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Dingus egg

Friday, December 28th, 2001

One of my stranger headlines. I think it will confuse many people, and that’s happy. =)

I’m once again at work, so tra laa laa to that. I know I start out half these things that way, but what can I say, I’ve got time to write here. I believe in my previous entry I mentioned my new GeForce3 Ti200 video card, and I must say that now that I’ve got it working, it’s everything I could have hoped for–I’m so blown away by this thing! I maxed out all the settings I could find in Quake III Arena and I still managed to pull about 90 frames per second. THAT’S INSANE!!! I love it! My computer rocks, oh yeah! *does a little dance*

I’m using a new tool I finally got around to using the other day and I think it’s great. OK, get this, Microsoft has this thing called a “terminal client” that I can use to connect to my computer at home. Now when I say I can connect to it, I mean it’s like I’m suddenly transported back to my room and sitting down in front of my computer. After I connect, everything I left open and/or running while I was gone pops up, I get my start bar, my desktop, and even my sound effects translate over! I’m using it right now for no real good reason except that I can!!! I’m just waiting for someone here at work to seem surprised that all of a sudden I’m using WindowsXP on the staff desk computer. ^_^

I’m gonna go toy with stuff for a bit. Lata all! Chris out.

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024…

Thursday, December 27th, 2001

What can I say? I love powers of two. That, and I couldn’t think of a better headline at the moment.

This afternoon I think I may have completed my computer upgrading for a while when I purchased a new graphics accelerator (video card) with Christmas money I received from grandma and grandpa Gallagher. It’s a GeForce3 Ti200 card, and for those of you to whom that’s Greek, that’s pretty good stuff. The Ti500 is better, but after reading the specs, it’s not worth the extra $150 or whatever in price difference, so this is what I got. I expect it should last me some time; it’s still fairly top-of-the-line. Once I get this thing installed, my system of power will then be complete! Bwaa haa haa haaa!!!

I moved back to the dorms yesterday, and I spent a lot of my free time enjoying my new television. I finally finished watching all the stuff I had taped on my scratch tape over the past few weeks. Christy dropped by in the evening and we watched The Fifth Element. Looked much better on this screen than on my old one, believe me! OH, and I should be able to plug my computer into my TV with this new video card. Pretty spiffy, huh? I know, I’m too materialistic, but it’s a fun passtime. I’ve gotta have a l33t computer or the other computer science majors will make fun of me behind my back!

The hot water in my building is not working right now so I have to make a critical decision–do I grit my teeth and take a cold shower, or do I simply go on being smelly for a while longer? I’m wearing my hat today.

That’s it from me for today. Gimme a call or somethin’ sometime! Chris Out.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2001

I’m sick and tired of feeling that I’m only allowed to say “Happy Holidays” in the winter. I remember when it was all right to wish anyone a “Merry Christmas” in the month of December. I know we’re supposed to respect everyone’s right to celebrate whatever winter-related holiday they choose, but does that mean we’re supposed to pretend that Christmas isn’t happy? *I* celebrate Christmas, damnit, so I’m gonna wish people a merry one!!!

I certainly had an enjoyable past few days with family and friends. I spent the last two nights at home and that was nice. In fact, very comfortable–I didn’t wanna get up this morning; I was so cozy in bed! But I had to get up so I could move my stuff back to my dorm room and run an errand before I had to be here at work.

Did I mention stuff? My wonderful family bought me some very nice things for Christmas, including a kick-ass enormous 27″ TV of DOOM! I actually measured it, and diagonally from corner-to-corner it’s more like 28.5″, but who’s counting? 😉 Seriously, this thing rocks like a quality chef’s knife (if you have to ask, don’t), and I’m quite pleased with it. Shortly before I came to work I figured out how I’m going to set it up in my little dorm room. I moved the stereo components from the desk to on top of the right speaker so now I can put the TV on the desk. Oh, and I had to buy a VCR so I could tape stuff and watch videos, since my old VCR was built into my old TV. I got my new VCR at Radio Shack with the gift certificate I got from grandma and grandpa Brunner. Thank you! Anyway, I haven’t hooked everything up yet, but I’m looking forward to doing that this afternoon when I get back from work. Anyone in the greater Eugene area is welcome to give me a call and we can watch movies or play video games sometime. I can finally play 4 player split-screen games now! Picture playing 4-player Mario Kart 64 on my old 13″ TV/VCR combo unit. It wasn’t pretty; gave most people a headache, actually. =)

Matthew gave me a really cool mSQL/MySQL database reference book from the O’Reily series, which is exactly what I wanted and I can totally use it next term in my databases class. Of course as you all know with the constant techno-babble on this site, I am totally into databases, so this is a great addition to my little library. Kimi got me a gift certificate at CD World and I am totally gonna use that soon to get something COOL! =) I got many other nice things, but I don’t want to go through and list everything here. I’ll just say thank you to everyone and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

I can’t belive I did that

Sunday, December 23rd, 2001

I know, I know… I just wrote several entries here, but I’ve got more to say! I just spent the last… damn, a long time, working on this site. Now, you may say, “Why, it looks the same, my good lad!” and you’d be mostly correct! What I’ve gone and done is add all my old news rants to the database! Remember how I said I would sure as hell not be entering all that old data into the database? That the old static pages would work just fine and that only the new stuff had to be in the database? Well… I got bored. I created a new admin page to enter in old news stuff. Basically, it’s similar to the standard news entry page, but this one has a “date” field that I can fill out, whereas my standard one creates its own timestamp when the entry is made. The tricky part was formatting. See, the way I used to do paragraphs is with the <p> tags. Dealing with getting rid of those and dealing with linebreaks in the source I was copying from… it was getting really hairy. I was trying to do all of this filtering stuff, but in the end I just copied the source into TextPad and had it merge all the lines together and drop the indenting. Then all I had to do was replace the <p> tags with regular linebreaks. These linebreaks will be converted into <br> tags when it’s posted. Fun stuff, huh? Once I got into a good groove, it wasn’t so bad, but I’ve done a lot of writing over the past year (yeah, it’s been over a year of this. go fig.), so it took a while. Take a good look at the timestamp on this entry–I can’t see it, my vision is getting blurry. That means IT’S TIME FOR BED!!! I’ll write more later on the experience of reviewing the last year of my life as I was doing this data entry work. It’s like reading an old journal.

So, uhh… enjoy the almighty power of the MySQL database that is my news page! And for a good time, read my old news rants. I had fun looking at some of that old stuff. Pay special attention to the Address bar at the top of your screen and notice how all my new archive pages are now merely arguments passed into a single page like this: news_archive.php?archive_date=200012 Oooooo!! Pretty!!

Bye bye! Chris out!

Oh boy! More about my car!

Saturday, December 22nd, 2001

For the first time since I put up the original shots, I now have new pics of my car up. I took three shots of the engine compartment this evening, so if you’re curious, they’re at the bottom of the page.


Duty, duty, duty

Saturday, December 22nd, 2001

As the headline suggests, yes, I’m on duty! I’m stuck here in Carson/Earl until Monday at noon, so for the love of monkies, please stop by and BRING FOOD! If you don’t have food, feel free to stop by anyways just to keep me company. I live in the only 5 story brick building in housing and simply enter 6-8005 at the callbox to get my room so I can let you in. The problem is that it’s the weekend, so people aren’t at work and therefore aren’t on the Internet. Also since it’s the holidays I know my readership is lower, but for those of you who do still read thing, “Hi there!” Thanks for reading. I wish I were more artistic, then I could produce more content for this site than my wild rantings about very little. As it stands now, you’ll have to live with my writings and the sparatic updates to the pics page. That’s about all I’ve got going for content for now.

I should take a shower or something. Then I can worry about lunch. Chris out.

Diggin’ my potato

Friday, December 21st, 2001

Before you ask, the headline’s the name of a song I have stuck in my head. Anyways, it’s now Friday of week two of my vacation, which I suppose is roughly the halfway point. As always, time flies when you’re doing absolutely nothing and loving it. Tonight, I’m going to go see the Nutcracker at the Hult Center with Christy and her mom. That should be fun; it’s been a while since I’ve seen that. I’m already wearing my sport coat and slacks for the evening (they were clean). That reminds me, I’ve gotta track down some quarters so I can do my laundry! And yes, I’m one of those who still has Christmas shopping left to do, so if some of you don’t get your gifts until March, my apologies.

Not a whole lot going on for me these days; I’ve just been going to work and hanging around with friends and family. I’ve been teaching Sean how to make a web site run like my does via email, so that’s been kinda fun. BTW, if anyone else wants to know how to do a PHP/MySQL site like mine, go ahead and ask and I’ll try to help if I can. Oh, and that reminds me, it seems my page shows up on some search engines when looking for help on getting a UMAX 2100U scanner to work with Windows 2000. I mentioned that I was successful with that on one of my pages, so every once and a while I get an email asking how I did it. Truth is, I don’t even use Win2k anymore, I run WinXP now so it’s been a while since I had to get my scanner to work in 2000. Basically there’s a help document on umax’s site that explains the process. I followed that and it worked. The trick is to COMPLETELY remove any previous attempts to get it to work first. Thie includes removing devices from the Device Manager, removing folders and files, and removing registry entries. That’s the hard part. Anyways, to try your luck, the umax page is here so try to figure that out if you want. This is of course assuming that people trying to fix their scanners are reading my news page. Oh well, I’m bored so I thought I’d write about it for a bit. Done now.

Lets review some things I want to get done this break. I’d like to see my friends and family, of course. I’ll be at home with mom, Matt, and Kim soon, after I’m no longer on duty anyways. I think I’m gonna hang with Kathryn next Thursday for a bit, and I’m planning on hanging with Christy this Saturday. Christmas Eve I’ll probably be at church, Christmas Day I’ll be with family, of course, and New Year’s Eve I still have yet to form any really solid plans. I’m hoping someone will throw a good party that I can go to. New Year’s Day, I should probably watch the Fiesta Bowl since Oregon will be playing and all. We’d better win, damnit! =) Some other things I wanna do this break are to finish my Christmas shopping, clean up that big stack of papers in my room, get into a decent sleep scedule, watch all of Neon Genesis Evangelion marathon-style with a bunch of victu–I mean “friends”, and then… I dunno. What else do I wanna do this break? I should probably get some review in for math and CIS. I’m still determined to do better in these fields next term. DON’T FREAKIN’ LET ME FORGET!!! And for those who haven’t seen my report card, no, I didn’t fail any classes last term, but I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. I can’t change the past, but I’m very determined to change the future.

All right, that’s enough writing for one day. Chris out.

Writer’s block?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2001

How can I get writer’s block? All I do here is give a play-by-play of what I’ve been up to since the last time I wrote here. However, writing, “I hung out with Christy last night watching TV, slept in late this morning, went to Burger King, and then to work” sounds kinda boring. I guess I’ll write something else for a change.

I’m trying to reset myself to a day gone past. You see, I used to be smart. Well, all right, I guess I haven’t gotten dumber, but I’m not doing as well at school as I used to. When I was younger, school was easy–I just went and did my stuff and nothing presented a problem. I got A’s and B’s without even trying and when I did try, I could manage straight A’s on occasion. Over time I’ve either become more lazy or I’ve simply caught up with my own difficulty rating, but now it’s not so easy. I find myself fretting over grades more and more lately. It used to be all I’d have to do was put X ammount of time into something and I’d get a good grade. If I got a B instead of an A it was because I didn’t give it enough time. Now, it seems that with some courses I can’t give enough time to make it all work out. I feel that I’ve lost my drive to focus on school. When I was young and unpopular (yes, me, can you believe it?) I had nothing better to do besides school. But now that I’ve got a bit of a social life (yes, me, can you believe it?), I can’t seem to figure out how to make it all balance out. Next term I’m taking only 12 credits, and I’m making it my goal to get STRAIGHT A’S! This is going to be very hard for me. All three classes are upper-division and none will be a cakewalk. I’m making this a personal challenge, so if you find me slacking off, be sure to make me study; I can use the help. I need to show that I’m still smart, but I’ve just gotten lazy/distracted/busy lately. I want to finish college with style and an ever-increasingly low GPA is not the way to do that. I can do this, damnit! I just gotta remember to keep at it!

OK, that’s enough ranting for one day. Chris out.

Need a clutch?

Monday, December 17th, 2001

Wondering what the headline means? I’ll get to that, much later, but first I need to tell you about the trip to California last weekend. I’ll go chronologically to keep things straight.

Wednesday night I stayed at dad’s place so we could launch in the morning. Thursday morning we set out by way of LCC (dad had a meeting), but we were on the road by noon. Good thing, too, because bad weather was heading our way and we needed to get past the Siskyou (sp?) Pass before we got snowed in. I got to drive through blowing snow and slippery roads!! Oh boy! We made it safely to Redding, despite the fact that it was raining and/or snowing the entire trip down from Eugene! The Red Lion Inn in Redding has OnDemand movies, so we watched The Fast and the Furious in our room. The movies was strangely appropriate; did I mention we took my car on the trip? 😉

Anyways, the next day it was as bright and sunny as only California can be, and we rolled into Berkeley without incident. We found Matt, but we left him to study for his last final, which he would be taking that evening. Dad went off to explore the campus and the town while I drove up to Pinole to visit Ivana, who lives there now. I figured as long as I was going to the bay area, I should visit the only person I know who lives there. =) It was good to see her again and she had fun showing me her childhood home and telling me about her activities these days. While we were on our way to get something to eat, this guy knocks on my car window while I’m stopped at an intersection and asks me if I need a clutch. Apparently he has one and he wanted to sell it to me or something. Only in California, I swear! At about 20:00 I left Ivana and went back into Berkeley and found dad and Matt. We loaded all his stuff into my little car and drove north. We got as far as Williams where we found a Comfort Inn where we stayed the night.

Saturday we drove up to Redding where we did a little shopping at Circuit City. I replaced the last two speakers in my car, so now it sounds very good. After Redding we drove up to Weed which is one of the last civilized places to stay before hitting the pass; the weather was cold and windy, so we weren’t about to drive the pass that night. We stayed at a nice place called the Sis-Q-Inn (get it?) There was a lot of snow on the ground, but the roads were clear; the wind chill was amazingly cold.

Sunday we completed our trek and got Matt safely home. I hung around the house for a while and after dinner we watched Independence Day. I haven’t seen that movie in a long time! It’s also been a long time since Matt, Kim, mom and I all sat down for dinner together in the dining room. After the movie I went back to Carson and I slept reasonably well last night.

Today, I went with Little Sister Kimi out to the mall to get tickets for The Lord of the Rings. They didn’t start selling them until around 15:00 or so, so I had to leave her there the mall so I could get here to work. Seconds ago, Kimi called and told me she was successful in getting the tickets and she is now going home to make dinner. Yea! I’m seeing the 19:00 showing of LotR at the the good theater in Gateway if anyone wants to come along. Unless you’re the two people who asked me to get tickets, better bring your own! 😉

Well, that pretty much brings me up to the present. As usual, if you have any questions, just ask.

-= Chris Out

Back to the barn

Sunday, December 16th, 2001

Well, I’m back at Carson now; we all returned safely from California without incident. I’ll write more about the trip in my next post, but for now just let it be said that I’m home, ready for the world, and back in business, whatever that may be. Feel free to call, write, whatever and I should be in town for the remainder of this vacation until further notice. I know some of you I haven’t seen much of during the term, so now would be a great time to get together and hang out. Luv ya all!

Chris out.