So, I washed my car today…

March 31, 2002

Just to prove that I wasn’t totally useless this spring break, I washed and waxed my car this afternoon. It looks really shiny now! I can see myself in it! This break I also cleaned out the rain gutters, mowed the lawn, and moved all the furniture to the center of my bedroom back home […]


Today’s mission…..success!

March 26, 2002

The headline is a reference to the anime show “Excel Saga”, but what it means is more serious than that wacky show. Remember about three months ago when I was goin’ off about how I needed to prove to myself that I can improve in my studies and I can do better in school that […]


Spring break!!!

March 24, 2002

Yay! It’s spring break, and I’m so much more relaxed now. Today (Saturday) I took Megs to the train station, I checked out the remaining rooms here in the complex, I had lunch, I copied a CD, I played some Final Fantasy IX, and then I went home for a bit. I had a nice […]


Finals done

March 21, 2002

Well, that’s it for another round of finals here. As I don’t have the luxery keeping my grades to myself, I may as well go and say that I got passing marks, if not the best I would have liked. I’m glad winter term is over; it’s always the hardest one. Next term looks a […]


One down, last one’s tomorrow

March 19, 2002

As usual during finals week, expect a lot of updates here. I got three things for ya on this one: The first is that I took my math final today, and I did better than I expected. There were plenty of hard questions on the test, and some I frankly had no idea, or just […]


Finals + Having a Cold = Sucky

March 18, 2002

If only my math final had equations as simple as my headline. Actually, that equation describes my day tomorrow in math pretty well. I’ll even have some equations like that in class, except that they’ll be much more complex and I’ll have a lot more of them to solve at one time. Oh well. I’m […]


Once again–blah

March 13, 2002

Well, my Tuesday math assignment is…done. I’m not happy with it–it was hard! Still, it’s outta my hair now, so I can be glad for that. I have another one due on Friday, but it’s shorter. We really crammed a lot into this term. I also have a final in Econ on Friday that I’m […]



March 11, 2002

To explain my headline, tonight’s homework is done, again with much thanks to Carl. However, that leaves my math homework, which is due Tuesday at 14:00, so I get to do that tomorrow! Joy! Still, I’m relieved that my CIS is done–that’s always the hardest. The math is more just time-consuming. Since finishing my CIS, […]


No sleep

March 7, 2002

Sleepless again, here I be. I got a few hours last night but not enough. *Yawn* It’s not that bad. I don’t have any homework due tomorrow, so at least I have that going for me. I’m running our staff meeting tonight, so I need to draw up an agenda for that. Other than that, […]



March 4, 2002

Just one more thought: check out the big “LATEST NEWS” headline at the top! Think it looks nifty now, try reloading the page a couple times. Damn I’m so cool! [Update 3/4@17:15] New webcam shot.