The beat goes on

September 25, 2001

Well, I’m slowly getting things settled into a groove these days. The past month or so has been remarkably weird, difficult, busy, fun, tragic, sleepy, stressful, happy, and blah. I resumed classes yesterday and they went pretty well. I’m really used to being busy all the time, and lately I’ve actually become much more accustomed […]


Goodbye training, hello life

September 19, 2001

It’s been awhile… Training ended on Monday night, and Tuesday we began helping with check-ins, which continued in full force today. It’s been quite a time since the last time I wrote here, so I’ll try to cover it as best I can. I’m starting to write this at 23:49, but I have to go […]


Communications blackout

September 9, 2001

I am now nearly done with Day Two of the infamous intensive RA Training two weeks. Expect not to see me, hear from me, or see updates to this page. I will be very hard to get a hold of. My cell phone will be turned on, but the ringer will be off. I’ll see […]


Where did he go?

September 7, 2001

Hello again! Sorry for not posting sooner, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. The most important busy thing I’ve done is move back into Carson. Yea! This makes me happy! It’s good to be back with my high speed Internet connection again. I’ve been having fun hanging out with my new staff, and they’re all […]