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Short, I promise

Monday, December 23rd, 2002

That last message was rather lengthy, wasn’t it? Well, this one should be shorter I hope, since I haven’t been doing a whole lot since last I wrote.

Last night I went to dad and Estelle’s for dinner and that was nice. We had a Mexi-buffet of some kind and that was really very tasty. After hanging out there and watching the Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD, Megs and I went back to my place where we watched three episodes of The Sopranos. We’re almost done with season 3–only three more eps remain. w00t.

On a more technical note, I’ve added some more stuff to the forum. A few bug fixes here and there, but notably the newest thing is make-shift avatar support. You can now edit your profile and add a URL to an image to reprsent yourself. Make sure it’s a working link (try copying and pasting from something that you know works) and that it’s a square 75×75 pixel image, and we’ll all get along great.

That’s it for now. If I don’t talk to you before Wednesday, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Time for stuff

Thursday, December 19th, 2002

but I’ve had so much going on on and around campus that it’s been more convenient to remain here. Since I start duty here on Friday night for a few days I’ll probably move home after that (Sunday night). I’ll probably just tell you this before you read this, but it’s late and I’m not thinking great at the moment. blah. =)

Oh, and lastly, if you haven’t already, check out the forum I wrote. I’m still working on it, and I can’t even guarentee that what you post will be permanent in the final version, but it does work and people are chatting away there, so please have fun!

OK, bed time now. -_-“

Fa la la la laa, lala laa laa

Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

I suppose that’s the best I can do for a headline in the middle of Finals Week. Oh well. At any rate, I think I’ve finished my CIS 451 final project last night, all I’ve got left to do is to write up some documentation and I should probably document my code some more. What code, you ask? It’s the new web forum I’ve been talking about for a bit now. Well, I’m making a bold move and linking it here. Give it a whirl. Oh, and as usual, LET ME KNOW OF ANY BUGS!! I’m sure that there will be lots.

I’ve made a couple of updates to my wish list in case anyone cares.

The rest of my week looks like this: finish project documentation, study for math final, take math final, work at the library, close down the res halls. That’s it. Not too bad, eh? I’m on duty for 7 nights throughout the break, which is nice cuz I get $200+ for sitting around the halls, but it’s mostly bugging me cuz it looks like I might not be able to go to Carmen and Leo’s wedding! I’ll see if I can get out of duty for that day if I can.

He lives!

Monday, December 9th, 2002

Along the lines of what I say every few months: One down, one to go.

Finals week wears on, and so far so good I say. I had my CIS 432 final this afternoon and I think it went well, but as usualy we’ll see how it goes when I get the grades back. Still, there was only one Question out of 8 that I felt bad about and the one Problem we had to do was a distance vector problem so I was like, “BOOYAKA! Distance Vector, Ahhhh-YEEEah!” And I was kicked out for causing a disturbance. No! Seriously, our last programming assignment was about this stuff so it was fairly familiar. Good times; or at least as good as can be expected for a final. My last final is on Friday and that’s math. Ahhh Linear Algebra, my old friend, we meet again! We shall see who is victorious this time. Arrrr!

My only real worry for this week is the final project for Databases. Now, I know you’re all saying, “Gee, Chris, you play with databases all the time, what’s the worry?” Well, yeah, but that’s in small steps and it’s just for fun. This is a big project that I’ve been putting off and it’s due on Wednesday. The nifty upshot is that I’ll have a new section on this site by the time I’m done; how cool is that, eh? =) I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s see, what else? Got a program in the halls this Tuesday night that I’m involved in, so that should go well I hope. It’s just a simple study break with snacks and stuff, so hopefully people turn up for it. Other than that it’s just close-down at the halls as we are outta here! Yay! Gotta go. Later!

Christmas list

Monday, December 2nd, 2002

Just a quick note to say that due to popular request, I’ve posted my Christmas wishlist. I’ll add more stuff as I think of it, I suppose. I also posted a new survey.

I had a good headline, but I forgot it

Monday, December 2nd, 2002

Another Dead Week is upon us here on the U of O campus, but it’s not so bad, I think. Let me list off the stuff I gotta do this week:

  • Buy food for a program tomorrow evening.
  • Help mom move stuff back into the den.
  • Hold a hall meeting.
  • Reschedule some consulting appointments.
  • Do CIS 451 homework.
  • Finish CIS 432 homework.
  • Finish CIS 432 program.
  • Finish CIS 451 project.
  • Put on the program on Tuesday.
  • Do my laundry.
  • Work two consulting gigs.

I think that’s it, but I might be forgetting some stuff. That’s not including my two finals next week.

Last weekend was pretty groovy, if a bit boring at times. I was on duty from Wednesday 19:00 to Saturday 19:00, so I was pretty much stuck in Carson/Earl the entire time. I attended a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Drew and Mel’s place with Megan, Dylan, and MaoMao. We had a nice time getting quite stuffed and eventually watching the extended version of The Lord of the Rings. Very cool, so much better than the original if you have the time for it. It’s quite long, but also quite good. Other than that, most of the weekend I just hung out with whoever was around. Megs and I watched the first seven episodes of The Sopranos Season 3 and that was cool. Only six more to go, however. Can’t wait until Season 4 comes out on DVD. Saturday night I went over to dad and Estelle’s place and had another Thanksgivin’ dinner that couldn’t be beat, and that was all kinds of groovy too. Sunday night (last night), I actually got some homework done! How ’bout that! As soon as that list up there gets wiped out, I’ll be a very happy many. But for now it’s lunch time, so I gotta split. Laterz!