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Today’s mission………failed!!!

Friday, November 30th, 2001

If you don’t catch what my headline refers to, don’t worry about it–it just means you don’t watch enough anime. Anyways, it’s seems I’m not doing so well on the New Sleep Order. I guess I should have expected that it would be hard to maintain a healthy sleep pattern during Dead Week as we approach finals. I guess I just get too optimistic when I get enough sleep. WELL! That’s not a problem anymore! But seriously, I’m going to try to get back to the New Sleep Order as soon as I can. I just had too much to get done today to fit it all in one day. I wanted to be done by 23:30, but it’s now two hours after that. On the plus side, I’m just about done with my CIS homework, which was one of the last things on my list. I finally got my laundry done, too; I got all the stuff done on the list in my previous news rant (finally.) My hall meeting went well, and it was good to see a lot of my residents at one time. The pizza went quickly, so I think the next time I feed a mandatory meeting I’ll get five or six instead of four. Rounds went well last night, except for some moron shooting a Roman Candle (firecracker) out his window on the 4th floor. *Sigh* Residents. Anyways, last night was me only getting (barely) eight hours of sleep, so I consider that a partial victory on the sleep front. Tonight’s looking like a bit less than six. Tomorrow night is the night before the Civil War football game, so I’ll be getting up relatively early on Saturday for that too. I’ll try to get to sleep around midnight tomorrow night if I can. Again, I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. My day looks like class, work, computer consulting maybe, studying, chilling, and then sleeping. I think I should be able to eat dinner, and possibly breakfast. I have half an hour to get from work to lunch and then to class, so we’ll see how lunch goes.

On the technical front, I’ve done some more behind-the-scenes modifications of the web site here. Perhaps two or three of you readers may have noticed this if I didn’t mention it, but now you’re all going to read about it now! Ha ha! Unless you don’t keep reading. Then you won’t. You wouldn’t leave me now would you? After all we’ve been through together? *pouts*

Anyways, for those of you who are still with me (and for those I guilted into feigning interest in my mad techie skillz), here’s what I’ve done now: You may have noticed a little red counter to the left on the sidebar. Well, the way counters generally work is that when the counter is displayed, it automatically increments itself to the next number then shows it on the screen. The problem with my setup here is that the counter is on the sidebar and thus gets loaded up on every page of my site (e.g. the guestbook, the news, the pics, etc), so if someone comes and reads the news, checks out the pics, my schedule, and then signs the guestbook, that’s going to increment the counter at least four times for one “visit”! I didn’t like this drastic skewing of the numbers, especially when I visit my own site so much to work on it. In fact, I don’t want it to increment the counter AT ALL when I visit my own site. SO, to fix this, I created a mini-log just for the counter. It works like this: someone opens up a page, the counter checks that person’s web address (IP address) against a file, if that address matches, then it doesn’t increment the counter. If it doesn’t match, then it increments the counter and writes that person’s address to the file. It also checks the incomming address to see if it’s mine, in which case it doesn’t update the counter either. I also modfied the Big Brother Logging to not log my computer as well. Pretty spiffy, eh? I bet you’re all glad you read that now! I sure am! Kudos to you!

OK, now I’m gonna leave. I’ve just gotta finish this last CIS problem, and then convince myself that it’s time to SLEEP!

Middle of the week

Wednesday, November 28th, 2001

Well, it is now the middle of the day in the middle of Dead Week. I’ll start by saying I’m doing better than I thought I would be this week. That said, I’ve got a few complaints about myself. First off, I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked last night. I really tried to go to sleep early, it just didn’t happen. Admittedly, I was up later than I should have been doing stuff, but still I was in bed trying to sleep around 12:45 or so. Unfortunately, I don’t think I actually got to sleep until 2:00. Still, I won’t let this get me down! Even thought I’m on duty tonight, I’m going to try to get a good amount of sleep tonight. Luckily, I don’t have to be anywhere until 11:00 tomorrow, so I can sleep until 10:00. Assuming I finish rounds by 1:00, I can still get almost nine hours of sleep tonight. I like nine hours–so refreshing!

Anyways, despite my lack of sleep last night (roughly six hours), I still managed to stay awake through my morning classes (shocking!) and I even ran a couple of errands after those classes. I went to Mortier’s and exchanged an invoice (mine) for a check (theirs) and then I went to the bank to deposit said check. After the bank, I then went to Lube*It USA to get an oil change and spend some of that money on the regular upkeep of my car. On the recommendation of the guy at Lube*It, I decided to go with synthetic oil this time. It’s more spendy, but it should drastically increase the life of my car, so I think it’s worth the extra few bucks. I also got some more oil put in my manual transmission, which was running a bit low. Also good. The guy there who worked on my car said his girlfriend had an ’86 Daytona Shelby so he knew something about my kind of car. We chatted for a while and it turns out he actually knew the guy I got my car from! He actually bought another one of this guy’s cars, too! Eugene is far too small sometimes. Anywho, after car talk, I went by Micky-Dee’s for a burger and fries, and now I’m back to tackle the rest of my day!

Things left to do today:

  • Go by the ATM and deposit a check I forgot to take care of while I was at the bank.
  • Go to classes.
  • Order pizza for tonight’s hall meeting.
  • Do my laundry.
  • Hold said hall meeting.
  • Watch The West Wing with Christy, as usual.
  • Duty Rounds.
  • Sleep.
  • Dream of fast cars.

Sound good? I’ll report back on how that all went in tomorrow’s entry. Take care!

Nifty database stuff

Tuesday, November 27th, 2001

WARNING!!! The first part of this rant is highly technical and is not for the feint of heart!

Hello again, it’s time for another technical update on the inner workings of this site! My latest acomplishment involves the news archive pages. As you know I maintain copies of all my old news rants, and until recently each of these was simply another static web page. Also, you may have noticed in my recent rants that my news is now database-driven, so all this stuff you read here is not statically typed into a file somewhere, it’s dynamically pulled from a database when you open up the page. Anyways, the way I had the archive set up for October (the first month I started doing the database thing) was to have another web page file that pulled up only the October entires and display them. To do November, I’d create another file that pulled up only the November entries and so on. As you can guess, this is kind of a waste, since the two archive files would otherwise be identical other than the date it uses to decide what entires to pull from the database. This value can be passed in as a parameter to the same file to get any arbitrary month/year you want. I spent a little time looking into this last night, so now instead of having a seperate file for each month of the newer archives, I just have one file and I tell this file what month to show. The syntax is something like this:

Pretty cool, huh? I’m so very proud of myself, even though only probably 3 of you who read this will have any idea what I’m talking about.


In other news, my new sleep pattern is just wonderful! I must make a note to myself to always be in bed before 23:00 at night! I was asleep last night by about 23:30, and I slept in until, like, 9:00!! That’s over nine hours!! That’s INSANE!! I never get that much sleep on a school night! Not since I was, like, EIGHT! And I didn’t even skip math this morning like I usually do on Tuesdays to get more sleep! And I didn’t fall asleep in math class at all! (Of course, due to the dryness of the matieral and the presentation, I almost did anyways, but it wasn’t because I was sleepy.) You may notice how many exclaition points I’ve used in this paragraph already (twelve), but that’s because I’m very excited about this. Mom and dad, I know you’re like “Of course more sleep will make you feel better! Haven’t we been telling you to go to bed earlier all of your life!?” Well, it’s taken me until this long to really realize and embrace this fact. I’ve always known I needed more sleep, but until I made a strong concious effort to get to bed by eleven, I haven’t been able to achieve it. Now, I realize that I can’t keep this up indefinately. At the moment, I have the luxuery of not having to stay up late for homework or other outside reasons, but the point is that when I have the choice, I choose sleep. As finals approach next week, I’ll most likely be up finishing projects, but hopefully I’ll be well-rested enough to focus on them and get them done while the sun is still shining. Wish me luck, folks!

OK, that’s it for now. I’m going to try to get some math done while I still have some downtime here at work.

Ta Ta!

Major excitement

Monday, November 26th, 2001

Holy cow, this is news! I beat my old record time for beating Super Mario Brothers! That’s right, on the old Nintendo Entertainment System! The original! Anyways, my old time was 8 minutes and 40 seconds, but now my new time is 8 minutes and 35 seconds!!! HA HA, world! Take that!

In other news, I got to sleep last night around 23:00, which is, like, a world record in itself. I got up at 8:00 this morning, and I felt great! This could be a new trend for me. Until future notice, don’t call me late at night anymore. I’m going to do my best to get to bed early, but I can’t do that if people still try to knock on my door, call me on the phone, or otherwise assume I’m still up after 22:30. Wish me luck!


Minor excitement

Sunday, November 25th, 2001

Hey guys, guess what? In performing an audit of my file permissions on various servers I have accounts on, I came across an old version of my news rants from May. This is good news because a while back I lost part of this file, so I was missing the last 3 rants from May, some of which were quite long and took me a while to write. This also included my mad linking episode where I put lots of random links into my rant. That was fun. =) Anyways, my May News Archive has been RESTORED, so for a flash back into the past check it out, otherwise forget it and move on with your lives. The choice is yours!

Other than this exciting news, I really haven’t done much with my day. I’ve been developing some bizarre and unhealthy sleep patters lately that I’ve grown concerned about. I’m going to do my darndest to get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight, but that’ll be hard due to how late I slept in today. We’ll see how that goes. On the bright side, at least I don’t have anything due tomorrow, so I don’t have to stay up late tonight. Wish me luck! And if you talk to me after midnight, make me sleep! Hit me over the head with a board if you have to!

With that, I’m out. Read the news before this. It’s rather long, but I rather like it as a nifty piece of late-night writing on my part. And no! I’m not really depressed! Just whacked out on weird sleep schedules. It’s messin’ with my head!

Bye bye bye!

Leftovers, anyone?

Sunday, November 25th, 2001

So, another Thanksgiving Weekend come and gone. I think that this holiday is celebrated more as a fun four-day weekend away from work, school, or what have you than as a true remembrance of thankfulness. Not that I’m complaining, mind you! I mean, I enjoy a good long break as much as then next university junior, but it’s difficult to really pause and think about all the good things we have going for us. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this (it’s late at night, as usual), but for some reason I’m feeling thoughtful and verbose at this 2:15 time of night. At any rate, I certainly have my worries these days: classes, work, finals, projects, friends, ex-girlfriends… but I still had a nice time this weekend taking a break from it all. I’m thankful for that at least. I’m really looking forward to Christmas break where I can truly not worry about a lot of things. That’s the great thing about college as opposed to K-12; when you’re on vacation, you’re really on vacation! Back in high school or even middle school, during winter break and spring break (formerly known as “Christmas Vacation and Easter Vacation”) I always had something to worry about. Some years it was a book report, some years it was a big project, and some years it was a study packet, but there was always some gloomy cloud of doom on the horizon coming to hang over my head as the end of the vacation came. It made the whole “vacation” thing so much less enjoyable. But now, when we’re done, we’re done. The next term always starts on a clean slate, and that’s ever-so refreshing! I’m thankful for that, too.

Usually, I use this space to give a play-by-play of my days since the last update. I’ll keep that part short and sweet since those who care about the details were most-likely at these events, and also because I just don’t feel like being so dry right now. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights I was on duty, but I was able to get away to have dinner with family and friends on Thursday for a little while. Good times. Saturday I had another dinner with family and friends and that was good too. Other than that, I hung around here with whoever was kind enough to drop by and keep me company. I slept a lot and I did some updates to this here website. Ummm… I think that’s most of it. I know I’m leaving out some stuff like Matt coming up to visit (hey, Matt!), which was cool, but again most of you know that already.

I think I’ll go back to a stream of consciousness and write that down as I go. I’ve been a little down lately, as some people know. Some of this is due to the lousy weather, some to academic stresses, some to vocational stresses (I love my job…really!), and some to personal situations. The weather will get better, this term will finally end, and I really do enjoy my job so it’ll work out too. As for the last thing, only time will tell. I’ll just leave it at that I’m unsure of what I really want out of life (re: gf), and I’m also unsure of what options I truly have open to me. Again, we’ll see. I’ll try to keep things in perspective and realize that there’s more to life than worrying about relationships. Believe me, I know this is true, because you’ll note that there were several things in that list of things getting me down besides personal situations. So I says to myself, look on the bright side, Chris, if ya get feelin’ low on one problem, go ahead and feel bad about something else for variety!

Looks like my sense of humor gets a little dark at times–no, I’m not slowly slipping into some sort of dark, deep, depression from which I will never return. And yes, I can feel good about things as well. Like I said, there are things for which I am thankful for, and those things make me happy. I’m thankful for all my friends, who absolutely refuse to let me get too blue. Thanks for my family whom, while I don’t see very often, and frankly aren’t always as up-to-date with me and my mind these days as everyone else, they still try hard to keep in touch with their away-from-home-but-only-sort-of college student. I’m always moving (if I stop, I’ll fall asleep), so information from last week could easily be old news. This web page gives a day-by-day playback of what I do, but it rarely (such as now) gives more insight into my mind. Eh, it’s something, right?

OK, now I’m really not sure where I’m going with this, so I think I’ll come up with some sort of conclusion that’s zany yet somber, humorous yet thoughtful, concrete yet abstract, and deeply personal yet vaguely aloof….


*scurries away*


Thursday, November 22nd, 2001

OK, it’s 5:00am, so I’ll make this brief: I’ve updated the links page to include a lot more nifty stuff like pictures of all you people I have listed there as well as some other info I could think up at this late hour. If you’d like any changes made to what I’ve got, please let me know via email. If you want more info added and/or you can fill in some blanks I have, that’s be great! As always your comments are appreciated.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

It’s a dirty job, but…

Wednesday, November 21st, 2001

Well, well. It looks like I get Carson Hall all to myself for the next few days. It’s Thanksgiving and guess who gets to be on duty for a large portion of it? ME!!! I’m stuck here in Carson until 19:00 FRIDAY!! However, I am excused to leave for dinner for a few hours on Thursday, so it’s not a total loss. This is what I get for being the only person on staff who lives in Eugene; everyone else is going home for the holiday. Everyone but me and MaoMao, so it’s up to us to save the world, as usual. It’s a living–I get paid $40/day for food cuz they don’t feed us on the holidays. Now I can do some Christmas shopping! Yea! I suppose I can use this time to get some homework done, but I’m so tired and wiped out I’m going to at least use the first part of the break to relax and do very, very little. I think one of the first things I’ll do tomorrow is see who’s still here. That is, after I get up sometime in the afternoon. =)

Matt gets home tonight! Yea! This’ll be the first time I’ve seen him since we left him in Berkeley last August. His flight (UA #215) gets in tonight at 20:50, but since I’m on duty, I can’t meet him at the airport. I’ll hopefully get to see him some while he’s here. Maybe he can come visit me here. =)

I wish my staff were still here, cuz then I could have some people to hang with and we could have fun now that most of the residents are gone. 😉 Oh well. Christy’s coming to visit tonight to watch The West Wing and hang out for a bit, so I’m not completely alone. Rounds are gonna be weird. Quiet–a little TOO quiet….

That’s it for now, but if I get more bored than I am now, I may write more later.

So…. it’s Tuesday, is it?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2001

I think it’s Tuesday now. It’s hard to tell at times, but I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday. Monday was very odd, but that may be because I stayed up all night on Sunday so Sunday blended into Monday. It’s alarmingly easy for me to stay up all night and sleep all day. I’m nocturnal!!!

Sunday went pretty well, I’d say. I slept in until 14:30 Sunday afternoon (because I can, damnit!), which probably helped with my staying up all night. After I got my act together, I worked with Thomas on some publicity for a Complex Program on which held on Monday. I’ll get to that later. At 19:00, I went over to Drew and Mel’s place to watch Shrek with some of the staff. That was fun, but after that I had to get to work on homework. I took care of some various tasks around home, but eventually I got to working on my CIS 415 homework. It took a lot of time, but I got going into a good groove and got a lot of good work done. Problem is, it got to be 05:00, and I was gonna meet with Sean, Carl and friends to go get Civil War Football tickets at 05:30. I took that as a signal to break from homework and take a shower. At 05:30, I embarked on what would turn out to be a very strange six hours spent at the EMU.

When we got to the EMU (which is one place tickets are distributed), there was already a crowd outside. Luckily, they opened the doors a little before 06:00, so we didn’t have to stand outside in the rain for long. Once we shuffled ourselves into some sort of line/mob, I left to go get my TV so Sean could set up his Sega Dreamcast he brought. This helped to pass the time, since we didn’t move until almost 11:30. The ticket window opened at 09:00, but there was such a mob at the front of the line, they held us back a bit until that drained down to a (more-or-less) single line. I napped a bit here and there in line, but not very soundly. It was barely enough to keep my sanity. Just ask my friends who were with me. The groud floor below us looked like an airfield by the time we left–it was so littered with paper airplanes being thrown by bored people waiting in the lines above. OK, get this–the line ran all the way from the ticket window, up the ramps to the top of the Skylight Lounge, around the top, then back down the other ramps all the way past us (on the ramps near the window) to the ground floor below, around the floor, and out of sight somewhere. I was ticket number 441, and I got it around noon. It was quite an experience.

After I got my ticket, I think I met dad for lunch–I was a little hazy. After lunch, I pretty much scrapped the rest of my afternoon schedule and slept until mom called at 16:30. Apparently the dryer repair man was supposed to come by the house at 17:15 to fix the dryer, but mom had to work late and Kim would also be working, so I went to the house to wait for the guy to show up. I cooked myself a frozen pizza, watched some old episodes of Babylon 5, and hung out with the cats and the dog. The dryer guy never showed up and I had to be back at Carson at 19:30 to facilitate a program, so I took off at about 19:10 to return home to Carson.

At 19:25 I met Thomas in the lobby and we attened the program which was put on by the Counseling Center. For an educational program, it went very well. We had actual residents attend and the program was very well-received, I though. It was on the brain and learning behaviors and I thought those who attended the program came away with something useful besides the chocolate the guy gave us. After that program, I went to our hall movie night program where we watched Revenge of the Nerds and ate Chinese food. That also went well.

Eventually, my long, long day ended and I relaxed in our hall lounge and chatted with some residents while I did my laundry before retiring to my room to watch Conan and go to sleep.

Wow. That was long. Sorry ’bout that. =)”

Party time, Excellent!

Thursday, November 15th, 2001

Ah, yeah! I got my CIS 399 program done tonight! Yea! Shelby and Carl came by this afternoon, and after 4.5 hours, we all got our programs working. Well, actually I think Carl still has to do some more work, but he’s feeling clever and he’s doing the assignment differently than Shelby and me.

I get to register for winter term on Friday, but one of the classes filled up before I got a chance to register for it, but I have a plan! I wrote a shell script on the CIS server that checks DuchHunt every half an hour to see if the class opens up. If it does, the script will automatically email my cell phone so I can know to go register. Pretty clever, eh? I thought so.

OK, bed time. I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow, who also happens to be the CIS Department Head. I don’t want to over sleep! Ciao!