Vanilla Coke?

May 30, 2002

I’m here at work with my first bottle of the new Vanilla Coke, but I’m not sure what to make of it. I guess it’s all right, but I don’t find Vanilla Coke to be as thirst-quenching and/or refreshing as Coke Classic. It’s sweet and it definately tastes of vanilla, but it might be a […]



May 28, 2002

Well! That certainly was a busy weekend! Lemme bring you up to speed with a quick rundown of the activities from Thursday to today: Thursday night I had a stargazing program in housing and that went until about 22:00, at which point dad came and picked me up so that I could sleep at his […]


Home again

May 27, 2002

Lastly, I am now back from camping. It was a lotta fun, and I’ll prolly write more about it soon, especially since I got some more digital pictures to post! But right now, I need sleep, so that’s it for now. Chris out.


Matthew home

May 25, 2002

We got matt back at 1:55 am this morning. All is well, I’m back home now, too. I’m getting up early to go camping, so this is as long as this message is going to get. Chris out.



May 24, 2002

Made it safely down. Packing and going back up. Chris out!


Movin’ right along

May 23, 2002

Soon I’ll be rudely awakened with the sun. Or is that the father will rudely awaken his son? At any rate, dad and I will hopefully be on the road headed south to Berkeley in about 6 or 7 hours. That’s CRAZY! Y’all know how much of a morning person I am! In the last […]


A lost mind

May 22, 2002

Today is going all right so far. I’ve gone to class and I’ve gone to office hours. Wheeeeeeee! I still have summer staff training and a billiars to do tonight, not to mention studying for my Econ midterm I have scheduled tomorrow!!! Ahhh!!! Don’t panic, Chris, everything will be OK! Really! So, for the rest […]


Nothing to see here, move along…

May 21, 2002

Ya know, not a lot’s happened since I last wrote here, so this’ll probably be brief. Last night was duty night, so woo hoo to that! Seriously though, I enjoy Monday duty cuz it’s quiet and Megs and I have fun on rounds. Before rounds I managed to get a lot of little odds and […]


Duelin’ Banjos

May 20, 2002

I’ve got some funky folk music playin’ while I’m at work here, and it’s got a good twang. Don’t know why, but it seems to work right now. Must be the funky Eugene weather we got goin’ on right now. Anywho, my morning went pretty well. My CIS group had a good meeting with Prof. […]


Once more for good measure

May 19, 2002

Yay! Another weekend post! Two in a row, no less! I don’t generally post as often on weekends, because I know that some people only check this page on weekdays and I don’t want anyone to miss anything. But I’m bored, so here ya go! First up, new webcam shot. Oh boy! I can see […]