No writing

November 25, 2002

Sorry everyone, but I’m not really up for writing anything today. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves for a while. I’ll be back later.


Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me!

November 21, 2002

Arrr. I just had that song in my head for some reason. I was accused of database hacking or some junk by one of my residents last night just because I had a number of terminal windows open on my computer and I was working on the database. Oh well. If I’m a pirate, then […]


Naked Turnips for dinner

November 18, 2002

As if this whole turnip thing hadn’t gone too far already, last night dad and Estelle made beef and turnip stew for us. He made sure to peel them first so that they were indeed naked turnips; some real world consequences from this silly web site and it’s derrivatives. I don’t recall ever eating turnips […]


More turnips? Surely not!

November 17, 2002

But oh, yes! We’ve got more turnip action for you all here! My ever-so-talented artist sister has modified the Turnip-Kelly picture, per ‘Lainie’s suggestion. I’ve also edited the old new column to simply have the image as a link, rather than display it inline. Obviously, I’m be doing the same here. Kim suggests that this […]


I know it’s not much time, but

November 15, 2002

I know I just posted this afternoon, but I had to share this with all y’all.


I never could get the hang of Thursdays

November 14, 2002

I try. Anyways, I’m currently trying to design a new database schema which will eventually find its way to this site, but first it’s going to get me a grade in CIS451. I feel so sinister using my hobby of a web site for class credit, but it’s all for the same goal of making […]


Good mood for a Monday

November 11, 2002

As the headline states, I’m in a relatively good mood for a Monday. I just feel like sharing it with everyone! =) Also, on a totally unrelated note I just noticed that the monitor on the computer I’m typing on is a Sony Trinitron type tube, even though it’s a Mitsubishi monitor. How do I […]


No more midterms, nyaa nyaa!

November 9, 2002

At least, no more for a while. All I have to worry about right now is my next math assignment and my big scary networking programming assignment. The latter, of course is my worse of the two fears. I think my databases midterm today went fairly well, but in spite of that, my friends and […]


Midterm complete. You may proceed to the next level.

November 7, 2002

Well, I took my CIS 432 Networking midterm this afternoon, and I think it went all right. Some of the questions were kind vague and some of the calculations were confusing, but I think I did all right in the end. All that lies ahead of me now is my other CIS midterm tomorrow which […]


Just when you thought I was done…

November 3, 2002

Actually, I very much doubt anyone seriously thought I’d ever be done tinkering with this site, so it’s not really a surprise when I say that I’ve added yet another trivial little thingy here. Beneath the comments links at the end of each news column, it will now display the last poster’s name for all […]