My life of nothingedness

July 31, 2003

Quick news: I still have no job, my car is not quite a briquette yet, and I’m still sleeping past noon. So, if you’re ready for some more tedium, there you’re at the right web site! I’ve applied for a job at Symantec now, so if anyone there happens across this site: HIRE ME! I […]


It’s me time

July 26, 2003

Well, time for more from me. I like the way that sentence sounds. It has a nice rhythm to it. Anyway, as you may guess, I’ve been kinda bored. I still don’t have a job, so I’ve been passing the time between depressing interludes of looking for work with a variety of activities. First, let’s […]


Back in the USA

July 14, 2003

Well, as the headline suggests, I have returned safely to the States, and I’m currently in my bedroom at my mom’s house typing on my own computer with my cat very insistantly sitting in my lap. Not much to say, really. The trip was fine, and seemed shorter than it was. Sunday was a really […]


London. Last day. Leaving soon.

July 11, 2003

So yeah, what happened to me today? We went to the British Library and the British Museum and Oh My God, are they impressive. It’s like, and over here’s the original MAGNA CARTA! Over here is the original hand-written manuscript of “Alice’s Adventures Underground” (later named “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” when it was actually published,) […]


From Cambridge to London

July 10, 2003

We’re in Cambridge for the time being, but in a few minutes we leave for London, which is the final stop on our trip. We’re ditching the car and taking the Tube everywhere. Should be fun. I’ll post more when we get there. Gotta go! Cheers!


Old York

July 9, 2003

Well, here we are in Jolly Olde Yorke. Actually it’s York, but they actually do have a habbit of putting extra e’s on things here. Very cool, medival-like town. The Minster here is totally cool. THIS is what a cathedral should look like! It’s totally gothic and very ornate and pointy. I took lots of […]



July 7, 2003

So now we’re in Scotland. Edinburgh, to be exact. It’s a lovely city, I just wish it wasn’t raining quite so much at the moment. Reminds me of home, at least. Too bad it’s in the upper-80’s and sunny back home. Oh well. Before I get into Scotland, I should say that Belfast was fascinating […]



July 5, 2003

Well, we’re in Belfast now and I’ve got a little more than 4 minutes at this terminal to write this message. Mom, Matt, and Kim are all patiently waiting for me to finish so we can get dinner, and this terminal is timed, so here I go. The last couple of days have been fun, […]



July 3, 2003

Well, now I’m in Galway, which is considerably bigger than Dingle. Not quite as big as Dublin or Belfast, it’s still pretty big. One doesn’t visit Galway for the sights, so much as the city and the people. It’s a nifty place and they have street performers and cool malls for shopping. I got a […]


In Dingle

July 2, 2003

OK, real fast now. I’ve only got a few minutes here before the NEW AND IMPROVED Dingle Internet caf? closes. So just so you know, Kelly, the caf? is much better now. The computers are fairly new (running Windows XP) and the connection is as fast as I need–I don’t see much lag. So HA! […]