We found the cat!

August 24, 2003

It’s amazing! A miricle, even! Our cat, Joy, who has been missing for almost two months now simply showed up tonight! Kim saw her in the garage and pursued her out the cat door to the yard where we nabbed her and brought her inside. She went in without a struggle and certainly seemed to […]


Workin’ for the Mouse

August 22, 2003

I know it’s been a bit since I last posted, but I’ve been busy. I don’t know where to begin, but let’s start with I love my job! The people I work with are great and we have a lotta fun with the training. So far I’ve been spending my 8-5 M-F job going over […]


Status: Un-Un-Employed

August 16, 2003

Dude, getting a job sucks. Like, when you think you’ve got a job, you’ve filled out the W-4 forms, you’ve pee’d in a cup, you’re done right? But no! Get this, Thursday afternoon I get a call from the temp agency telling me that the company I was gonna work for to do Symantec support […]


Status: Employed

August 13, 2003

So yeah, I got the job. I’m very excited about this. I start work Wednesday the 20th of August, which means I’ll actually have to get up at a reasonable time again. So sad, but it’s worth it. I’ll be making decent money and I’ll finally be able to start paying off some ever-mounting bills. […]


Tenative good news

August 13, 2003

Well, to be to the point, I got a job interview tomorrow. It’s for a company called ECE (I think) that provides technical support for Symantec products. At any rate, it sounds promising, so I go interview Wednesday at 14:00. Obviously, I’ll post how it goes here. Wish me luck!


Sanity? Fah!

August 8, 2003

All right, kids, in an effort to maintain my sanity, I’ve begun work on the new and improved web forums for this here site. Consider the old ones toast. They stopped working and I have NO interest in reviving them. I’ve been displeased with them almost from the start. I consider the overall high-level design […]


So yeah, stuff

August 5, 2003

Let’s see, what now? Well, nothing new on the job front so I’ll keep that part brief: rarrr, I hate job-hunting. Hire me, damnit! In car-related news, dad and I were totally successful in replacing the shocks on my car. It runs much smoother now. Yay! As cool as that was, however, it wasn’t the […]