on the computers when there are no drop-in’s. At OIEE, I’m usually doing something productive (as opposed to sitting on my ass at a desk doing nothing), and when I’m not, I can leave. This leaves one more job…

Working for the Oregon Writing Project is pretty cool, even if it is more stress. At this job, most of the time I just float around the computer lab and assist a class of 20 teachers. The class is for teachers from Kindergarten to community college, and it’s about learning how to use the writing process and the Internet. At least, this is my understanding of it. I just assist with the technical side of things. Where the stress comes in is a week ago last Friday when I was told that I needed to give a lesson on basic web page creation. Now, I certainly know how to make web pages, and I’d even taught other people how to do it to, but I’d certainly never given a formal lesson on the subject–or any other subject for that matter–to a class of any size. And now, I needed to give a 4-hour lesson about web design to a class of 20 teachers in one week! AHHH!! I didn’t show it, but believe me I was nervous about this. How was I going to fill 4 hours with this? Me! In the front of a classroom of teachers! I’m amazed I made it, really, but believe me, I did. I used this big whiteboard at the front of the computer lab, and two colored dry-erase markers. I had a handout with some HTML codes on it that I had written, but I didn’t get around to using it. I started by explaining the whole HTML code concept and a brief history of the Internet. I then launched into a hands on project using Claris Homepage 3.0. We spend the rest of the time learning how to use this program, saving our work in a separate folder, creating web pages from MS Word, linking web pages, and inserting images. In the end, everyone ended up with an index page of their writing and at least one piece of writing–saved as an HTML document–linked from it. Whew! What a morning! Did I mention that I started at 8:30? You all know how much of a morning person I am. This was last Friday and I had gotten to sleep around 2:15 the night before. But this story does have a happy ending! I got a lot of great comments from the class and generally they thought I did a good job of explaining things in a way they could understand. Woo hoo! I ROCK!!!

Well, I guess that’s it for today. Take care!