Someone at IP address has been harrassing my web site recently. Anyone out there feel like they have the l33t skillz to harrass them? Have fun!

3 Responses to “Enemy”

  1. iMatt says:

    hmmmm, sounds like fun, i don’t do much of THAT kinda stuff, but i know some people….
    First Post!
    Can’t you block their IP, with a firewall?

    ….iMatt Out…..

  2. Annie says:

    It’s not me, I swear! Just to clear that up…
    Are you free this week Chris? I need to go shopping before I leave. Movin’ out Thursday or Friday. Yippy skippy for me! Does your cell # from a year or so ago still work? Perhaps I shall harrass you by phone…

  3. Kimi says:

    Hey Ni-ni,
    You haven’t posted in a while… Better watch out, I might still pull ahead in the comment race. I think Mike got bored with your lack of new rants – he posted on MY page!

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