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Megan sinks

Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

Notice that my headline does not contain the letter ‘T’. Megan’s currently playing the Infamous Water Temple in Zelda 64, and in this particular level she does indeed sink quite a lot as my Infamous Brother can attest. This level is very long, complex, and even difficult so all of our hopes and prayers go with her in her quest. Overly dramatic? Oh yes.

Did everyone watch The West Wing tonight? Man, was that a great episode! It had Jeremy from Sports Night as a campaign manager. Sports Night was Aaron Sorkin’s project before The West Wing, which was also a great witty show. Enterprise was also good tonight, but it was just the old Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven/A Bug’s Life story again.

In other stuff, I’ve taken to the habit of writing a new rant whenever I get, like, 11 comments on the previous one, which was only 5 paragraps long! As for now, I’ve got both a new ChrisCam shot up and a new survey for you to play with. Enjoy!

Rollovers keep rollin’

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

Well lookie there! I’ve added some spiffy rollover effects to my nav bar on the side. They turn yellow when the mouse pointer passes over them now. As per the survey, it seems that “warm color” won out, so I went with a more intense shade of the background color for these news articles. I was gonna use the same color, but it was too faint to really tell that they were indeed changing colors. So, there you go. Oh, and if the images look weird, reload the page (perhaps while holding down Shift or Alt) and see if that clears it up. These buttons are different dimensions, so if your browser still has the old ones cached, then it might be trying to use those, which is bad.

In other news, I had a nice time last night going out to dinner with dad, Estelle, Vivian, Megs, Kimi, and Justin for Estelle’s birthday. We went to Ambrosia where I got a very tasty calzone and then we went to dad & Estelle’s place for cake and ice cream and all of that. All-in-all a nice evening.

It’s been brought to my attention that I didn’t mention any sproting events in my last update, and the reasons for that are as follows: First, I don’t really follow baseball, especially when it’s way down in Southern California. Secondly, I don’t talk about football when my team does poorly. K?

Bill, I’m sorry that I shop at Wal*Mart on occasion. What else can I say? They are just so damn affordable. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t personally buy anything there last weekend.

In other news, it seems there’s a challenge brewing over who can perform the best at the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time. Our primary contenders are Matthew and Megan, so we’ll see who’s soul burns the longest over this one. Just try not to get lost, eh? 😉

Time for more news

Monday, October 28th, 2002

door and we spent a long time wandering around trying to figure out where to go in the Fire Temple. Eventually figured it out though. After I took Megs home and Kimi back to Carson with me, I played Counter-Strike and did my laundry. A good night, overall.

Well, it’s time for me to be off to grab a quick lunch before databases class, but before I go I’d like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Estelle! Yay! Chris out.”

Weekend joy

Saturday, October 26th, 2002

It’s the weekend, yay! Today went well, considering I had a midterm and an assignment due. I did the math midterm and did all right on it I think, and then I finished the assignment for CIS and turned that in in class. Sorry if my sentence structure is a little off, but it’s late and I just got in. Check the timestamp on the message. Anywho, I’ve made some more adjustments to the site here when I noticed a problem which ‘Lainie helped point out. It would seem that my text looks small to some people. Now, it looks a good size in IE, but in Netscape/Mozilla it looks smaller. It turns out that the problem is that when I use keywords like “small” and “x-small” in the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), IE interprets them one way and Netscape/Mozilla another. I changed all the values to their pixel height equivelant, i.e. x-small becomes 14pt, and so on. Now, everything is more consistent and hopefully everyone will be happy now. Keep the comments coming and I’ll keep reacting to them.

In other news, Megs and I went to an early Halloween party tonight at Karen, Emily and Aaron’s place and we had a good time hangin’ out with everyone there. Young Frankenstein was on when we got there around 21:00, so after that we watched The Shining, which I had never seen before. Cool flick but weird, as per usual with Stanley Kubrick. After that Aaron put in An American Werewolf in London, but a lot of people were socializing (myself included), so I wasn’t really following that one until the end, when we all sort of ended up watching it to its ending, which kinda sucked but was typical for an 80’s monster movie. At least it had crappy gratuitous nudity in parts.

What else? I dunno. Oh, did I mention that Kimi lives in my building now? How cool is that? She lives up on 4th floor, so now she can bug me ALL THE TIME! Joy! Seriously though, hopefully this will enable Kimi to build strong ties with the University community and enhance her college experience. Wow do I sound like a Housing Drone or what?

K, I’m tired now. I should go. Uhhh.. yeah, as usual leave comments on the various features I’ve got goin’ on here. Nav bar colors, search box, text size/colors, etc. Take care!

More stuff!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

As per Mr. Mike Post’s request, I’ve added a search box at the left there. It’s still kind of crude, but it’ll work for now. The way it works is you can search either the comments or the news and on the results page, you get a list of dates. For the news you also get a list of headlines and for the comments you also get a list of poster’s names. When you click on the link it’ll take you to the appropriate page, but it won’t show you where on that page your search came up. For example, if you search for “kitty” in the comments right now, you’ll get two results. Both are from Annie (of course), and when you click on them, they take you to the proper news comments page that the comment is posted on. You have to scroll down and look for the comment posted by Annie. The way the news results works is you click on the headline link and it takes you to that month. You then get to scroll down and look for that headline and read the article to find your keyword. Eh, it’s kinda hokey, but it works. I’ll probably improve upon it in the future.

Oh, and for some really crude stats on comment posters, click here. This one is definately beta version. As you can see, if you post under many names you don’t get as many totals. I have no way of telling who’s really the same person. I also have a new survey up. This is a poll to see what color I should do my rollovers in.

Other than all of this, midterms are rapidly approaching, so I should be studying or something. Girr…

Nyarrr, stablizing a bit

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002

Not sure why I have a “nyarrr” in the headline, but it’s more of a squid-monster kind of noise than a pirate noise. Don’t ask.

In any event, TA-DA! Like the new digs? I’ve had a bit of a soft opening going for a few days now, but since I’ve announced it at Kim/Kelly’s place, I’m ready to declare it open. I made a lot more updates to various places today, so if you’ve seen it recently, CHECK IT AGAIN!! All this an more, folks!

As usual, your constructive comments are appreciated. Annie, sorry but I’m gonna keep the black on white for a while longer yet, but I have gotten rid of the blue text in the nav box on the left. It’s a nice white with a heavy black outline now. I plan on making it animated later–what color should I have the nav buttons change to? And no, Matt, random is not an option. I know you’re thinking it, but I’m working with static jpegs here. Give me ONE color opinion, people! But don’t limit your feedback to possible coloring of the nav buttons! I’m also looking for something cooler to do with the headline box. Any and all feedback is being entertained on that front, but of course I can’t promise to implement all or any of it.

Thanks everyone for all your support here throughout the nearly two years this site has been up! You may have noticed that the counter has recently overtaken 30,000! That’s since Jan 1999, and it’s much more accurate than it used to me. Take a gander through the archives sometime, or at least start in Februrary 2002, which is when I added the comments section y’all seem to enjoy so much. So, dad, mom, Matt, Kimi, Estelle, iMatt, Annie, Kelly, Megs, ‘Lanie, Molly, Christy, Mike Post, Bill, Angela, Sean, Mindi, Jen, lauren, and all the rest, thanks for stickin’ with me. It’s a really weird pseudo-cyber-family I’ve gathered here, but since I know all of you in real life, I’m not too far gone, right? It’s good to know people read what I write sometimes. You’re the best.

Changes afoot

Sunday, October 20th, 2002

As you can see, I’ve made the new beta version of my page the primary version, after one whole day of QA. This is typical of the software world, so I don’t feel too bad. It’s still a major work in progress, but I figured this will give me some incentive to work on it. It’ll also give you all some incentive on giving me feedback. Note that no all pages are completely changed over yet. The pics pages are a major section where this is the case. I’ll get them done soon, but I have other plans in the works for them…

There’s also a new ChrisCam shot and a new survey up. At any rate, this is the way things are for now. PLEASE leave some comments about the sad state of half-done and half-assed affairs you see here. There are some major areas I want to get to, but it’s 4:30 am, and I’m going to bed now.

New stuff again

Saturday, October 19th, 2002

Hey everyone, more news! First off, I’d like to annouce that I’ve found Kimi a place to stay here on campus in my very building! She’s going to be living on Carson 4, so I’m very excited. I think she’ll fit in well here in our little community. I know that Anna, the RA on 4 is excited. =)

In other news, I’m on duty all weekend, so I’m stuck here in the complex until Sunday night. Much sadness, blah! Oh well. At least it gives me some time for my other hobbies, such as web development. Which brings me to my latest news…

I’m beta testing a new site design that I’m thinking of implementing here. I just whipped this out tonight, so I’m in need of some feedback. What do you’all think? I’ve already got some ideas in mind for things to change, but feel free to give feedback on whatever you want.

I’m going on rounds again in a few minutes so I’ve gotta split. Have a great weekend, y’all!

Much, much cooler

Thursday, October 17th, 2002

Just like DoubleMint gum, this site is now much, much cooler. Well all right, it’s not that cool, but it’s got a few new things goin’ on that of course I’ll go into grave detail about. I’ve taken My Pal Bill’s advice and added some more code to allow nifty web browsers like Mozilla to activate an auxillary toolbar with forward, backward, first, and top buttons for easier navigation of my news archives. How cool is that?! If you use Mozilla, go to the View -> Show/Hide -> Site Navigation Bar menu and select Show Only As Needed or Show Always. Now, when you view my main news page (or any of the archivees) a toolbar will show up at the top with nifty navigation buttons. Are I not the shit? Oh yes, yes I am, and in a good way. ^_^ Some other new coolness features I’ve added are some minor code optimiation and I’m current in the process of going through rewriting and commenting all the code for this page so that it’s more readable to myself and perhaps to others someday. This main news page is by far the most complex of all the 65 pages on my site. It does a lotta stuff, which I am going to list now for my own enjoyment:

It receives the FORM input from my admin page which inserts new random quips into the database. It selects a random quip and displays it at the top. It makes heavy use of CSS for the styling and coloring. It generates a randomly shifting graduated colored headline that says LATEST NEWS. It acts as both the main news page AND as the archive news page. It handles a whole LOTTA stuff with the archive, ranging from buttons to drop-down menus, from nifty Mozilla stuff to sorting in ascending or descending order.

That’s a LOTTA code, so I figured it could stand to be organized a bit with some helpful pointers written in, too. This poor page has been hacked up and patched up beyond all reason, and it’s up to me (who else?) to deal with it. 🙂 Oh, and if anyone wants to see my comments, ask and I’ll email you the actual file. You can’t just do a View Source on it because the web server interprets the PHP code, and it doesn’t server it directly. Bottom line, you cannot see my comments this way. Yes, I know there’s a way to get the raw file yourselves, but I won’t go into that here, so if you want, I’ll email it to you.

OK, that was totally overdramatic and completely pointless, but I feel better! I hope you all enjoyed our time here together today. Until next time, ta ta!

What? I need a headline?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2002

Ever feel like reliving my life for the past two years? Well, now I’ve made it just a bit easier to navigate through the archives with my latest Update To The Web Site. Now, when going through any archive page, you’ll see a blue arrow at the top of the page in the black title bar. It points up if the articles are in acending order or down for descending order. Click it to toggle it one way or the other. Makes it easier to read a month at a time. Also, at the bottom of the page, I’ve created some simple previous and next links to go back and foward a month respectively. This also helps when reading more than one old month in a row. AND, it keeps your preference for ascending or descending ordering of the articles. The main news page should look the same, except for the “prev” link at the bottom and you cannot sort the current month in reverse order. This is by my design, not because it would be hard to do. At any rate, feel freel to browse around through my past. I’ve actually had some fun doing just that recently, so I thought, hey, perhaps my reading audience would like the same. So I made it easier JUST FOR YOU! Really! (All right, so maybe I was getting annoyed having to read everything backwards and I wanted some back and forth arrows, so sue me.)

That’s really all I got for now. I’m still glad I got the networking assignment done, but now it’s time for databases and I’m stalling, ironically by tinkering with MY database. Go figure. Enjoy the archive!