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Lucky bastard

Tuesday, August 27th, 2002

I am such a lucky dude. Get this, while I was in Cali last weekend, someone stole my bike from its lockup outside of Carson Hall! However, this person is a total moron because he/she kept it around and I found it locked up outside of the EMU, not 100 yards from where I had it locked up myself! I contacted the Department of Public Safety, and after proving that it was indeed my bike, they cut it loose and I have my bike back! I just wish I could see the look on that moron’s face when he/she discovers that I stole it back. I am such a lucky bastard.

In other news, Matthew is safely deposited in his ass-expensive apartment down in Berkeley, California. It’s not a bad place and he seems to be well settled there. I see he’s already got his computer set up and all that, since he posted on the previous rant before the rest of us even got back to Eugene. Other than being down in Berkeley and sleeping on the floor at Matthew’s place, there’s really not much to talk about since I spent most of the trip in the van. And speaking of mom’s car…

Mom got a new car! She up and bought a really cool silver-blue 2000 Honda Civic EX sedan 5-speed! She let me drive it this evening and it’s really nice! Totally cool. Oh and incidentally, if you’re in the market for a 1998 green Ford Windstar GL, drop a line. I’ll post some pics of mom’s new car soon. Chris out.