February 28, 2003

I’m happy; I remembered what it was I forgot last time I wrote here. It’s all good now. My CIS 410 project part 1 is done. That’s all that matters, and no, I don’t really wanna talk about it. Part 2 should be out by the weekend, but it shouldn’t be as bad as part […]



February 25, 2003

Ever had that feeling that you’re forgetting something? Well, last night as I was trying to get to sleep I remembered that I wanted to do something, but it could wait until morning. Today I wake up, remember that I wanted to do something, but couldn’t remember what it was. Damn. Anyways, I registered for […]


Steady flow of random crap

February 21, 2003

That’s what this place is all about, baby! Speaking of which, be sure to check out the forums to see all the chaos going on there. There’s quite the back and forth about nothing taking place and I find it amusing to no end. surprise of surprises, I’m at work again, but my shift’s almost […]



February 19, 2003

Amazing. I got 17 posts on my last column, and it was only four sentences. I don’t think hardly anyone commented on what it was even about anyways. I hope everyone’s been enjoying the forum. Morgan, thanks for signing on–I think we’ve about doubled the total postings since you got there. Talkative bunch y’all are. […]


Cool Filez

February 15, 2003

Heh heh… I just got these from Jacques’ site, but I thought I’d mirror them here for your convenince. These are some (slightly bad taste) satirical songs of a Star Trek theme. We’ve got Make Shit Up, The Klingon Rap, The Voyager Song, and of course, the infamous The Dirty Data Tango. Thanks Jacques!


With a wit sharp enough to easily cut warm butter

February 14, 2003

Well, that’s another year for me. I’m 22 now, so whoopie, let’s all party like it’s really something. I had a nice birthday last Wednesday, which consisted of a cool surprise from staff and friends, nifty presents from mom, dad, and Megs (thanks very much!), a fabulous chicken dinner, and Enterprise & The West Wing […]


Totally not at work!

February 10, 2003

Well, I’ve managed to make it the entire weekend without working on my CIS 410 project, however I did manage to get my math and Business homework done, and I took out the trash! Yessir, I am so productive sometimes it amazes me. I did sleep a lot, however. I was on duty do I […]


Oh, the taint of midterms

February 7, 2003

I always feel so dirty after midterms and this week has been totally rancid. I had three–THREE!–midterms this week! And a project that was due on Wednesday! Oy! I say I feel filthy because I always feel that I probably could have done better. I suppose I did all right, but still… In the end, […]



February 4, 2003

Not sure if the headline’s a shout, or just me whipering, but either way it works. I’ve got a big computer science 441 assignment due tomorrow and I’m unsure how to go about completeing it. I’ve got some code down and some of it even works, but I need to a) figure out how to […]


Found on my door

February 3, 2003

One of my residents under an alias wrote this amusing message on the whiteboard on my door: Don’t worry. I know who wrote it, and it wasn’t Koushi. It’s all good; like I said, it’s amusing. I have creative and entertaining residents.