More human than human

January 31, 2002

Dude, I may have stayed up until 5:30am doing my CIS homework last night (this morning?), but it was worth it because I have a better understanding of the material now. I’m just kinda tired now. I was very BLAH this morning, but now I’m better. Right now I have my tea–Earl Grey, hot–so it’s […]


The CIS stalks at midnight…

January 30, 2002

Blah. I swear, this major of mine will be the death of me someday. If anyone ever says to me “You like computers, so computer science must be easy for you”, I’m gonna laugh in their face. Then I will destroy them. This major is a lot of math, a lot of teachers with difficulty […]


My world–it’s mine, ya hear!

January 28, 2002

What a strange world we live in. Rather, what a strange world I live in. This day has been rather odd for me, and I’m gonna tell you exactly why. Started off rather normally for a Monday, I suppose. Christy dropped by to have me fix a floppy disk (I was successful!), but other than […]


Java Jive

January 23, 2002

A song with this headline for a title just came up on Winamp, and it seemed usable to start off this rant. Why is it I can never seem to get a reasonable amount of sleep on a given night? I mean, last night worked out all right, but I’m still tired. Despite getting about […]


I should be doing math…

January 21, 2002

…but I’m not. I’m trying, I really am! I just finished looking at the contents of the CD-ROM that came with the textbook, and BOY is it USELESS!! Oh well. One less thing to clutter up my studies, eh? Anyways, the reason I’m leaving this quick note it to tell you that I currently have […]



January 18, 2002

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve got a new web cam, and it’s been very amusing. If you have a web cam and would like to contact me with it, get a program called Eyeball Chat. It’s like Instant Messanger for webcams, and their web site is if you wanna get it. It’s only a […]


A zone all of my own

January 16, 2002

I’m not really sure how I feel right now. It’s 2:40 and I should be going to bed soon. I have to get up at 10:00, so I shouldn’t still be awake. I’m not really tired, though. I think I’ll probably read some more of my novel when I get in bed. I’ve got some […]


Stress levels rising

January 14, 2002

Hello, world–first, some news: I got a new web cam, and I’m working on setting up some kinda live cam thingy, but in the meantime I can just use it for pre-arranged one-on-one conversations and snapping cheesy shots of me at the computer. If I had a view out my window, I could point it […]


I need food

January 12, 2002

Blah. It’s dinnertime. I’m over at dad’s right now and we’re waiting for dinner. We’ve been doin’ hardware stuff with Matt, Matt, Kimi, and Christy today; dad’s finally putting together a desktop PC. We’ve moved Matt’s computer to a new case and dad’s getting Matt’s old one. When dad get’s back with food we’re gonna […]


I am such a slacker

January 11, 2002

Kelly would be the first to confirm my headline, however, she says that all the time. Anyways, the reason I say this is because it’s been nearly a week since I last wrote here. I guess that’s mostly because nothing hugely monumental’s happened to me recently, but still that’s no excuse. I started it a […]