Well, well, well…

August 6, 2002

It seems that Kimi’s page has more and more posts lately, although it seems that most of them are from Mike Post. I might point out, however, that while she may have more on her most-recent post, I have many more posts on which to post. Much less down time between news updates from me. So there!

Not much else goin’ on these days. I hung out with Molly for a bit last night and that was good to catch up a bit. I just discovered that tonight is Jacques’ Eagle Court of Honor, so I’m going to try to drop by that if I can. After that, I dunno what’s goin’ on. Did I mention that I heartily enjoy the summer time? Did I also mention that I have no reason to hate the French? (That’s an inside joke for those who read Kimi’s page and its comments.)

I’m tryin’ to teach myself a bit of Windows C++ over the month of August, however I seem to be lacking a good Windows C++ compiler. I’ll figure out something, I guess. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to cope with merely messin’ with PHP some more here on the ol’ site.

Don’t have much else to say at the moment. Chris out.