Well, well, well…

It seems that Kimi’s page has more and more posts lately, although it seems that most of them are from Mike Post. I might point out, however, that while she may have more on her most-recent post, I have many more posts on which to post. Much less down time between news updates from me. So there!

Not much else goin’ on these days. I hung out with Molly for a bit last night and that was good to catch up a bit. I just discovered that tonight is Jacques’ Eagle Court of Honor, so I’m going to try to drop by that if I can. After that, I dunno what’s goin’ on. Did I mention that I heartily enjoy the summer time? Did I also mention that I have no reason to hate the French? (That’s an inside joke for those who read Kimi’s page and its comments.)

I’m tryin’ to teach myself a bit of Windows C++ over the month of August, however I seem to be lacking a good Windows C++ compiler. I’ll figure out something, I guess. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to cope with merely messin’ with PHP some more here on the ol’ site.

Don’t have much else to say at the moment. Chris out.

4 Responses to “Well, well, well…”

  1. Mike Post says:

    First post.

    Nuff said.

    Hey Chris, why don’t you put in a sort of a monthly “Top Score” meter over by the visit counter… who gets the most first posts in a given month?

    No, actually, don’t do that… we wouldn’t want to publicly embarrass poor iMatt.

  2. Mike Post says:

    It would be fine to hate the French, just as it is fine to hate Paris. It is even fine to hate me. I am glad that you do not hate the French, but I suspect that Annie’s Rule still applies somehow: You probably have French issues.

    I hate to point this out, but if you want to generate zillions of annoying posts for your site and maintain your comment superiority over your sister, you would probably do better to piss people off and get them writing every three minutes with comments that start with the words, “And another thing!” or “I’m not done with this!” I would be sad to see your site degenerate into this, although maybe if we could target some third party? The spider thing worked quite well. Many people wrote in to decry the spiders.

    Maybe you should say that your room has been invaded by French spiders that Kim accidently picked up during her stay in the Paris Airport?

    Just trying to help.

    I take it the tintinitus is letting up then?

    Ciao —


  3. iMatt says:

    I think we all have french issues…..or atleast we should. Oh and Mike, the french invading spiders….brilliant!
    and about the meter, i would be fine with that although i would hypothesize that it would be an inverse correlation with that thing known as a “life” and directly correlating with age…….so take all the first posts you want…..old people! 😉
    well, i seem to be able to account both for not posting promptly or often, and No Kimi update, my bad? 😉

    ……iMatt Out……


  4. Mike Post says:

    post more often and support your drive to remain ahead of Kim on that score. I may have more suggestions later, but I will try to limit them to relatively sane… full text search on a web site, for example, as opposed to creating an 800 number for us to call in our rants.”

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