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Status: Un-Un-Employed

Saturday, August 16th, 2003

Dude, getting a job sucks. Like, when you think you’ve got a job, you’ve filled out the W-4 forms, you’ve pee’d in a cup, you’re done right? But no! Get this, Thursday afternoon I get a call from the temp agency telling me that the company I was gonna work for to do Symantec support for doesn’t want any people after all. Girr.. So anyways, the nice temp agency fixed me up with another job. After some more testing (I r0x0r3d!), I’m now set up to work for ECE doing tech support for a Disney game called Toontown. I start Monday morning. At 7:30 I go into the office and they explain the timecard to me and get me a parking pass. I work from 8:00-17:00 Monday thru Friday, and I assume the first few weeks will be mostly training stuff. I’ll try not too fall asleep as I adjust to the earlier rising time.