We’re back!

July 31, 2002

For those who care, this site was down yesterday from about 20:00 Tuesday until 13:15 Wednesday. For once, this was not my fault! The powers that be on my server decided to make an upgrade to PHP but when they did something was not configured the same because my page didn’t work anymore. At any […]


I need quarters

July 29, 2002

[Note (21:19)– I’ve done some work on the survey system. You should be able to go back to vote on old surveys now. Let me know if it’s broken. Also, Annie, CALL YOUR MOM! See comments for details.] It’s that time again–laundry time. I’d leave campus to do laundry, but I have a lot and […]


OK, I think I fixed it

July 26, 2002

As the subject says, I think the survey thing should work now. Thanks to those who pointed out the error.


Ready for beta!

July 26, 2002

Coolness! I just finished the first beta edition of my all-new survey system. I know that many of you have taken little web surveys from time to time, but mine’s better, and you know why? Cuz I wrote this one, that’s why! It’s (of course) totally database-driven, so I can add more surveys whenever I […]


Too much free time

July 25, 2002

OK, this is nuts. I posted a new rant last night after midnight, and by 16:00 this afternoon, I’ve already gotten 7 comments on it! I didn’t even say that much! I guess that was the problem and it left the world open for speculation. To stop a few rumors started in the most part […]


Gotta write!

July 25, 2002

Well, I gotta write, damnit! My public demands it. There’s some stuff happening, but it shan’t be written of here, at least not right now. For those who know, I’m doin’ all right, so don’t worry. Movin’ on, I’m again gettin’ the itch to do some more web development. I think I’ll add some kind […]


Relatively normal me

July 19, 2002

Hey there, everyone. Just a quick note to mention that, on request of some residents of England, I’ve posted another ChrisCam shot. Nothin’ much, but it’s there. Oh, and since I haven’t pimped it in a while, check out Kimi’s site. Even if you don’t know her (she’s my little sister), go check it out […]


Summer moves along…

July 17, 2002

First off, new ChrisCam shot for your enjoyment. It was created at some website that’s making the rounds. I adjusted it just a bit in Photoshop afterwards. In other news…uhh… well, not much goin’ on. I finished watching Nadia last night at Megs’ with Carl, Josh, and Peter. An enjoyable show, and even though it’s […]


Ah ha! New and improved!

July 14, 2002

Yes, once again I had to do some programming, so I decided to try my hand at “cookies”, which are both a nifty Internet thing and surprisingly easy to implement. There are two features on this site that now use cookies, one is the counter at the left there. It now sends a cookie to […]


Of course you know…

July 13, 2002

I know I’m probably posting these things faster than you can read them, but bare with me. I got out of the shower today and on the back of my leg I found A SPIDER BITE!!! Of course you know, this means war. This is too much! I’ve gotten used to having the little bastards […]