Short, I promise

December 23, 2002

That last message was rather lengthy, wasn’t it? Well, this one should be shorter I hope, since I haven’t been doing a whole lot since last I wrote. Last night I went to dad and Estelle’s for dinner and that was nice. We had a Mexi-buffet of some kind and that was really very tasty. […]


Time for stuff

December 19, 2002

but I’ve had so much going on on and around campus that it’s been more convenient to remain here. Since I start duty here on Friday night for a few days I’ll probably move home after that (Sunday night). I’ll probably just tell you this before you read this, but it’s late and I’m not […]


Fa la la la laa, lala laa laa

December 11, 2002

I suppose that’s the best I can do for a headline in the middle of Finals Week. Oh well. At any rate, I think I’ve finished my CIS 451 final project last night, all I’ve got left to do is to write up some documentation and I should probably document my code some more. What […]


He lives!

December 9, 2002

Along the lines of what I say every few months: One down, one to go. Finals week wears on, and so far so good I say. I had my CIS 432 final this afternoon and I think it went well, but as usualy we’ll see how it goes when I get the grades back. Still, […]


Christmas list

December 2, 2002

Just a quick note to say that due to popular request, I’ve posted my Christmas wishlist. I’ll add more stuff as I think of it, I suppose. I also posted a new survey.


I had a good headline, but I forgot it

December 2, 2002

Another Dead Week is upon us here on the U of O campus, but it’s not so bad, I think. Let me list off the stuff I gotta do this week: Buy food for a program tomorrow evening. Help mom move stuff back into the den. Hold a hall meeting. Reschedule some consulting appointments. Do […]