Gotta write

August 29, 2002

Don’t really have a whole lot to say this time, but I feel that after 11 comments on my last post, I’d better post something more. Even though most of the comments on my last post weren’t about my last post, that is. I’ve not been up to too much. Been doin’ some work here […]


Lucky bastard

August 27, 2002

I am such a lucky dude. Get this, while I was in Cali last weekend, someone stole my bike from its lockup outside of Carson Hall! However, this person is a total moron because he/she kept it around and I found it locked up outside of the EMU, not 100 yards from where I had […]


I was gonna say something…

August 21, 2002

I was gonna say something, but I forgot what it was. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I’ve said that exact phrase out loud many times before. Looks stupid in print, but perhaps that’s just my perception. In some news, gladstone is down for at least another day or so, so for those of […]



August 17, 2002

Someone at IP address has been harrassing my web site recently. Anyone out there feel like they have the l33t skillz to harrass them? Have fun!


Kleen Kar

August 17, 2002

As the headline alludes to in a misspelled manner, I finally got around to washing my car this afternoon. It was so bloody hot out that I had to keep rinsing off each panel as I washed it otherwise the soapy water would dry too quickly. Still, happiness is a clean car, amongst other things. […]


Back in the saddle

August 16, 2002

I don’t know why I used a cowboy metaphore there, but it’s what came to me. Perhaps I feel the need to be out on a range somewhere roping some hoofed mammals. Perhaps I need more sleep. At any rate, I’m back in Eugene and all’s going pretty well. I’ve got a conference in right […]


“And we had *waffles*!”

August 13, 2002

Well, I’m off at the coast right now. It’s been really relaxing out here, but I’m coming back home soon. Dad’s let me have the use of his laptop, but since I’m dialing into the UofO long-distance, I’m going to keep this short. Luckily, we’ve just been hanging out and relaxing out here so there’s […]


Vacation time

August 10, 2002

I’ve read a lot of books and stories in my life, and often there are times when the lines seem kind of cliché. Well, I’ve recently experienced what it feels like to have something so wonderful and unexpected happen, and to start grinning like an idiot and not be able to stop. It’s quite a […]


We aim to please

August 7, 2002

Well, do to a random request from Mike Post, I’ve added a full-text search feature to news section of this site. You can search either the news rants themselves or the comment’s y’all post. The search engine searches both headlines and message bodies for the news and names, emails, and message bodies for the comments. […]


Well, well, well…

August 6, 2002

It seems that Kimi’s page has more and more posts lately, although it seems that most of them are from Mike Post. I might point out, however, that while she may have more on her most-recent post, I have many more posts on which to post. Much less down time between news updates from me. […]