Time flies, eh?

February 26, 2002

It’s been a few days hasn’t it? I used to keep up with this so well, too… Let’s see, a quick rcap of what’s been goin’ on: I’ve been on duty and we had RA interviews last weekend. It was kinda strange being on the other side of the interview table only a year later […]


…and I would walk five hundred more…

February 21, 2002

Well, I think I got about as much milage out of that last news rant as I could expect. Thank you to everyone who wrote comments–you’re some of my new favorite people. For those who haven’t yet, I’d like to re-iterrate how EASY and QUICK it is! I know I sound like a cheap pyramid […]


Big blue borderz ‘n’ backgroundz

February 18, 2002

Isn’t this something worth mentioning? I’ve added medium weight dark-blue borders and a nice light background color to my web log! Ain’t that just spanky!?! It’s just something new I’m trying, so please let me know if it looks un-spanky or something. I’d hate to have a web site people called salty. And did I […]


This sucks

February 16, 2002

I’ve got a cold. Simple as that. I guess that past busy, hectic week, combined with my exposure to various people’s diseases (thanks Kim, Megs, and Bill) has finally done me in. I’ve spent most of my Saturday here in bed, and not sure what I can really do with the rest of my day. […]


Birthday card

February 15, 2002

Just a quick thing for your amusement here: dad and Estelle got me a funny birthday card, so I scanned it in for y’all to see. Only math/CIS geeks like myself find this all hillarious, but I said I’d scan it, so here it be: front, inside, and back.


Alive and kicking, for the time being

February 14, 2002

Chris is still here, thanks, despite the lack of comments posted here. You know, it only takes about 15 seconds to post a comment, and I don’t think I have any friends whose time is THAT valuable… 😉 Let’s see, what’s been going on with me… Aside from my birthday, not a whole lot. Last […]



February 13, 2002

I am barely cohearant, but I made it home safely from my 21st birthday celebration. I went out with Christy, Megan, Dylan, Shelby, Beth, David, Ben, and Karen, and we had a great time. We went to a cafe/bar first, and then we went to another place after that. The second place was nuts! A […]


New pics!

February 12, 2002

Just a quick message: I’ve added some new pics to the site for your viewing pleasure. This (large) batch focuses on Residence Life, so I’ve got a lotta pictures of the staff and the residents where I live, so if your curious about my life here in the “dorms”, check it out. Please enjoy and […]


Am I not entertaining enough?

February 11, 2002

All right, I appreciate all the nice feedback in the comment section thus far, but seriously folks, where’d it all go? Here I’ve been, writin’ like mad, and I know people have been readin’ this site (the logs, man…), but no one’s been commenting on anything recently! Let’s get some chatter goin’ on out there, […]


Two down…

February 8, 2002

Yes, I know it’s only about two hours after my last post, but I felt the need to let y’all know that I finished my CIS midterm now. It went…all right. I didn’t do as well on some problems as I would have liked, but like my math midterm, I put something down for all […]