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“And we had *waffles*!”

Tuesday, August 13th, 2002

Well, I’m off at the coast right now. It’s been really relaxing out here, but I’m coming back home soon. Dad’s let me have the use of his laptop, but since I’m dialing into the UofO long-distance, I’m going to keep this short. Luckily, we’ve just been hanging out and relaxing out here so there’s not too much to write about.

On the first day, we just hung out here at the house and walked around down on the beach. We played Clue and watched some TV; I stayed up late reading my book. The next day we explored Yahats a bit, had a nice dinner, played Monopoly (I won, big time), watched some episodes of The Sopranos on DVD; I stayed up late reading my book. Today we had waffles! Yay! We also hung out, played some games (Matt beat me in chess), flew some kites, had another nice dinner, watched Shrek, I called Megs, we watched some more Sopranos; I’m going to try to not stay up too late reading. Tomorrow we’re going to go into Newport to hang out for a bit. I’ll be returning after dinner.

Well, that’s enough and we’ve eaten all the corn dogs. =( Kimi’s telling me what to write now. Hence the jibberish. I can’t spell, but that’s close enough. La la la. Kimi thinks she is not a raving fool. She says I’m jealous because the fish only eat me. I think I should go now… Chris out.