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Nothing to show!…. at least not here

Wednesday, June 26th, 2002

Once again, I’ve spent many hours today doing some web development work. But this time, there is NOTHING here to show for it. Nothing behind the scenes, no typos fixed, and no backends upgraded. Nope, this time I was working for Kimi. See, she flies to Ireland tomorrow with Kelly, so she’s not going to be at her computer where she can update her web page with news updates. This was not all right by me, so I set her up with a site backend like mine, i.e. she can now update her web rants from a web page like I do. So, when she’s sitting in an Internet caf? somewhere in Dublin, she can surf to her site and write us all a little update. How nice is that? At least, that’s how I envision it. Also, per her request y’all can leave her comments on her rants, just like you can here. System works the same as here, so everyone should be able to figure it out. You can even leave comments on rants past. I know the most recent one was about a month ago, but humor her and leave a note, would ya?

Oh, and for those who don’t know, here’s a link to her new page. I’ve set up a redirect from the old site, but some people might not have that, or would rather just click on something here, so there it is.

As for me, I’ve been gettin’ by all right. Summer’s been treatin’ me well, and I just watched the director’s cut of Das Boot tonight. What an uplifting little film that was! Still, a good movie, all-in-all. Maybe I’ll watch a more light-hearted movie next, something like Apocalypse Now, perhaps. 😉 That’s all. Chris out.

Busy as a …

Sunday, June 23rd, 2002

Well, considering it’s summer, I’ve certainly been keeping myself busy! I drop by the office at least once a day (even on weekends) and there’s always something to get done over there. Today I had checkins for one of my conferences, and that went pretty well. They’re here for two weeks, but hopefully they’ll be low-maintenance. The office may seem very chaotic–and it is–but somehow the show goes on. Beats me how.

Last night Matt had another geek party over at dad’s place and there was much computer gaming going on. Rah, rah. I couldn’t go cuz I’m on freakin’ duty this weekend. Oh well, at least I’m not on again for over a month after tonight. The other night Kimi also had a party and that was also well-attended. I came for a while, but again I had work to attend to so I couldn’t stay too long. If anyone emails me any pics from either of these events (I happen to know there were some digital cameras present), I’ll post them up here for all to enjoy. K?

Despite how busy I appear, this summer totally rocks and this job is wonderful. I love the total lack of homework, too! Did I mention I got an A+ in CIS 422 last term? I did? Well, can never mention it too much! I’m overly-proud of myself to a sin, but it’s not often I get an A+ in a hard class so I cut myself some slack. Y’all need to drop by and visit sometime! I’m in 102 Burgess hall in Hamilton complex. Chris out.

No news

Thursday, June 20th, 2002

It’s summer, so I’m not really going to have as much to say here as I do during the year. New ChrisCam shot up.

Yesterday went pretty well. Had a few things to do at the office, but the meetings weren’t too terribly long. After meetings and what-not, I went and shot pool with Dylan, Megs, Karen, and Emily over at Reily Hall. Good times.

Last night, Kimi and Dude-Man went on their two-month anniversary date. AWWW!! How cute! I lent mom my car so that Kimi could take hers. I hope they appreciate it! Also, I hope someone can return my car to me sometime today. I’ll bug someone about that after I take a shower ‘n’ stuff. Chris out.

Changing space

Tuesday, June 18th, 2002

Well, here I am at my new place for the summer in Hamilton Complex. It’s very nice and big, so if you’re in the area, gimme a call and drop on by. I haven’t forwarded my line over to my new number yet, so just call my cell.

The summer job as a Conference Assistant seems to be going pretty well so far. Aside from the general mayhem of the first weekend’s checkins, things are going pretty well. I’ve got three conferences here right now and they are behaving very nicely. Contrasting that with the football camp I’ve got living in my building. Those guys are quite a lively bunch! There was a buncha guys outside my door a few minutes ago making quite a racket. Oh, now they’re back… *sigh*

Oh! And get this–remember back in March when I set a goal for myself in CIS422? I said I wanted to get an A in the class–I got an A+!!! I was blown away! I haven’t gotten an A+ in a class since CIS210 back fall term of freshman year! Go me! I rule! I got B’s in my other classes, which is good considering how little time I put into those. I’m VERY happy about CIS422, however. =)

That’s about it for now. I survived finals, spring term, and my junior year. Next step: Senior Year. The end. That’s it! No more! Wow. Let’s just see if I can survive summer staff first. Chris out.

Bwee hee hee!

Thursday, June 13th, 2002

Hee hee! It’s 4:30am, and I don’t care at all! I’ve reinstalled my OS, I’m copying files back onto the hard drive from CD backup, and I’ve got Muddy Waters playing on mp3. Nothing like a little old school blues rock to get ya goin’, eh? Oh, and for those who care, a good Muddy Waters collection would make a great gift at some point! 😉

I’m writin’ another news rant for two reasons: one, it gets boring waiting for files to copy from a CD to a hard drive, an two, I posted another ChrisCam shot for your amusement. I must look like quite the freak at night, cuz these things are just so much fun at times. I’m not saying you’ll find it as much fun as me–you aren’t up at 4:30am–but I hope it at least lets you laugh in my face next time you see me. I have no idea where I’m goin’ here.

I’m certainly not in a great frame of mind to write at great length, but I’ll write more simply cuz I’m so bored and I got some great blues on. Nah, screw that, I’m done. Chris out.

In the dark

Wednesday, June 12th, 2002

I’m writing this message in my room, in the dark, with sunglasses on. Let me explain. First, I’m in my room because this is where my computer is. I’m wearing sunglasses because, well, lately I always do. It’s dark for two reasons, one is that it’s been very HOT today and this is much cooler, and two when the lights are on and the windows are open, the bugs all wanna be in here. So I’ve got the brightness/contrast turned down on my screen so as not to kill my eyes and/or attract more bugs. I have my door open to draw the cooler night air in, but it also lets some light in from the hall so it’s not too dark in here. I can at least see the keyboard, however it’s mostly from the glare of the monitor.

Today went all right. I passed my Econ midterm so now I’m all done with finals. I spent a good portion of the rest of the day dying from allergies and checking residents out of the halls. I hate so many goodbyes. I think I did well on my CIS final yesterday, but we’ll see when grades come out, eh? Regardless I enjoyed the class, so at least I’ve still got that. The rest of the week is just me working at the library, working for Conference Services, and workin’ with checkouts here in the res halls. It’s certainly keeping me busy enough!

I felt like writing earlier, but now not so much. Not really sure what to write about. It’s nice that I’ve actually got some free time, that is, when I’m done with work for the day I can recreate and not worry that I should be doing homework and/or studying. Unfortunately my brother came by and took the Super Nintendo so I can’t play with that. I guess I’ll have to amuse myself with the computer and the PS2. I think I borrowed a movie from the area desk, too, so I could watch that. I just gotta make sure I’m up by 10:00 so I can make it to work on time. Tomorrow’s gonna be a hella busy day for me!

That’s it for now! Chris out.


Monday, June 10th, 2002

I was bored, so I did up an illustration of myself. In other words, new ChrisCam shot.

News of the world

Monday, June 10th, 2002

Woa! What a busy weekend I had! Lemme give the quicker rundown. On Friday, I went up to Portland to get Uncle Dave from the airport, and we hung out a good portion of the weekend. Friday night we went to Kokomo’s and hung out there and Saturday night we went to Diablos and chilled there. Good times. Saturday night was also Kimi’s graduation from high school, so congrats to her! That’s the last of us Brunner kids for high school; next year I graduate from college, so here we go again! Seriously though, congratulations to Kimi and all her friends who graduated last weekend. Sunday was Matthew’s day, as he was awarded his Eagle Scout rank that afternoon. There are some pics of this event on this site if you’re at all interested.

That was the short version. For the long form, gimme a call or something. If you don’t know my phone number, leave a comment here and perhaps I’ll get back to you. =)

For those of us who haven’t graduated, we have now begun finals week, so wish us luck. I’ll be keeping everyone posted via this site, but the quick layout of the week is work, CIS422, EC202, work, and work. That’s Monday through Friday, respectively. I’m not too worried, but I’ll still be studying–such is the life I lead. I’ll also be checking residents out of the halls all week, so I’ll have that to keep me occupied as well. Bottom line is don’t expect to see me all that much this week, I’ll be busy.

Ooo! And I’ve found a new project to work on! I’m gonna set Kimi up with a news system like mine so people can comment on her stuff too! Won’t that be nice? I haven’t told her this yet, so when she gets around to reading my site, she’ll find out too. As soon as she gets her PAC, she should have access to gladstone (the UO undergrad UNIX timeshare computer), which means she’ll have upwards of 50MB of web space to play with. She can finally have the SMAP shrine she’s always wanted! =D I’ll keep y’all posted on that one too.

I think that’s it for now. I’m gonna go build a web site. Chris out.

The end is nigh

Thursday, June 6th, 2002

OK, it took far too long to find out how to properly spell “nigh”. Somehow I thought there was an ‘e’ in there, and I almost spelled it like the sound a horse makes. In the end, I’m an idiot.

So we presented our project in CIS422 the other day. I think it went well and our project does what we wanted it to do, even if it wasn’t as flashy as some of the other projects. I really hope I get a good grade in that class. The final is on Tuesday and I think we’re probably going to be reviewing the material today in about an hour and a half when I’m in lecture.

From that laundry list of items I needed to do this week, I’m down to 1) writing that silly journal entry for PS104, and 2) my close-down meeting for the hall. The rest is just studying for my finals, one of which is TOMORROW! Gees, how time runs fast sometime.

I’m really looking forward to the summer; I hope to get a lot of reading done and I can watch a bunch of movies I’ve been meaning to see. Live-in jobs are the greatest thing, because I never have to worry about going to work–I’m already there! The first few weeks of the summer are going to be really busy, but it should quiet down later on. Maybe I’ll have some time to do some more work on this ol’ web page. Remember that secret project I mentioned earlier? Maybe I can have time to do that. I’m not even sure what it is yet, so don’t ask. I don’t trust me anymore than I trust you, so I haven’t told me all the details. We’ll all find out together, if ever.

Cryptic enough for ya? Cool. Moving on, tonight I have my last hall meeting of the year. So sad. We’re having a LOT of food, so that should be good. I gotta go over some checkout procedures with everyone and make some kind of closing remarks. I think I’m gonna order, like, 10 pizzas or something. That outta hold ’em for a bit. That’s enough for the entire hall to get almost two slices, and I’ve never had that kind of turnout for any kind of program.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m driving up to Portland to get my uncle Dave from PDX. He’s flying in for Kimi’s graduation, which I might mention is this Saturday. Matt’s Eagle Court of Honor is Sunday, so it looks like I’ve got a busy weekend, what with finals next week and all.

One last thing to mention–Kimi says that she’ll be updating her web page more often now that she’s done with school, so keep an eye on that. She’s leaving for Europe for a month in a few weeks, so don’t expect any updates while she’s gone. If she can somehow get an account on gladstone before she goes, I’ll try to set her up with a news/rant/comment system like mine, so perhaps she can update on her travels.

That’s it for now. More to come later! Chris out.

The week is not dead, but I may be

Monday, June 3rd, 2002

I know I bitch about this every term, but “Dead” Week is dead in name only. I always seem to have more to do now than at any other part of the term. I’m actually looking forward to finals week because I have less to do then and I can relax! Lemme list off all the stuff I gotta do this week: 1) Finish off my CIS422 Project 2; 2) Do my last journal entry for PS104; 3) Study for my finals in PS, CIS, and Econ, which are Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, respectively; 4) Do my laundry (so not all my tasks are huge, they still gotta get done!); 5) Plan and run my close-down meeting; 6) Make and put up flyers for the Internet Addiction program Wednesday night.

I think that’s it for now, but it’s only Monday. The CIS project is due in about 5 hours, and I can get back to work on it as soon as I get off work. Tomorrow we present our projects to the class. I’m afraid that ours is going to get out-shown by the others, but it does what it’s supposed to do. I really want to do well in this class. We’ll see when the grades come out in two weeks, eh?

Enough about stressful stuff. Let’s talk about something else. … Problem is, I can’t really think of anything. I was on duty all last weekend, and I missed a number of parties, which really angers me. I’m on duty tonight, but for once there’s nothing more fun going on anyways. Oh, on a somewhat happier note, I’m doing better in The Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo game). The situation is that I was playing along, doin’ great, and then all of a sudden I get to this one part where all the monsters are consistently kicking my ass! I mean, they just got REALLY HARD all of a sudden! With all the bugs in this game (seriously, I have never seen such a buggy cartridge), I wouldn’t be surprised if this level were some kind of oversight. Anyways, I’m finally to a point where I can start to build up my levels there. It used to be I’d get killed off so quickly that I wouldn’t be able to save my progress and thus I’d keep having to start all over again. Well, now I can hold my own for a bit, as long as I’m playing very strategically. I cast a lot of defensive spells and use a long range weapon. =)

What else? I’m REALLY looking forward to summer! I can catch up on some recreational reading, I can watch a bunch of movies I’ve been meaning to watch! I can SLEEP! DEAR GOD, I CAN SLEEP!!! It’s gonna be great. I also get to hang out with my friends on staff, and that’s gonna be stellar too. It’s what, a little more than 11 days to go? *SIGH* So close, yet so far.

Oh, and for those who missed it, check out the end of May in the archives. I think I wrote some stuff there. I’ll try to put up a new webcam shot of me for your enjoyment, too. Why not? It’s not like I’m busy or anything. Chris out.