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I’m not dead yet!

Monday, April 29th, 2002

I’ve been really busy lately. Remember that laundry list of stuff for me to get done last week? Well, you’ll be happy to know that I got most of them done. I’m finishing up the CIS422 project right now, in fact. I’ll write more about my activities later, I swear! After this week… or maybe the next. I’ve got midterms now. They’re like a dissease. Ugh! Chris out.

Oh, what to do?

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002

I’ve got a few things piling up lately that need taking care of. Lets use some sort of bulleted list, shall we?

  • CIS 429 homework. This is due tomorrow morning, so I consider it one of my top priorities.
  • Study Econ. I have a midterm in Economics 202 on Friday that I really need to get some stuff prepared for. Luckily, the first chapter and a half or so of the book is the same as from Microeconomics, so at least that’s review.
  • Journal Entry. Each week I gotta turn in a journal entry for poly sci 104. Shouldn’t be too hard, but I gotta do the reading.
  • The Project. Yes, there’s always work to be done on the CIS 422 project. I’ve got a laundry list of things to do for that, and it’s all due next Monday night! Speaking of laundry…
  • Laundry. Yeah, it’s that time again. I gotta dig up some more quarters…
  • Housing Programming. I need to do some work on a couple of programs (non-computer-type) for the res halls this week, too. There’s a Safety Forum on Wednesday and a dance on Friday that I’m helping out with.

I guess that’ll do me for now. Not too bad, I suppose. My biggest worry at the moment is the CIS 429 homework. I hear it’s not too hard, but it’s time-consuming. *Sigh*. The other stuff isn’t due tomorrow, so it can stand to wait a little longer. The CIS 422 I enjoy doing, so that’s not really a bother either.

I’ve received some complaints about the excessive use of lens flares in my ChrisCam pictures, so let me address this now: I LIKE ‘EM! DEAL! 😛 Seriously (sort of) though, I’ll try to come up with some other sort of obnoxious filter to play with for those things. I’d do one right now, but I don’t have my web cam here on this computer at work.

I’m so glad it’s spring! The weather is pretty and I’m in higher spirits. Ahh yes! Very nice indeed! The sun is out, it’s mildly warm, and the grass is green all over. Life is good! Chris out.

Sick of coding?

Monday, April 22nd, 2002

Perhaps I’m growing tired of coding, just a smidgen? I think it’s just relatively late. I think I’ll farm off some stuff to the rest of my group for a bit; I’ve be doing a lotta coding for this project lately. Ho hum.

This weekend was good; I hung out with my parents and my friends so it’s all good. Didn’t accomplish a lot, but I got some new shoes (thanks dad!) I also managed to help mom install a baseboard heater in my old bedroom. WARMTH!! That’s definately a plus.

This week I’m gonna try to finish up my end of the project and see that it all comes together by next week when it’s due. Also, I need to study for my econ test on Friday, do another journal entry for PS104, and do my homework for CIS429, too. All-in-all, not that bad, I guess. I’m on duty this coming weekend. Joy.

Guess that’s it for now. New webcam pic, if you’re interested. Oh, and just a quick note–if you ever partake in the “comments” section of this page, I might point out that on occasion I or others might post something in response to your comments, so you might want to click “read comments” before you hit “leave comment”. Or, you may want to simply read the comments again later to see if I or someone else posted something back to you. That’s it. Oh, and Kim, what are those sub-header things on your page for? I generally notice them after I read the article rather than before, because they’re so small. Chris out.

And now a word from our sponsors…

Thursday, April 18th, 2002

If I had a sponsor I’d leave their words here for you, but since no one has ever offered me money for product placement here on my page, I’ll spare you of that for now.

I’ve managed to go almost two whole days without any major computer programming ventures! I’m not that much of a hopeless programming junkie! I did do a little coding Wednesday afternoon, but that was just to test out using PHP from the command line to get stuff from the database. I just recalled that you can actually use mysql itself to get stuff via the command line, but since we might not have mysql installed on the server, we’d better stick with the PHP method. Assuming PHP actually gets installed.

OK get this–I just wrote a php program that connects to the database and retrieves the info we for our project need from the command line while I was writing this update!!! I need help! But it’s just so much fun! I’m a programmer, damnit! It’s weird to say that: “I’m a programmer.” I never really thought of myself as one until recently. I mean, I’d say “I can program a bit,” or “I know some programming,” but that’s all. I think I’ve finally gotten to the point when I can actually see a task and solve it with a computer. I don’t immediately freak out when I don’t see a solution already. It’s a good thing, really.

I went to Kim’s Confirmation the other night and that was a really nice ceremony. Pictures were taken but not with the digital, so I’ll have them scanned in as soon as we get the prints back. If you’ve been reading Kim’s page, then you’d already know this. Oh, and when reading her page make sure you catch the really-faint-and-hard-to-notice news rant titles in the upper-right corner where no one looks. I miss them every time. Perhaps they could be made a bit more visible… *hint,hint* -_^

And speaking of siblings, word is that my brother Matt’s going to be making a really impressive web page soon. It will be earth-shatteringly cool and imply many impressive and difficult features that only a team of highly trained circus weasels could create. I hope I’m not setting the expectations too high…

Oh how I do love harassing the sibs’ web sites (or lack thereof, as the case may be.) Call it Sibling Net Rivalry. ‘cept it’s a bit one-sided right now since I’m the only one participating in the struggle. I also have the biggest web site, so NYAHH! Wanna play “I win”? ^_^ Chris out.


Tuesday, April 16th, 2002

That’s what I am! I code FOR NO PURPOSE now! It’s a habit, a problem, AN ADDICTION! I can’t stop programming! This may sound good for my computer science career, but it’s not! I haven’t been programming something useful or something for a class assignment–NO! I’ve been programming more stuff for this silly site! And the real kicker is: IT STILL LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!! I just spent probably 3 hours or so studying API’s for both PHP and MySQL, debugging code, testing solutions, etc, for what? If you look real close (No, not literally! Back! Back!) you might notice that my little personal “Chris” signature now appears on my news archive pages. I could make it not do that, but it was a by-product of all my coding, and I liked it, so I let it remain. I may change that later, and if I do, IT WILL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT DID YESTERDAY! Oh, and before I forget, new ChrisCam shot.

So, what did I do that took so much study and 3 hours of programming time? Well, since you asked so rhetorically, I’ll tell you! There was one hokey thing left on the site that I didn’t like. You know that “Archive” menu thing at the bottom of the news rant page? Well, every new month I had to update that by adding the previous month to the drop-down list and then reset a couple links. Big whoop, right? WRONG! All this could be done automatically, and I could eliminate the news_archive.php page entirely! Now we’re getting somewhere! My front page is now very complex. It handles the POST data for my line-entry system (the one-liners at the top in red). It determines if it’s going to look like my front page or an archive page. It displays the requested news rants of the given month. It has a nifty graduated LATEST NEWS headline. It dynamically generates the archive list at the bottom. That’s right, folks! news.php SLICES, DICES, and it can even cut through this copper pipe followed by this RIPE TOMATO! “Holy shit, Chris!” you may be asking. “Just how can one product do all of this for the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?” To which I’ll respond, “Well, the answer is quite simple: EVIL!” Goodnight, everybody! Chris out.


Monday, April 15th, 2002

I may have used that headline before. I’ll have to check on that… Nope! We’re clear!

Why the victory? Well, due to popular demand (really!), I’ve decided to archive my web cam shots. Now, I could do this by hand certainly–I mean, I had the knowledge to do that years ago. But this is MY SITE we’re talking about here! I’ve gotta go all the way with this!

WARNING! Technical jargon ahead!

I pushed PHP to a new height this evening to add this new functionality. The new system lets me upload a new webcam picture from a web page to the system, at which point it enters a new entry into the database, bumps the old one into the archive and there ya go! New pic! All done for me! It only took upwards of SIX HOURS OF CODING, but I got it! The hardest part was figuring out how to write to my public_html directory from a web site, since of course it’s not publically writable. I have a secondary login prompt at my admin web site that passes the username and password in and thus grants access to… yes, FTP! I use FTP to localhost on the server to get the file out of the temporary space it shoves it into when I upload it, and into the space where it needs to go! What a mess! The code’s really cool though, I assure you!

End of techie talk (for now)

Anyways, the bottom line is I now have the ability to archive old ChrisCam shots. Now, the pics of the past are long gone, but starting with the sparkly one from the 10th, all new ones will be kept available. I encourage everyone to check the little drop-down list thingy on the ChrisCam page once in a while to see if you may have missed some. I did THREE tonight, so be sure to check all of those out. So, without further ado, here’s the page! Chris out.

New webcam shot!

Wednesday, April 10th, 2002

Yippie! Skippy! New webcam pic for yous to enjoy! 150% of you daily recommended dose of lens flares!! Do you think I should archive these so y’all can look at old ones? Leave a comment! Chris out.

Bwa! A Longer Update! Nyarr!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2002

Lotsa sound effects in tonight’s headline… fascinating. Anyways, I’d like to say that I’m pleased with our group’s progress in CIS 422. I’ve developed a prototype for the data-entry/user-interface and it works well. I’ve got a few things to work out, but Phase One is nearly complete. Phase Two involves us knowing more about Procmail than we do, so we’re all gonna study that for a bit before we get together again. We have a draft for the plan, so we can turn that in on time on Thursday. We’re ahead of schedule, so all is going well. For CIS 429, I’m stalling. I should be doing that homework right now, but instead I’m writing this. I’ll do it right after, honest! Go figure.

For Poly Sci, it’s a 100-level class, so there hasn’t been much work yet. OH! And get this! Bill Seizmore is coming to our class to be a guest speaker! In Eugene! What a maroon! If you don’t know who he is, he’s a very bad man who wants to take away money from schools and firefighters. Boooo!!! (I’m simplifying just a little.) This oughta be interesting.

And as for Econ, as usual, I’ve done very, very little. I bought the book, which believe me mom, I will use, just not yet. The first midterm deadline isn’t for a couple weeks yet. No worries!

Not much else to discuss as of yet. I updated my webcam pic again. Don’t forget to take a gander at the ever-changing “little red self-proclamations” or “randomly generated quips” as Kimi called them, up there at the top of the main news screen. Also, don’t forget to check out Kimi’s web page. I’m not gonna pimp it forever, Kim, so get to your own advertising soon! -_^ Chris out.


Tuesday, April 9th, 2002

Just a quick note: My sister, Kimi, is once again actively updating her web page, so go check it out.

Will Wonders Never Cease

Friday, April 5th, 2002

I’ve discovered that I can keep adding quips to the titlebar thingy indefinately! I have 306 right now, which is just simply stupid and insane! I still find it absolutely hillarious, and all of these things I put in there for some reason or another. Some have more to do with me than others. Some just have to do with what mp3 I was listening to at the time. Anyway, I encourage you to hit refresh/reload a few times to see what I created in the title bar. For those who don’t know, it’s the red bit near the top in the black bar. It should say Chris Brunner in there somewhere. It’ll change each time you reload. Oh, and for those who are less-frequent visitors, the line that says “LATEST NEWS” will also change color randomly. I don’t know why I like this feature so much. I guess I really like one-liners, I dunno. I’ve been meaning to add this feature for months now.

Lessee, what else? Well, classes are looking to be difficult, but do-able, so I’m not too worried…yet. I can feel worry waiting for me a few weeks out, but for now, it’s OK. I had a hall meeting tonight and that went pretty well. We got some ideas for stuff to do this term, so that’ll be cool. Other than that, I should go to bed now. Chris out.