Sanity? Fah!

All right, kids, in an effort to maintain my sanity, I’ve begun work on the new and improved web forums for this here site. Consider the old ones toast. They stopped working and I have NO interest in reviving them. I’ve been displeased with them almost from the start. I consider the overall high-level design poor and badly thought out. I took too many unneccessary shortcuts in the name of “efficiency”, but for no real gains. This time I’m gonna have SEVERAL tables for the forums, threads, and messages, respectively, instead of just one for the messages. I’m actually drawing up ER diagrams and sketching out table structures on scraps of paper near the computer. I have a few major things to work through before I get to designing pages and a long way to go before it’s up, but I wanted to mention it so that y’all can keep me on task. Some hurdles remaining to be cleared are: figuring out how to make it so you can UPLOAD avatar images instead of just linking them; how to handle persistant variables such as who you are (username) across the entire forum; and how to make it so using the browser’s Back button doesn’t cause double posts and strange dialog boxes asking you to resubmit POSTDATA information and such junk. For the former, I’m not sure if it’s possible without a major security hole, the latter is in the nature of web forms so it may be unavoidable, and the other I’ve actually got some ideas for.

In case you can’t tell, this is how I’m keeping myself occupied while I wait for someone to call me for an interview. Even if I go around ALL DAY filling out applications and dropping off resum?s, I still have ALL EVENING/NIGHT to go crazy doing nothing. So, in an effort to fill the hours, I’ve found a much-needed hobby. Much-needed for me, and according to Kim, much-needed for you too. She said some nice things about the usefulness of the forum, so I’m gonna make a new one. A better one! It also gives me something to talk about here, rather than discuss my day like I usually do. (Today I played Final Fantasy for 3+ hours and ate food after sleeping an unholy amount.) Not so exciting, eh?

So yeah, the job hunt sucks, but thanks for asking all the same. I’m not bitter, just really, really sad/crazy/depressed/bored/lost/whatever/nyarrr/uhhh. Or something. Not that bad, really. Just something I’m not used to. I’m using to doing something! AHHHHH!!! Write me email!

2 Responses to “Sanity? Fah!”

  1. Annie says:

    Mmm.. sounds like my day yesterday. Just switch the Final Fantasy with and Age of Empires demo and lots of kiddie TV. Aahh.. But today I have to work a couple of hours. Not enough hours though. Ho hum.
    Hooray for the Forum! Soon I shall again achieve Monkey Status! And you all can learn way too much about my life. I guess I shall have to think up some new pirate jokes too. Isn’t that Lovely? Bwahaha!

  2. anna says:

    GO CHRIS, GO!!!
    write that forum, thingy, with the puter, thingy!!
    i’m currently giving my laptop the silent treatment because it crashed twice today from downloading songs through limewire! =+pppppp!!
    i’m glad you’re keeping busy….one way or another!
    i have a night off, sleep in, then back to work! yay for theatre!
    miss ya

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