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Time flies, eh?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2002

It’s been a few days hasn’t it? I used to keep up with this so well, too… Let’s see, a quick rcap of what’s been goin’ on: I’ve been on duty and we had RA interviews last weekend. It was kinda strange being on the other side of the interview table only a year later then I was applying myself. I spent many hours doing this last weekend. Oy. No sleep bad. =( On the plus side, I’ve come across a new web site for my enjoyment. Thanks Sean! It’s a site for people who like to remix video game music! Is this for me or what? I just downloaded 41 mp3s from this place and it’s all good like that!

Right now the biggest thing on my mind has been what I’m doing next year. It looks like if I do nothing, I’ll probably do the same thing I did this year and be an RA. However, that may not be for me. I’ve got pros and cons for staying here and pros and cons for getting an apartment. Either way, I’ve got a lot of things to work out until I’m completely satisfied. One of these concerns is that if I move to an apartment or a house, I’ll need a room mate. Talk to me if this seems interesting to you and you know me already.

Let’s see, what else? I’ve got a few other things on my mind like some paperwork I gotta get done, I need to do some programs for my hall, and I’ve gotta do my taxes soon. Oy. Not to mention classes and the like! I’ve been keeping my head above water with regard to homework, so at least that much is goin’ all right. I survived midterms, so I just have finals to “look forward” to. Next term I plan on taking CIS410, CIS422, CIS451, and EC202. That’s Object Oriented Programming, Software Methodology, Databases Programming, and Macroeconomics, respectively. Fun, fun, fun! I hope I live to tell about it. Hopefully I’ll at least get to register for all of them this time! We’ll see…

I think that’s enough for now. New webcam shot, BTW. Ta ta! Chris out.

…and I would walk five hundred more…

Thursday, February 21st, 2002

Well, I think I got about as much milage out of that last news rant as I could expect. Thank you to everyone who wrote comments–you’re some of my new favorite people. For those who haven’t yet, I’d like to re-iterrate how EASY and QUICK it is! I know I sound like a cheap pyramid scheme, but this is ME we’re talking to here, so trust me already! It really is that easy–I designed the system, and I’ve kept the design simple. The process is: click the link, type the message, click the button, and BAM! You’re done! THAT’S IT!! No registrations, logins, or even leaving this site. It’s all done locally, so there’s certainly not any ad pop-ups.

All right, I’m freakin’ sorry I haven’t shut up about this yet, but I KNOW there are those of you out there who haven’t said anything yet (MOM!), so please give a click. Even if you don’t have anything to say, just say you’re having a splendid day and leave it at that. OH! And that reminds me, it’s come to my attention that some people could and would use my comment space as a personal rant zone of their own. My take on that is, BY ALL MEANS!! If it seems appropriate, I’ll expand or add to the system to accomidate such a use better, but in the meantime just use it as it is. That’s great.

Now I’ve gone on for two paragraphs on this stupid subject when all I origianlly intended was two sentences. Oh well. This is what I get for working without a farkin’ script! Oy vey!

A big “shout out” to Little Sister Kimi to let her know that I’m feeling positively SPLENDID!!! Thanks for askin’, ’bout that one, shorty. Also, I’d just like to go on record in a pseudo-public area such as this as saying “WARK!!!”. Oh, and Christy: GRONK!!!! It took me far too long to recall the noise a penguin makes. Uncle John, do you read this page?

I’ve been trying to get more sleep lately, but have thus far been unsuccessful, however through no lack of trying, I assure you. I actually got to bed around 22:45 last night, which for me is at least four hours too early. I read my book in bed until I felt sleepy as I am accustomed to doing, however that didn’t happen until closer to 3 or 4 in the morning. This seems to be a recurring theme with me. During the week, despite my best attempts, I cannot get to sleep early. My only salvation is the weekend when I can sleep until 14:00 and make up for lost time, so to speak. It’s a good thing I don’t have class until late, or I’d be in bigger trouble. Anyways, I’ve been getting better at making it through the day with little sleep, but I certainly realize that this is no good in the long run. I no longer fall asleep in class, but I feel an overall feeling of lethargy and lack of motivation in general. I get home in the evening, and it’s REALLY hard to do much of anything productive. I just feel tired. Tired, but not sleepy. I can take naps during the day, but if I get bedded down for bed, even in the 22:00 hour, it’s no good. I have to work really hard to stay focused on my homework. It’s really beginning to suck. I’m not unhappy or depressed or anything, just concerned with my lack of homework focus. Is this normal? I’d like to think so, and I’m getting by all right, I guess, just not as well as I’d like. sigh

Well, this update has taken some drastic turns tonight. Even I have no idea what I’m going to write when I start most of the time. Such it is with me. I’m feeling tired now, so I’m going to get into bed soon. Chris out.

Big blue borderz ‘n’ backgroundz

Monday, February 18th, 2002

Isn’t this something worth mentioning? I’ve added medium weight dark-blue borders and a nice light background color to my web log! Ain’t that just spanky!?! It’s just something new I’m trying, so please let me know if it looks un-spanky or something. I’d hate to have a web site people called salty. And did I mention that I really enjoy throwing out highly obscure adjectives? Neveryoumind.

I’m feeling much better today with regard to my cold *snif,snif*. I’ve still got the sniffles a bit, but at least my throat is back to normal again. That was really sucky and totally skanky to boot! Yuk! I was just craptastic and all dat. But I’m better now, yay! I’ve been spendin’ the past hour or so dinkin’ around with the web site with dis and dat. I took a new webcam photo a little bit ago and as you can see I’ve been toyin’ with dees heer borderz y’all seez! It’s a bit more difficult to get it to look right when some of your content is generated from a database loop, and your style and layout are divided up between HTML and style sheets. Still, I have some flexibility heer and therr. I’m also taking some liberties with spelling tonight, so bear with me. 😉

I’ve had a good weekend, if not a terribly productive one. As mentioned before, I’ve had a cold this weekend, which sucked–but at least I had a good excuse to sleep a lot and play video games. Both of these endevours I am VERY good at! I got aroud 10 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday nights and I feel ten times better for it! The only productiveness I’ve managed to produce for society was digging a hole and driving a van. VROOMVROOMVROOMsplutterVROOOOM! That was sort of how that poor State Motor Pool Dodge Van worked. It got me from point A to point B to point C to point B to point C to point B to point C to point B to point D. I was running shuttle service from campus to the Valley River Inn and vicea-versa for a big Housing conference we’re hosting this year. All I had to was drive the big-ass van, but others had a much more whacked-out time running aboot doin’ conference stuff. I’m glad I was just a driver. We the driver students got complimentary dinner from the totally fab Golden Arches. I ate three McChickens, some McFries, two McCookies, and a McCoca-Cola. Many, many, many Mc’s. Perhaps too many, but at least my appetite’s back!

Did I mention that I DUG A HOLE today? During that big wind storm last week (we had a big wind storm last week), part of the fence back home blew down. Actually, the poor fence was so rotten that my dog Spot could have just looked at it sideways and it would have collapsed from the sheer terror of it all. Anyways, being the big studly man that I am, it was up to me to take care of the situation! One of the fenceposts had rotten completely through so I ripped that out WITH MY BARE (gloved) HANDS!!! Then I chiseled out the rotten wood from the concrete that had held the old post, inserted the new 4×4 into the square hole and hung the cross-pieces in the joist-thingies. What a display of craftsmanship! I should have a building named for me or something! Oh yeah, and mom and Kimi helped. 😉 (just kiddin’ guys! thanks for your help!)

I hope you all had as much fun reading this witty, intelligent, crude, and whimsical block of text as I did writing it. If you’ve enjoyed this, or think I’m completely off my microchip, then for all that is wholly computing, LEAVE ME A COMMENT ABOUT IT!! I live for these comments–you have NO IDEA!!! I sit here by the computer, checking the database every 14 seconds to see if anyone loves me!! In the dark! Eating rotten guacamole! Listening to ABBA! It’s sad, really. Seriously (sort of) though, I’d like to personally thank my brother Matt for leaving me THE MOST comments of anyone! Including me! Check it–he’s posted more comments than I have in the comment database! Go Matt! I’d also like to thank Dad, Estelle, Kimi, iMatt, Hilary, Bill, Christy, Sean, Morgan, and Chris Wells. You guys have set yourselves apart from the rest of the human race as just that much cooler than the rest! I’ll make sure to be extra nice to you folks when I rule the galaxy someday.

This has been very long, but I hope it’s been a fun read. If you’ve made it this far, then kudos to you! If you’re a staff member, that goes doubly for you! That’s an inside joke regarding “kudos”… nevermind. Anyways, I’m gonna get goin’ now. Take care y’all and may the Schwartz be with you! Chris out.

This sucks

Saturday, February 16th, 2002

I’ve got a cold. Simple as that. I guess that past busy, hectic week, combined with my exposure to various people’s diseases (thanks Kim, Megs, and Bill) has finally done me in. I’ve spent most of my Saturday here in bed, and not sure what I can really do with the rest of my day. I think I’ll take a shower or something. Bleh.

Birthday card

Friday, February 15th, 2002

Just a quick thing for your amusement here: dad and Estelle got me a funny birthday card, so I scanned it in for y’all to see. Only math/CIS geeks like myself find this all hillarious, but I said I’d scan it, so here it be: front, inside, and back.

Alive and kicking, for the time being

Thursday, February 14th, 2002

Chris is still here, thanks, despite the lack of comments posted here. You know, it only takes about 15 seconds to post a comment, and I don’t think I have any friends whose time is THAT valuable… 😉

Let’s see, what’s been going on with me… Aside from my birthday, not a whole lot. Last night (the 13th), I went out to help celebrate Mary’s birthday, so that was fun. She got pretty messed up, but I think she learned a valuable lesson there. I was a designated driver, so I just went along for the ride drinking iced tea. I wasn’t really in the mood for more alcohol after Tuesday night anyways… Oh, and for those who care, I didn’t get a hangover or anything Wednesday morning. I just had a little bit of a headache later that afternoon, but I think that comes more from not eating anything all day. Yesterday afternoon I went out and spent my birthday money on a Playstation 2 with Final Fantasy X. I’m going to resist playing it any more until I finish the other games before it, but from what I’ve seen so far… damn! This game is gonna be so cool!!! heh heh heh….

Two worries for tomorrow: CIS homework due, and an econ midterm. I’ve got some work to do for both of those today, but luckily I have some time to do it. It’s been a busy week, but I’m working hard not to let it keep me down! I’ll relax with Final Fantasy this weekend, I think…

That’s it from me for now. Chris out.


Wednesday, February 13th, 2002

I am barely cohearant, but I made it home safely from my 21st birthday celebration. I went out with Christy, Megan, Dylan, Shelby, Beth, David, Ben, and Karen, and we had a great time. We went to a cafe/bar first, and then we went to another place after that. The second place was nuts! A lotta people there. I can’t remember the spelling of either place right now, but once I ask, I’ll list it here. I had a great time, and to all my friends–Thank you! You’re the greatest! I’m going to bed now. Ta ta! Chris out.

New pics!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

Just a quick message: I’ve added some new pics to the site for your viewing pleasure. This (large) batch focuses on Residence Life, so I’ve got a lotta pictures of the staff and the residents where I live, so if your curious about my life here in the “dorms”, check it out. Please enjoy and submit any comments to this news update.

Am I not entertaining enough?

Monday, February 11th, 2002

All right, I appreciate all the nice feedback in the comment section thus far, but seriously folks, where’d it all go? Here I’ve been, writin’ like mad, and I know people have been readin’ this site (the logs, man…), but no one’s been commenting on anything recently! Let’s get some chatter goin’ on out there, people! (Why do I feel like a baseball manager?)

Sorry ’bout that. Just had to go on a rant there for a sec. I’m assuming I’ll probably get some pity comments out of this, but what I’d really like is to get some more regular feedback from people who read this thing. Maybe I’m just not entertaining enough and I should write more than just about me. I’m generally not that creative and I’m really best at writing in this style here as you see it, but I can try to come up with something I suppose. What do you think I should write in here? It’s fairly free-form as you can see, so anything could work at this point. I could come up with some kind of story, but I don’t know. Some of my more creative stuff is my late-late-night writings on philosophical musings and/or the BS that strikes me due to a lack of sleeping. Maybe I’ll write something after I get back from my birthday celebrating tomorrow night. For those who know my plans for tomorrow, you know that this could be interesting.

Random subject change–Last weekend I went to Wunderland (video arcade) with some friends for Christy’s birthday and I had a blast playing this game called Dance Maniax. It’s by the same group that does the infamous Dance Dance Revolution, and it’s amazingly fun! In this game you “dance” to the music the game plays and you match up your hand gestures with the symbols on the scree as they scroll by. It’s hard to explain, but it’s hillarious to watch people play! I’m surprisingly good at this game–the best in our crew, actually. I got a perfect score on a level. That means I went through an entire song without missing a beat once! Hella tight! The rest of the party was fun, too, but that was the best part. 😉

*Does a little song and dance* Entertaining yet? As I’m sure you’ve become intimately aware, I’m constantly trying to better this site, even if it means adding more content instead of more techie krap. Still, when I orginally created this site years ago (it looked nothing like this at the time), I asked myself the question “what can I bring to the web that no one else can?” and I decided that only I could provide the Internet with an official web site for Christopher J. Brunner, hence the original site name of The Official Chris Brunner Homepage. Since that time I’ve added more than just my stats and some random pictures of myself, however those elements are still here if you’ve noticed. The major content areas I’ve created since then have been the pictures, the news, and the guestbook. This site has become more than just a place for you to learn about me; it’s become a place for me to learn about me too. Writing all this stuff often helps me sort out my thoughts and it’s been a creative outlet for some time now. I’m just tryin’ to think of what I can do to add to it now. I’m planning on adding some more pictures–I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now. What else? I ask all eight of you who read this little site for some feedback–what could this site provide?

K, that’s enough from me for now. I’m gonna try to do some work on a new pics page. Chris out.

Two down…

Friday, February 8th, 2002

Yes, I know it’s only about two hours after my last post, but I felt the need to let y’all know that I finished my CIS midterm now. It went…all right. I didn’t do as well on some problems as I would have liked, but like my math midterm, I put something down for all of them questions.

Also, just to let y’all know, I’ve added yet another feature on this site. Now, whenever a comment is left here, I’ll be notified via email. This way I can respond to your comments all that much quicker! Oh joy! Also, if people are reading through the archives and feel like leaving a note there, I won’t miss it.

Lastly, I’m planning on going to see On the Rocks perform at the W.O.W. Hall tonight, so that should be fun. It’s at 21:30, so if anyone’s interested in seeing this fine, UO-based men’s a cappella group sing live in person, then by all means patronize this show! They should have CD’s available next Thursday before they head down to Berkeley to go compete.

That should be it for now. I’ve done a lot of posting recently, so by all means go back and read those you may have missed. And PLEASE leave me a comment! I feel like I’m talking to a room, but I’m blindfolded so I can’t see who–if any–I’m talking to! Chris out.