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Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2001

Happy All Hallows Eve, everyone! I have a super evening of duty rounds and wearing a pager in stall for me, so I hope everyone has more fun than I will. I spent my afternoon taking care of a lot of misc. paperwork and going to Wal*Mart to get a desk lamp for me and some chalk for my hall. W00t!

I’ve got some various homework assignments hanging over me that I might bring myself to get started on tonight: CIS 415 program #2, CIS 415 homework #5, CIS 399 program #3, and MATH 341 #who cares. Still, I think all of that stuff’s due next week sometime, so I got a bit of slack there, especially since I’m on duty this weekend too, so I’ll be stuck here anyways. Might as well do some homework. *sigh* I’m gonna ask one of my fellow staff members to hold the pager for me so I can go to the football game this weekend. I actually have a ticket to this one! If not, oh well. I’m not as enthused about football this year as in previous years. Ho hum.

Anyways, that’s it from me. Enjoy your holliday.

Tired Chris

Tuesday, October 30th, 2001

Hey, it’s almost bedtime here, so I’m gonna make this brief. I had a good weekend. I survived my midterms; at least, I’m alive now. We’ll see how it goes when I get my grades back later this week.

I went to two parties last weekend; one at Karen and Emily’s place, and one at Veronica, Bryce and Ted’s place. Good times. It was good to relax a bit after the midterms. On Sunday, I spent the ENTIRE DAY working on my CIS399 program with Carl and Shelby. Remember them? We were in the programming competition last year together. See May’s new archive for more information. I got my program done a little after midnight and eventually got some sleep last night.

Today was a typical Monday. Class, work, hall stuff, yadda yadda. A bunch of my residents were hanging out in the lounge tonight, so I had fun hangin’ with them. Took some pictures. I’ll see if I can put a web page together.

OK, I said this is brief. I guess it is. At least my sentences are. Ugh. ‘night.


Thursday, October 25th, 2001

Check it: my counter just surpassed 10,000! Put a pointy hat on my head and call me spanky–we’re having a party!

All that remains is the studying…

Thursday, October 25th, 2001

I’m doing my news update in the afternoon rather than at night like I usually do because I don’t want it to be a distraction tonight when I should be studying for my THREE MIDTERMS tomorrow. I need to work out a gameplane on when I should study what. I’m thinking that math and CIS (Computer Science) deem the most important, so I’ll do those. Music I can take care of tomorrow since I just need to review some details about dates and terms and stuff. I have work tomorrow afternoon between my two morning midterms and music, but given how slow it’s been at work, I should be able to get some review in then. Plus I also have my lunch period. And CIS 399. I can review there too. =) Anyways… Tonight, I need to study CIS 415 and MATH 341. I’m thinking after the staff meeting I’ll start with whichever seems more appealing to me at the time, and then when I get bored with that I’ll switch. How’s that sound? Perhaps I can talk Anna into being on duty for me tonight so I don’t have to go on rounds. We’ll see how it goes. As for the studying process itself (yeah, I’m basically talking to myself here to organize my thoughts; humor me), I think I’ll start with reading through the text and writing down anything I don’t think I’ll remember on the tests tomorrow. Stuff like algorithms and procedures. Both tests are closed-book, no-notes, and no-calculators. Oy! On the down side, I like these tools and I’ve relied rather heavily on them to do the homework for these classes. On the plus side, this means the tests won’t be so hard (I hope!) For ALL of my classes there is only ONE midterm and no other quizes to base my grade on besides the final. And all of these midterms are TOMORROW!! NO PRESSURE!!!!!

*BREATHE* OK… I’m OK… I’ll be fine… really…. *twitchTWITCHtwitch*

Final days, everything must go!

Thursday, October 25th, 2001

As my Midterm Day of Doom rapidly approaches (it’s tomorrow, people!) I get strangely calm. I don’t have anymore homework between now and then, nor do I have any more classes. I just have work tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get some time to study there. The most important thing I think I can do is get enough sleep. Wish me luck!

Today was nice–dad took me out to lunch at the mall and got me a new pair of pants and a new shirt. I also got some new “AAA” batteries, a new ink cartridge for my printer, and some more toothpaste. All supplied up! Good times! Christy dropped by this evening to watch The West Wing and Enterprise, and those were good. All-in-all, it hasn’t been a bad day. Oh yeah, and I went to class and stuff. Nothing really exciting there. Uhhh… yeah.

Anywho, I’m gonna go to bed and stuff now. Get a good night’s sleep, so to speak. Tomorrow is my day to study, and since I usually feel drowsy when I try to read textbooks, I’ll try to avoid that as much as I can by getting a lot of sleep tonight.


Calm before the storm

Sunday, October 21st, 2001

I have all three of my midterms on the same day; isn’t that sucky?! They’re all this coming Friday, but strangely enough (and good for me!), I don’t have any homework due on the Monday before. I do have a CIS assignment and a math assignment due on Wednesday, but that’s about it. For once I’m left with some actual time to study! Joy! I’m not too worried about my Basic Music midterm, but the other two, CIS 415 and MATH 341, are more difficult. I’ve been getting by on the assignments pretty well up ’til now, but I’ve been relying heavily on the text to do them. I’m concerned that I haven’t retained enough knowledge to show my stuff on an exam, so we’ll see what happens. I plan on reviewing the text and past homework assignments. I hear this is an effective way to study for some people.

Today has been rather relaxing for me, especially when compared to the past few days. I slept for many, many hours last night and into this afternoon–I feel much more refreshed now than I have recently. All I’ve done today was sleep a lot, take a shower, get a new CD (Apollo 440), visit dad for dinner, and take care of some misc. tasks around here like my laundry. Very nice lazy Sunday afternoon. =)

That’s all from me! Take care, and check out the forum and guestbook. Feel free to sign the guestbook more than once, or just drop me an email!

It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere…

Sunday, October 21st, 2001

If you recognise the quote I used for my headline, you’re special. In any case, it has been cold outside lately, which is why I’m still wearing my jacket. I think I might take it off soon since I’m back home now. Back from where, you ask? Let me tell you.

Yesterday was Kelly’s 18th birthday party, so tonight she held a party at her place and had a ton of people over. We had a lotta fun. Christy, Molly, and I gave Kelly a combined gift of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Zelda, and a monitor. She was very happy with this, and the three of us are glad she enjoys it so much. Anyways, at the party we all hung out, played Pictionary, enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by Kelly’s family, and watched some episodes of Red Dwarf, which explains why I have the damn theme song stuck in my head! Anywho, good times.

What else? Oh yeah–don’t ask me about football for a while.

Friday night I went to a “game night” at Drew’s place with most of the rest of us staffers and we had a blast playing Taboo, Outburst, Jenga, and “Danger UNO”. We also watched Drew’s brand new Star Wars: Episode One DVD. Very cool. Finished up really late at night though, so I didn’t get much sleep. Oh well. sl33p iz f0r d4 w34k!!! 😉

OK, but seriously folks, if I don’t get a hefty amount of sleep really soon, I’m going to go totally nutty. I’m already showing signs of it; signs like using obscure adjectives like “nutty”.

Chris out–

Psychic porn-star midgets attack my home!!!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2001

Actually, no. But I had to come up with something exciting for the headline to grab people’s attention, right? Who says this page is purely factual, I say!

OK, Internet-land, listen up! I have just been informed that my friend Molly says “hi!” I’m sure you all care–especially those of you who don’t even know who Molly is. She’s in the prom pics if you wanna see who she is, and therefore who has just said hi.

Since I have now made it easier for myself to update my news, I may do so more often now. I’m going to shoot for daily updates, but we’ll see what happens. The upshot of this is a more constant stream of information from me, and about me. Also the news rants will now therefore be much shorter. The downside of this is that it might make the page look cluttered, so I’m trying a smaller font size for the news. Let me know what you think.

My day today was pretty good. Despite little sleep (what else is new?) I made it through my classes and ran some errands this afternoon. The street fair is on campus for the next couple days, so I made use of that and got some terriaki chicken on a stick that was OK, but not great. In other news, Molly, Jacques, and Matt R., dropped by unexpectedly this afternoon. After hanging with them for a bit, I took Molly home and came back here. Wow. Will the excitement never end?! My day ends today with me being on duty and watching part 2 of the season premiere of The West Wing tonight on NBC at 9:00pm. =) GREAT SHOW!! EVERYONE MUST WATCH IT!!!

OK, that’s it for me!

He works hard for the money

Tuesday, October 16th, 2001

Once again, I am back at work at the FITT Center. Oh, the joys of modern living. I’ve just spent the past couple hours working on the code for the admin side of my web site, and I’ve finally got it so I can edit old news entries in the new system via my admin pages. It took me awhile, and it’s not quite the system I had envisioned, but it works, so I’m happy. I just can’t seem to get get the data to show up in the textarea box like it’s supposed to, but I can get it to show up on the page in raw code format, so I can simply copy and paste it into the box and it’ll work. It’s amazing how long I can work on this page for no real discernable difference from your point of view. At least it gives me something to do here. =)

Yesterday went well, if busy. I went back to mom’s place and grabbed my Super Nintendo and brought that back to the Res Halls with me, so that’ll all good. I didn’t get to use it until about 22:00, though. My evening was busy with activities. At 17:30 we started getting ready for a complex-wide barbecue, which went very well. A good number of people showed up at 18:00 and all were fed. Good times. Most of the staff was there to help with the food, and as always it’s good to be with everyone. After the que, I went and helped MaoMao with her computer. At least I tried. Seems something was screwed up with the DNS, cuz I could ping a server by it’s IP address (e.g., but not by its name (e.g. I tried reinstalling TCP/IP, I tried manually setting all the addresses instead of relying on DHCP, but no. I referred MaoMao to Charles, since he’s worked for ResNet for years and knows the system better. Hopefully he can figure it out. Anyways, after MaoMao’s, I went downstairs to Drew’s where I was successful in getting a new hard drive put in. At least I was successful at something computer-related. =)

After all this work, I made it home, and as I hinted at earlier, I played SNES for a while. It’s all good! Nice way to end the evening.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned!

Fueled by Powerbar!

Monday, October 15th, 2001

I’m sittin’ here at my desk in my room, and I look down for inspiration, and what do I see but a symbol of the yuppie food pyramid: a POWERBAR! Gooey fiber crammed with raw nutrients and minerals all rolled into one squishy patty in a shiny wrapper, easily portable for today’s desperate urban professionals and college kids in a hurry. This one says it’s “Apple Cinnamon”.

The latest update here is yet another pics page! I finally got the pictures dad took of Matt down in Cal, so here they are! We’re still working on the captions, so bear with us. Also, don’t forget to participate in the forum discussion about Matt’s time back for Thanksgiving!

I survived the weekend here, and I’m ready for Week Four to begin! Well, at least as ready as I’m gonna be. I got my CIS homework(s) done, so that’s outta my hair for a bit. The CIS415 homework was much easier than the CIS399 homework. I keep waiting for 415 to get harder; I’m scared. We shall see how it goes… Oh, and I’m done with homework before midnight again! Yea!!! Happy Chris. =)

I think that’s it from me for now. Ciao, everyone!