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Cut ‘n’ Paste

Friday, March 28th, 2003

You know how we all take the little things for granted? Well, my cut ‘n’ paste functionality went away for some odd reason when I’m connected via Remote Desktop Connection. It used to work fine, in fact it used to be able to copy and paste from the server (my computer) to the client (the crappy computer here at work), but now it won’t even copy to itself. Stupid. Makes it difficult to do a lot of things, I’ve noticed. It’s like suddenly not being able to use a remote control or something simple like that. Try it sometime.

As spring break draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how good it was to have a week off before I get back into classes. Ahhhh! Much better! (Name that quote!) Oh, and to those who care, I passed all my classes very well. I got a B- in Business, a B+ in CIS 441, an A in MATH 425, and a P in 410. I’m pleased with all of these, but I’m kinda annoyed that my cumulative GPA is now at 2.99. I was SO CLOSE to being back above a 3. Oh well. I’m sure I will this next term, but then it’s the end. Anyone know of any good computer jobs I can apply for out there for work after I graduate? =)

I went up to Portland yesterday with dad and Matt to get Kim at the airport and that was fun. Kim was late getting in, but we made a day out of it and dad, Matt and I spent close to two hours in Fry’s Electronics killin’ time. So, for a brief day or so, all of us are in town. I think Matt leaves tomorrow, but he’ll be back when his term finishes up in 6 weeks or so.

Well, time to get off work. Later all!

It’s over. *does a little dance*

Friday, March 21st, 2003

Boogie, boogie, boogie. Well, the term’s finally over. Yay. I’d show more excitement, but as I’ve already made clear earlier, I’ve lost my mind. In any event, it’s break time, but I can’t seem to keep my family all here at once. Kim left yesterday (as her about her trip sometime), and Matthew gets in tonight. Kim will be getting back about a day before Matthew leaves. We’ll all be here very briefly. Dad gets back from… wherever he’s been (Canada? England? Abu Dhabi?) tomorrow, I think, so that’s good. We’re so well-traveled, my family. Wait, that’s not quite right… oh yeah, I’M STILL HERE!!! I never go anywhere! Why? Cuz I’m a loser, that’s why. Blahrgh!

Enough of this nonsense. Guess what? I’m getting a state-of-the-art Gameboy Advance SP this Sunday! Yay! If you haven’t heard, it’s like a Gameboy Advance (GBA), but better for the following reasons: 1) it’s got a built-in rechargeable battery, 2) it’s got a lighted screen, and 3) it folds up like a paper airplane! Well, maybe not quite, but it does fold in half, and it’s amazingly small. Anyways, the official release date is this Sunday, so I’m getting one. Oh, and in case you’re reading this, grandparents B and G, this is what I’m getting with the wonderful checks you sent for my birthday last month. I’m going to take a picture of me with this device and mail it to you with a card once I get it, but thanks in advance!

Well, it’s FINALLY almost closing time here at the Fabulous FITT Center, so I can FINALLY get the hell out of there. It’s been a really slow shift.

Take care everyone and enjoy your spring break!

Last man standing

Monday, March 17th, 2003

Well, I’m upright at least. Almost done! Yay! I just have to finish this #$@!%&* CIS 410 project, take two finals, turn in my math fianl project, and finish the last of my math homework. Then I’m free! Yay! Just a little further… almost there! One problem I’m encountering with my CIS 410 project is a CPU power limitation. I’ve never had this as an issue when doing a project, but when creating and parsing 2GB trace files, this is the result.

OK… time has passed since I wrote that last paragraph, so things have changed. I’ve fixed something so now I’m only parsing 85MB trace files. Much more reasonable by comparrison. Isn’t it wonderful how my news rant is written in stone seconds after I type the letters? Then I can go back and correct myself as if the first paragraph was published already! Oh, what a nerd I am.

Anywho, at least I’m making progress on my project, even if it is cleaning a fireplace with a toothbrush. And I feel about as clean regarding it too. Oh well.

Death week

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003

This week has been really hard, and it’s only TUESDAY! Ack! My sleep schedule has been really odd lately. Sunday night I got about 4 hours of sleep, and last night I slept from 18:45 to 22:45, worked from 23:00 to 05:00, and then slept from 06:00 to 11:00. But I’m learning Java3D, which is really nifty. I made a rotating sphere with a rotating cube orbiting it. And the best part is that cube has a picture of ME on each face! YEAH!! And I got lights and mouse controls too. Oh yeah.

Kimi’s got some news, so check out her site for more information. If she hasn’t posted there yet, I’ll post about it here tomorrow afternoon.

Other than that, this week’s coming along all right I guess. Check out my last post for more info on what I’m up against. That’s it for now.

Final Round

Friday, March 7th, 2003

OK, here’s the breakdown of all the stuff I gotta do before spring break:

  • Math homework due “soon”
  • Math final project due dead week
  • Math final 3/14
  • CIS 410 final project due 3/18
  • CIS 410 final 3/13
  • CIS 441 final projects due 3/12
  • CIS 441 final 3/14
  • BA 101 final 3/19

I think that’s all of the school-related stuff I gotta do by the break. I also need to have a hall meeting to go over close-down procedures again. Joy. I’m also concerned that I may not make RA programming point quota this term. girrr… programming… I hate programming. Still, I think all this is doable.

I saw Chicago last night with Megs and that was cool. Good flick–we need more musical movies these days if you ask me. Anywho, good times.

New month

Wednesday, March 5th, 2003

tten by Paul Graham. It’s a good length, but definately worth the read, since I’m assuming most of my readers considered themselves somewhat nerdly in school. I rarely associate with people who didn’t, and I certainly related to the essay.

Last weekend was busy because not only was it that time of year where we interview for next year’s staff of RA’s, but it was also moving day(s) with mom. Mother is now totally moved into her new place, and although a good portion of stuff is still in boxes, at least it’s all there. Nice place. I’ll take some pics once it’s cleaned up a bit. Anyways, I didn’t get near enough sleep last weekend, but that’s OK! I’ll sleep later! Really!”