We aim to please

Well, do to a random request from Mike Post, I’ve added a full-text search feature to news section of this site. You can search either the news rants themselves or the comment’s y’all post. The search engine searches both headlines and message bodies for the news and names, emails, and message bodies for the comments. It’s pretty crude still, so consider it in alpha release only. The search results page only shows a list of links to the respective pages containing the data requested, but it doesn’t really narrow it down to a specific article yet. Still it’s something.

In other news, staff meeting was short today. Yay! I’ve done very little productive and it’s great. Chris out!

11 Responses to “We aim to please”

  1. iMatt says:

    First post!
    ’nuff said!

    …..iMatt Out…..


  2. Mike Post says:

    Bastard. You weren’t on yet while I was writing this.


  3. Mike Post says:

    I mean, really: Look at the times. I was writing a meaningful message about full text searching, with footnotes and cross-references. You beat me with that?


    You beat me with that.

  4. iMatt says:

    yes, it’s speed that counts.
    youth and strength wins again!

    That will teach you old people! 🙂
    ……iMatt Out…..

  5. Mike Post says:

    Stealth, fine. I’ll give you stealth.

    At least we’re driving up the comment count for Chris.

    (bite me).

  6. Kimi says:

    You people are funny!
    Now get back to posting on my page (as soon as I’m done with my rant…)

  7. Mike Post says:

    Kim, do you have a site?

    Sorry, I didn’t realize….

    Oh no! I’ve put yet another post on this site instead!

    But seriously, Chris… I’m so glad to hear you don’t hate the French….

  8. Annie says:

    Hey everybody,
    I had an idea for a survey, Chris. You could ask us who is our favorite minor Simpsons character! I mean, everybody but my mother watches The Simpsons, right? Then you might actually get some people to respond to your survey. Ooh, diss! I feel so evil…
    And I like root beer barrels but not watermelon flavored candies.

  9. Mike Post says:

    I like the idea, Annie. Instead of another poll, though, I will just take this opportunity to… put up another post!

  10. 'Lainie-Annie's-Mom says:

    Ok goofus- at risk of driving up Chris’ total (Go KIMI!) I have to say- Simpson’s is funny. but when you’re old, you know that time is finite, and I really have better things to do than watch Homer make an ass of himself one more time, or Bart make smart remarks that make me want to punch him. Besides- the plots are all recycled ‘Leave It To Beaver’ and ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes.

    Yes I’m cranky. I haven’t seen Hamster-Man for a month and the doctor is mucking with my meds again. Don’t mess with a middle-aged chocolate-deprived hungry-for-her-sweetie low-on-serotonin SLUG QUEEN!


    (BTW- any of you over 21? run for SLUG Queen! It’s a lot of fun and they give you mondo amounts of chocolate!)

  11. Mike Post says:

    Is it just me, or is there a rant somewhere else that has the words, “Eat post” (I’m not going to comment further on the phrase itself) and has ONE comment posted to it since August 8? I think this is comment 11 here…

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