Back in the saddle

I don’t know why I used a cowboy metaphore there, but it’s what came to me. Perhaps I feel the need to be out on a range somewhere roping some hoofed mammals. Perhaps I need more sleep. At any rate, I’m back in Eugene and all’s going pretty well. I’ve got a conference in right now, so that’s keeping me busy. I had to get up before 9:00 today (!!!) if that’s any indication. For me, that’s early. Anyways, they leave on Sunday, so that’s also good.

Still a month and a half until classes resume, so that means you get to hear more of my ramblings about oh-so-very little. Anna came down to visit yesterday, so Megs and I hung out with her for a while yesterday evening. We saw Monsters Inc. at the cheap theater and then we watched TV over at Megs’. Sounds like a boring evening, but it’s really quite relaxing. I was up late last night reading some more in the novel I’ve got, but it’s so not my fault! Anyone who’s read Robert Jordan knows that the last part of the book especially hard to put down. Almost done with book five. Only four more to go after that, and then I can finally hang around Carl without pulling my hair out. Not matter how many times I explicitly ask him to say NOTHING about the books (he’s read them all), he STILL manages to let little things out that I have not read. Or, sometimese worse, he’s say things like “Oh! You don’t know about HIM yet… interesting….” THAT REALLY BUGS ME!!! girr… Since he doesn’t seem like letting up anytime soon, my only other option is to simply read as fast as possible. Oh, and in case you don’t know yet, I’m reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Read them if you haven’t already. The first book starts off kinda slow, but hang in there! It’s totally worth it! Chris out.

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  1. imatt says:

    First post! sorry to hurt kimi’s contest!
    Nuff Said!

    ….iMatt Out……

  2. Kimi says:

    Hey Ni-ni! Glad you’re not so bored any more. Make more noise next time you come out to the office in the morning – you freaked me out this morning! ^_-
    PS. Everyone: go read my page and post on it!… If you post a lot, I promise I won’t write any more rants that are short-novel-length. ^_-

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