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Stupid headlines

Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

I really couldn’t come up with a stunningly clever headline, so there we go.

So yeah, it looks like everyone and their mother has taken to the ‘net again, so we have posts! Yay! Here in my comments, at the forum, at Kimi’s page, at Jacques’ page, at Molly’s page, at lauren’s page, and a few others I frequent. Good to know you’re all alive and kicking, or at least procrastinating on doing real work for a bit. I know I didn’t link everyone, but if you feel like you’ve been left out, and would like to be included in future random link-fests, please don’t hesitate to post an angry rant about it.

Not a whole lot of new news for me these days. Mostly just gettin’ by with the old homework and other things I gotta do to stay afloat. Oh, and for those who didn’t already know, tomorrow, the 30th of January is Matthew’s 20th birthday! w00t, w00t, w00t! Everyone send him a happy email to wish him a happy birthday, all right? =)

I made a few changes to the forum this afternoon. First off, I took the advice and put the logout button on more of the main pages. It’s up in the blue “Welcome” box now. Also, I made it so you can revese the sort order in the message listings. I also fixed a bug where it was showing a broken image if you didn’t have an avatar in the profile view. Soon I hope to add a feature where you can actually upload an image and have that work. There’s a few details I need to work out first before that’ll work.

That’s all for now. I’ve already hung out at work for an extra 5 minutes now. Ciao!

If everyone else is doing it…

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003

Since pretty much all of the web logs I read have updated more recently than me (for a change), I figured I’d better write something. I was kinda holding out until I got my film developed and scanned in, but I’ll relate my tales of last weekend anyways.

Last weekend was Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, so most of us had a holiday on Monday (sorry mom!) So, on Saturday I went to a party over at the Hacker House which was hosted primarily by Peter, one of its residents. There was a good turnout and we all had a grand time; Megs and I were the last to leave at 04:30 and it started at 14:00 the previous afternoon. For activities we had Dance Dance Revolution Max, anime, Game Cube, and a new game to me, The Settlers of Catan with Knights and Cities expansion. Think of a combination of Risk and Warcraft. I’d link to it, but the company that makes it, Mayfair Games, has a really crummy website that’s good for not much aside from ordering products. Anyways, it’s a really cool and addictive game.

Sunday was fairly uneventful.

Monday rocked, however. Monday marked Megs and my six-month-iversary, so we decided to go out and do stuff. The original plan was to hike to the top of Spencer’s Butter, but as the theme of the day turned out to be “no plans!”, we decided to not do that. Actually, Megan decided not to do that, and I thought it was a great idea. Instead, we went up Hwy 126, aka McKenzie Hwy, in search of a hiking trail. It seems one must drive a respectable distance to get clear of all the surrounding townships before one can find some “wilderness”, but shortly after passing Leaburg Dam and Fish Hatchery, we came across a brown road sign with a hiker on it.

We parked and followed the one trail we could locate. It lead us to a nice little stream and along it about 50 feet before it uncerimoniously stopped. We took notice of our situation: it was almost 15:30, we had few supplies, and no idea where anywhere was in front of us. Obvoiusly, we should turn back and seek another trail. So, we decided to go straight up the hill we were tracing and bushwhack our way to the top with know foreknowledge of what lay ahead. We were feeling particularly wise that afternoon. =) Upon reaching the top (and nearly hyperventilating–I need to get in shape!), we rested and tried to relax. As anyone who knows us will say, this is very hard for us to do. We gave it our best and sat still and did nothing aside from listen for at least five minutes.

Then we were up, took some more snapshots and decided to follow an old slightly overgrown forestry road we found ourselves at the end of. We figured it’d eventually lead us back to the highway. We followed it some way and it joined up with a logging road and became more developed (from dirt to rock, and from rock to gravel). Right before we made it back to the highway, we found a snowplow parked off to the side of the logging road. More fun snapshots to be had here.

As we thought, the logging road did not lead us back to the car, but about a mile or two down the road from the little lot we parked in. We then set off walking up the highway. The dam looked interesting so we decided to investigate that and get some more pictures. We most certainly did NOT get busted for trespassing, but perhaps it was close. Although the fence had barbed wire on it, it did not at the top, only on the sides. =)

We eventually made it back to the car and we were really hungry so we went to go find food, and after discovering that the Log Cabin Inn is not open on Mondays or Tuesdays in the winter, we drove back to town and went to Sizzler. During dinner we came to the conclusion that we don’t like doing homework and we haven’t seen The Two Towers enough yet. Just as good as the first time, yeah! Great film. We eventually made it home, and all-in-all it was a totally wonderful day! I think Megs told the story more poetically and with far less words than I did, though. =)

I guess that’s it for now. It’s almost closing time here at work! Oh, and a parting thought, it’s nearing my birthday and I have no clue what to do. Any ideas?


Friday, January 17th, 2003

I don’t really feel like writing a whole lot, so I’ll give the brief account of my car’s recent adventures. It was having this weird problem with the dinging thingy and the power locks, so I took it to the shop and after 8 hours they were stumped and I was sad. So after driving the car for a week or so it came to me where the problem must be, so I tested it and I was right! I took it back to the shop and they felt stupid and didn’t charge me to finish the job.

In other news life is good. My classes aren’t that bad and I survived last weekend when I spent most of my waking time working on my CIS 441 assignment, which was really evil for a first week assignment. He said it should take about 8 hours to do, but in total I spent about 14 on it, and I still didn’t get everything the way I would have liked. Oh well.

I’ve spent the past hour or so fixing some various bugs and misc features on the forum, so please check it out some more. Big kudos to Kimi for helping me test some stuff and helping me find bugs. She’s set up an avatar (icon) for herself, so everyone else should too. I’ll try to put up some more detailed instructions on how to do that, but basically you find a 75 x 75 picture you’d like to use to represent yourself and you put it somewhere on the web. Then you put that URL into the space for “Avatar” in the edit profile window, which you can reach by clicking on your username in the threads window. I’m gonna try to set it up so people can upload their own pictures directly to my server instead of having to post them somewhere else yourself, but that’ll require more research before I can do that.

Enjoy the three-day weekend everyone!

Foggy *and* boring!

Friday, January 10th, 2003

Well, the headline describes my afternoon at work today. It’s definately a tomato soup and TV day, but here I am at the library. Maybe they’ll have good soup at Carson tonight. I feel like I’ve got more stuff going on this weekend, but I can’t seem to recall what it was. I’m sure I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Well, classes are gonna be tough this term. All but one of them started off with the kinda pep talk where they said it was gonna be a lotta work, and the expecations would be high, and don’t expect anything to come easy. You know, the kinda talk you get in classes where they’re hoping a lotta people will drop. Really wonderful for the morale, I must say. At least math doesn’t look too hard. The hardest part for me will be keeping focused and/or awake. Of my remaining three classes, one has me designing a 2D graphical API, another will have me designing streaming network protocols, and yet another just has a lotta reading and tasky work to eat up the rest of my time. *sigh* Oh yeah, and I gotta do the RA job too. What a way to start the term!

I’ve received an email stating that there was a problem with the comments page here. I didn’t see anything wrong, so has anyone else seen a problem? If so, leave a comment about it here. BWAA HAA HAA HAAA!!! Oh, I slay me!

Some site news: I got a nifty button on the nav bar for the forum. Woo hoo. I’ve also mereged it with the site so it looks all nice and ChrisWeb-y. I posted a new ChrisCam shot last night. It’s just me looking cool, so I expect everyone to enjoy that as much as me. No new survey yet, mostly cuz there’s nothing I’m really trying to poll anyone on at the moment. If anyone thinks of something informative or entertaining to run a 5-question survey on, I’ll give it serious consideration.

I’m still bored at work, but I’ve run out of things to say for now. Until next time, ta ta!

Tired of this, perhaps?

Monday, January 6th, 2003

Wow. It’s been a LONG time since I updated here. I usually don’t go for two weeks without updating, but here we are. Some things have happend, namely Christmas and New Year’s, not to mention winter term starting today, but I’ll still be relatively brief about it just because I don’t really feel like writing a lot for some reason.

I dunno, maybe it’s cuz the forum split my concentration from the main site a bit, but I haven’t really been as inthralled by the main site as much lately. I also haven’t done much with the forum either. Perhaps it’s cuz the forum was more forced, what with using it for a final project and all, so now I don’t feel like doing web stuff for a bit. I guess this new column signifies that I’m back at it now. I dunno. We’ll see.

One thing I wanna do in the near future is to bring the forum into the main site with its own button on the nav bar and everything. I also need to add some features to it, add some user-error checking (badly entered data, etc.), and work out some bugs. As for this site, I need a new ChrisCam shot and new survey. I might rework the survey a bit to handle an arbirary number of questions. Right now, it’s limited to 5; no more, no less.

So yeah, this and that. In a brief history of Chris, the Christmas days were very nice and I got to spend them at home with mom, Matthew and Kim. Christmas day Matthew, Kim and I went over to dad and Estelle’s place after doing presents at the house with mom. We all got some very nice things, so thank you everyone!

The following weekend I hosted a LAN party at Carson Hall and I’d call it our most successful yet! We camped out in the Blue Room downstairs which has a 100 Mbit ethernet hookup. We spent a lotta time doodling around on the ‘net doing this and that but we did manage to get a few games of Counter-Strike in, as well as a few games of Starcraft. At one point, we actually had 8 people playing a single game of Starcraft at the same time. It was wonderful. Those in attendance were myself, Megan, Devin, Kelly, Matthew, Kim, Jacques and Molly. Devin, if I could get some of those pictures you took that night, I’d be ever-greatful!

New Year’s Eve I spent at Kelly’s place where her family hosted yet another party for the New Year. We hung out and talked, watched Invader Zim, and blew up fireworks. I had a very nice time, and thank you, Kelly, for inviting me!

New Year’s Day I hung out with Megan, Josh, Carl, and Kim and we watched the first 17 episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena on DVD. It’s a silly anime show, but it’s strangely compelling. I’ve actually seen it before, but we’ve all been talking of doing a marathon for a while now, so this is the beginning. The show is 39 episodes long plus a movie, so we’re NOT going to do them ALL at once. That night all of us minus Kim went over to Carl’s place where we played with his new Dance Dance Revolution pad. That was fun! Also strangely compelling….

I think that’s it for now. Some other fun things happened over the break, and I apologize for not mentioning everything and everyone, but y’all know I had a wonderful time! Take care and check back here often–I’m back!